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Nonferrous Metal Mining Business Assets for Sale in Nellore, India

For sale: Rights to a quartz mine in Nellore, with mining machinery and equipment.
- A quartz mining looking to sell the rights of a quartz mine, and the machinery and equipment that they own. - The quartz mine has a total area of 100 acres and 36 acres have quartz deposits. - The land is leased to us by the Government for 20 years. The new investor will have to continue to pay a fee / royalty to the Government. - 200 TPH Puzzolana crusher machine and 200 L&T JCB machines with explosives are included in this transaction.
6.8   Nellore
Ownership Duration
1-5 year(s)
Nonferrous Metal Mining
Asset Sale
USD 660 thousand
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Integrated Mining Business Assets for Lease in Ahmedabad, India

Company having rich reserves of bentonite in Kutch area on a 40 acre land.
- Bentonite as a mineral has more than 1,000 application. - We have reserves of more than 10 millions tons. - The total area size is 40 acres. - The business has a great opportunity as Indian Bentonite industry has a very good future growth potential. - We are inviting global players to setup their plant in our facility.
8.1   Ahmedabad
Ownership Duration
5-10 year(s)
Integrated Mining
Yearly Lease Amount
USD 1.3 million
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Profitable Integrated Mining Company for Sale in Udaipur, India

Well Established mineral processing plant supplying to 50+ industries also exporting to Turkey and UAE.
- Drilling and processing unit of minerals like calcium carbonate and talc powder. - On a daily production capacity is 30 tones. - Supplying to 50+ industries. - Export it to countries like UAE, Turkey. - We own 3 mining areas in Rajasthan. - Promoter has 40+ years of industry experience.
7.1   Udaipur
Run Rate Sales
USD 1 million
25 %
Full Sale
USD 2.4 million
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Foundry for Sale in Hyderabad, India

For sale: Mineral based manufacturing company with a captive mine serving 15 clients.
- Mining company that manufactures 3 types of Silica Ramming Mass used in the Iron and Steel industries. - The Quartz mine has been taken on lease from Government for 20 years term. - The mine has Quartz 'A' grade and Quartz 'B' grade minerals. - Company has successfully received almost all certifications and approvals from the Govt. - Govt has approved 11 Lakh Tonnes of mineral deposit for mining. The current value of which is INR 134 crores. - We are supplying to 12 - 15 companies from iron & steel industry. - We have tie up with 3 sub-contractors. - Production capacity is 1,000 - 1,500 tonnes per month. - Promoter has 7 years of industry experience. - This is a rare mineral and can also be used in other industries such as glass, floor tiles, paints and rubber. - Business has great potential and it can also supply minerals to South East Asia and Middle East countries. - Business owned assets include land, building, plant and machinery.
7.5   Hyderabad
Run Rate Sales
USD 320 thousand
20 %
Full Sale
USD 1.1 million
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