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Newly Established Diagnostic Lab Seeking Loan in Indore, India

Company developing a National Health Card to provide healthcare services at affordable prices.
- Newly incorporated company, working on an innovative healthcare service. We have developed and copyrighted our Real-time Health Monitoring System, which can be used for citizens through a National Health Card. We have a clear and straight vision, to avail world class health facility on economic price. Through, this regular checkup’s of individuals health, we will track every person health, trace the disease at primary level & eradicate that on this level only, so we can save individuals health & wealth. - Each person would receive a National Health Card, which can be used to avail health check up and diagnosis services at subsidized prices at our NABL& US FDA standard labs, by trained technicians which we would set, in the whole MP. - Our revenue generation will be through charging a subscription fee for availing diagnosis on 72 parameters through our National Health Card (NHC), with lifetime validity and faciliate Card holders health checkup’s on regular basis, throughout life time. - We are in talks with investors and venture capital firms regarding our product and have received a portion of the funds needed to complete our product. - Seeking funds to implement our own well-equipped world class lab facility in Indore (also in all divisions of MP) as well as all the District, Tehsil and Panchayats of Madhya Pradesh, to promote and distribute National Health Card to citizens of Madhya Pradesh. - At present, we will implement this project in MP only, after completing network in MP, we will expand ourselves in other states of the country. Our core, professional R&D team is involved from past 12 good years for this mission. We are having a depth zero ground realistic report of health scenario of MP. The useful information & valuable suggestions of experts of the particular segment along with our team researchers have, equipped u enough to, prepared a viable & feasible action plan with adequate execution strategy. - Our project & operating system is admired by a lot of national & international person’s, groups & authorities. couple of them, WHO representative, NGO’s & other societies. Many of them, assured us to shake hands with handsome funds & willing to associate with our company, after the execution of this project.
7.4   Indore
Run Rate Sales
Operating at break even
Business Loan
USD 500 thousand at 10% interest
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Profitable Dentist Clinic Seeking Loan in Goa, India

Seeking funding for a Dental Retreat Resort targeting patients from Europe, Australia and Middle East.
- We want to start a Dental Tourism in a big way targeting patients from Europe, Australia & the Middle East. We will also be targeting Goa NRIs since Goa has a large NRI population. - We will have a JV with a leading Hospitality group for this Dental Tourism venture. We have already had talks with them. They have multiple hotels & resorts across the country including Goa. They are also constructing a brand new resort close to Morjim beach, Goa with luxurious cottages wherein we will have our Dental facility. - The facility will be marketed abroad with the help of dental traveling agencies. Goa so far doesn't have such an unique Dental Resort and we'll have the first mover advantage with proven experience along with loyal patients. The marketing efforts will ensure we have patients visiting our Dental Resort all through out the year instead of just being a seasonal business. - Dental Tourism would be on the lines of Medical Tourism which is a very successful concept in countries like Mexico, Thailand, Hungary & Spain. - We are open to both Business Loan and Financial Investment in the venture as per the Investor preference. - I am a Dentist and have 5 years of experience. Currently running 2 Dental Clinics and we have a team of 3-4 Dentists which includes my wife who is a Dentist too. I was also a Director of a Medical Tourism Company in the past. - In my current set up we treat 100-200 international patients every year, growth rate: 10%. They are mainly from Middle East, European countries & Australia. We also have NRIs as our patients. - Almost 30% of our patients are repeat patients. Patients save up-to 75% of total treatment cost in their country. Savings can amount to almost $20,000 - $30,000 per patient. - Cost of full Dental Treatment In India is between from INR 5 - 10 Lakh. The same would be in the range of INR 25 - 40 Lakh in the patient's home country. - The sales number updated is from my existing clinics.
7.2   Goa
Run Rate Sales
USD 70 thousand
40 - 50 %
Business Loan
USD 430 thousand at 10% interest
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Profitable CAM Healthcare Company Seeking Loan in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Modern health solutions to classic back and spinal pain having track record of 10 years.
- We're located in Johor Bahru (JB), a city of over 800,000 with a large middle class. - JB has only 5 chiropractic centers, including ours. - Prevalence of the problems that chiropractors treat continues to increase. - Medical costs in Malaysia are rising at double-digit rates. (11.5% in 2016, 12.7% in 2017) - Given the above four points, a skillful Chiropractor in JB who can communicate their message to patients effectively will be very successful during these changing times. - Our Company's Founder & Managing Director has a total of 17 years experience owning and managing multiple high-volume chiropractic centers in Johor Bahru. - A 10-year track record of profitability validates our business model and operational competency. - We are relocating our established practice from an office tower to a shop lot. Reason: Better Accessibility. - We have hundreds of active patients waiting for the new facility to open. We will be treating patients on the first day we open the new location. - We are very well-practiced in all marketing and sales processes. Success in these key areas will be a matter of execution and we’ve successfully executed these procedures countless times in the past. - The business model is tried and true, the new location is a strategic advantage, and our financial projections are grounded on a mountain of experience.
7.5   Johor Bahru
Run Rate Sales
USD 210 thousand
35 %
Business Loan
USD 120 thousand at 20% interest
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