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Land Developers Company Investment Opportunity in Pune, India

India's fastest growing land developer, land investment company, land banking company.
1 ) India’s fastest growing Land Developer & Land Investors Consultancy Company. A reputed land acquisition company for investors, land developer & consultant Pune. 2 ) Land Investment Model - Transfer yourself from land investor into land developer. 3 ) Clear Title Land: 4 ) Once you invest in land, we provide you project development services as under: A ) Land development & plotting services, B ) Government and private land survey, C ) External land fencing, internal road making, D ) Development of inside facilities like individual plot demarcation, water, electricity, E ) Club house development and any other customized services as per the requirement of the investors. 5 ) Project Marketing: Sales and marketing administration, plot selling services on prefix marketing, sales and brokerage basis. 6 ) Dealing Process With Investors: A ) Land purchase in your name, B ) The proposed project will in your name, C ) Receipt of the sales considerations shall be in your name, D ) We will be only project administrators. 7 ) For proposed buyers of your land / plots we help in society formation. 8 ) Management of the company has over 25 years experience in buying land across country for industries and individual persons. 9 ) Currently developing ½ acre and 1 acre mango and coconut tree farm house projects.
8.0   Pune
Run Rate Sales
USD 4 million
30 %
Financial Investment
USD 160 thousand for 60% stake
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