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FinTech Company Investment Opportunity in Bangalore, India

Innovative patented banking deposit software and separately patented security feature through Artificial Intelligence.
- We have developed a unique Flexible Deposit which was curated by 12 banks. We are on POC stage now with major banks. - We are in the process of showing a demo & POC to one of the system integrator. The revenue discussed with them comes to over US$ 2 Billion, Approx: ( 250.000 x 9,000 ) - We have also spoken to SAP, which was an ex company of one of the founder. - SAP has more than 14,100 banks running on their software. - If our deposits were to be integrated with SAP and if we take a discounted price of US$ 250,000 for 14,000 banks it gives us a revenue of more than US$ 3 Billion. - This is just the License fees for a one-off sale. If sold under License each year it would be much more. Implementation, Customization, etc. are earnings over the above the License Fees. - We would also be patenting our Security Feature which can applied to any device whatsoever be it a Laptop, Server or Mobile. This would be the 2nd Patent for Deposits. - Our Security feature can be sold separately and it has a much more bigger market than Deposits. We are having it done through Artificial Intelligence ( AI ). - We need funds for POC, App Development and working capital. - We Have 2 POCS Lined up with a Bank and a Large Systems Integrator.
8.0   Bangalore
Run Rate Sales
Operating at break even
Financial Investment
USD 80 thousand for 5% stake
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Legal Company Investment Opportunity in Bangalore, India

Investment Opportunity In a Startup Having an Estamp License & Providing Online Legal Documentation To Clients.
Our vision is to be a single window service model for all legal documentation needs. We started as a partnership firm and on Oct 20, 2013 incorporated as a private limited company. We are also the official vendors to provide Estamp from our office. For the first time in India an online & offline model will provide Estamp, typing and notary services all under one roof. We launched online and now we are coming up with our first offline office which will have Estamp ( license issued, typing and notary, all done at same place. We are also automating our website and an android / ios app to support our online presence. We are looking to raise funds for next 12 months for Operations, Marketing and Advertising costs. We also need help in Office Expenses ( Rent+Electricity Bill+Internet Bill ) and on Recurring Expenses ( Paper+Cartridge+Forms+Fuel+Power Backup. A detailed business plan & projected financial revenue is available and can be produced upon a meaningful discussion with an investor. As a young startup we received tremendous media coverage specifically from the startup websites and local daily. We also have had some great feedback from our clients which can be shared with the investor.
7.6   Bangalore
Run Rate Sales
USD 43 thousand
28 %
Financial Investment
USD 250 thousand for 30% stake
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