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Newly Established Ethanol Fuels Business Seeking Loan in Shahada, India

Company planning to start an organic jaggery manufacturing and ethanol bio-fuel plant using by-products.
- We are a newly registered firm planning to start our own production of jaggery, caramel, and a bio-fuel plant. - Have purchased a land of 65 acres, consisting of sugarcane fields, which will be used as raw material for our production. - Projected manufacturing capacity of 6 tonnes of jaggery, 1 ton of caramel, and 300 liters of ethanol bio-fuel daily. - Planning to start our own outlets for selling these products along with establishing retailer and wholesalers network.
6.9   Shahada
Run Rate Sales
Operating at break even
Business Loan
USD 360 thousand at 12% interest
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Distillery for Sale in Maharashtra, India

Grain-based distillery business located in Maharashtra and incorporated in 2010 is for sale.
- Company is into production of grain alcohol & ethanol. - Business is operating since 2010 with a large customer base. - It is a rectified spirit distillation plant which converts Maize, Jawar, rice & other grains into alcohol and ethanol. - It is a Non-Molasses Base Distillery. - Unit has the capacity to produce 28,500 liters of extra neutral alcohol per day and 1,500 liters of ethanol per day. Total of 30,000 liters per day capacity. - We get raw material from local farmers. - At present, we serve more than 30 customers.
6.3   Maharashtra
Run Rate Sales
USD 3.4 million
31 %
Full Sale
USD 5 million
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Ethanol Fuels Business Seeking Loan in Tangerang, Indonesia

Chafing fuel manufacturer having tie ups with 30 hotels in Indonesia.
- We are a chafing fuel manufacturer and supplier located in Indonesia and have been in business for 4 years. - Manufacturing of the products is done at Business Owner's place. - We have a maximum capacity of producing 350 - 400 units of product per day. - Business mainly supplies these products to hotels and we have tied up with 30 hotels around the city. - We get a lot of repeat orders since these products have to be frequently replaced. We are targeting restaurants in a major way. - We have 3 local suppliers of raw materials.
7.6   Tangerang
Run Rate Sales
USD 20 thousand
20 - 30 %
Business Loan
USD 17 thousand at 20% interest
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Asset for Sale in Kolhapur, India

Ethanol plant to be sold near Kolhapur. Land already sold off need buyers for the machinery.
We have ethanol plant to be sold, land has already been sold to a different party, would want to sell of the plant and machinery as well. All machinery is in good condition and well maintained. All these are being manufactured and Installed by an Indian firm. Interested parties can take a look at the plant and machinery before buying. Ethanol Plant for sale with following details. 1. 30×20 Crusher - 1. 2. 36×8 Crusher - 2. 3. 15×5 Screen 4.5 - 1. 4. 1000×300 Vibro Feeder 1. 5. Vertical Hopper (30Mt. Caps) 1. 6. Hopper (Secondary 30 Mt) 1. 7. Conveyor - 650 Rfts Approximately. 8. 50 HP Motor - 3 Nos New. 9. Store Accessories. 10. Electric Panel Air Cool -1. 11. All Machine's Jaw Plate Are New. 12. Staff Camp- 1000 Sq Ft.
8.4   Kolhapur
Ownership Duration
1-5 year(s)
Ethanol Fuels
Asset Sale
USD 21 million
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