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Image Editing Services Business Seeking Loan in Mumbai, India

Provider of graphic & embroidery design services to over 500+ American clients.
- We provide graphic design and embroidery design services to mostly American clients. - Our services include digitizing which involves making a picture into an embroidery print, mock up service to create a print and image editing services. - Have served over 500 American businesses since we started operations and we have around 50+ active clients. - Our client gives us jobs that we process an complete in-house with a team of 12 members. - Team is experienced in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw and Wilcom. - Promoter has over 7 years of experience in the field of graphic and embroidery design. - Company does not maintain any physical assets and all the assets include laptops and workstations are rented.
7.4   Mumbai
Run Rate Sales
USD 70 thousand
30 %
Business Loan
USD 14 thousand at 20% interest
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Document Management Company Investment Opportunity in Kochi, India

Imaging and digitizing infrastructure company started in 2016 & based out of Kochi.
- A digital tech service company based out of Kochi. - Have partnered with a few companies to provide pan India service contracts. - Have served in 13 states across India & completed 48 projects. - Currently, we are working with 5 clients on 12 projects. - Directors have decades of experience in the IT industry.
5.9   Kochi
Run Rate Sales
USD 250 thousand
20 - 30 %
Financial Investment
USD 110 thousand for 49% stake
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Image Editing Services Company for Sale in Phuket, Thailand

Graphic Design Company having 6,000 worldwide registered users including both individuals and corporates.
- It is a image editing company. - We provide services like picture editing within Photoshop from retouch to colour correction. - Provide both online and offline services. - Have 6,000 registered users on the website. - Our clients are a mixture of both individuals and corporations. - Majority of our customers are outside of Thailand, mainly from Europe, US, and Australia. - Our website is on the top of the search engine results. - Promoter has 12+ years of experience. - We have 65 software licenses which will also be given out.
7.6   Phuket
Run Rate Sales
USD 1.5 million
28 %
Full Sale
USD 2.2 million
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Precious Metals Company Investment Opportunity in Surat, India

Diamond imaging, videography and testing service provider having 60+ clients based in Surat seeks funding.
- We are recognised by Stratup India. - Company provides services for diamond imaging and diamond video. - Photographs and video are taken so a trader can trade it online. - We are a B2B and B2C service provider. - Having tie ups with 60+ clients based in Surat. - We also provide diamond testing services like synthetic testing and scanning. - Generate leads through our promoters who have a strong network in the diamond market. - Also have a website which helps in generating online sales. - Promoter has 7+ years of experience.
6.3   Surat
Run Rate Sales
USD 80 thousand
25 %
Financial Investment
USD 140 thousand for 15% stake
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Digital Publishing Company Investment Opportunity in Bangalore, India

20+ year old company providing digital image editing, masking, enhancement, vectorising requirements to overseas clients.
- Company provides services like image editing, masking etc. for small overseas clientele. - Clients are based in USA, UK and Europe. - Have market presence since the last 20 years. - Wants to introduce the concept to Indian companies and seeks funding for the same. - Regular customer base helps us generate almost USD 100K.
8.1   Bangalore
Run Rate Sales
USD 100 thousand
40 - 50 %
Financial Investment
USD 70 thousand for 50% stake
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