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Social Network Website Investment Opportunity in Delhi, India

Digital News Media for The Elective Constituencies.
#1 A digital platform for citizens, leaders, governments & businesses to connect & communicate in every constituency through internet, telecommunication, call center & mobile app. #2 Global media for 5 billion voters in 133 democracies across geographic, political, economic, social and cultural divides. It is both offline and online business. #3 It is social network, news, information, showcase, promotions, elections, communication, digital payload carrier & access to Bottom of the Pyramid. It is final word for Last-Mile connectivity & Hyper-Local networks. #4 Empowers people in a constituency to leverage their “Collective power to change” as a tipping point for all decision making at local, state, nation & world forum for a better tomorrow. #5 Our business is built on a a Strong Social Foundation “Collective power to change” makes us a formidable tool for grassroots participation in developing democracies. #6 We create an online political Eco-system & provides various Tools to Stakeholders to manage their constituency, elections & grievance of electorates, for a price. #7 While Test Marketing AMPLE ( Advance Multi-Modal People-Leader Engagement ) our premium services to leaders and parties, we could market it at 5 times the price we had planned. #8 As a media for grass root reach & accessibility, we can capture a Sizable Share of Revenue of Corporate, Government & Election advertising Budgets in next five years. #9 Our media platform is best fit for Franchise Model of Business. The local constituency franchisee comes with the knowledge of the territory & its demographics. The model gives rapid spread to us, maximizing returns by tapping all the potential. #10 Our Franchise Partners Tasks will be to; bring-in offline revenue; coordinate expansion; liaison; build partners; help establish new business streams. They work closely with political ecosystem & local top brass. in fact financial return will not be the only consideration for someone to seek our franchise. #11 We participated in International Franchise Exhibition in Delhi to test the acceptability of our franchise model. An Overwhelming Response with 2,000 visitors to our stall in 2 days & 900 serious franchise inquiries. #12 The prototype is live. 10 Million Hits on Our Server in the five months preceding 2014 GE which points to the tremendous scope for such a platform in the country and across the globe. #13 A very eminent & respected public Celebrity Launched our prototype. It was widely covered in both print and electronic media. The tremendous goodwill and credibility thus generated spurred us to move forward with the commercial launch of the platform. #14 The platform has to Become Operational Before the next elections in India and US to take advantage of heightened political sensitivity. . #15 Looking for Investors Who Share Our Vision of a profitable global digital media that also helps good governance and strengthen the democratic fabric of the country. #16 Need a very Strong Marketing Push to create the brand awareness among would be franchisees. #17 Franchise Fee would be anywhere between Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 10 Lakh depending on the demand and the constituency. We will also be looking to ads as another major source of monetization. #18 We have already Initiated Talks with political parties, corporate, industry / trade bodies, NGOs and other stakeholders to be part of this historic platform. #19 Agreements have been signed with Federations of NGOs to take this platform to the rural masses through Outreach Programs since NGOs have a stake in rural development & policy advocacy. #20 Once we receive the initial round of funding, 5K Franchise Enrollment can be done by the time our commercial version is launched. #21 Post these activities, the leaders of a constituency would themselves want to claim their space on this virtual platform which will allow seamless interaction between leaders and the voters. #22 Detailed Business Plan & Valuation is already attached with the profile providing in depth business analysis and monetization plan.
7.6   Delhi
Run Rate Sales
Operating at break even
Financial Investment
USD 900 thousand for 20% stake
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ISP Investment Opportunity in Hyderabad, India

Hyderabad Based MSO, Provider Of Digital TV Setup Boxes & High-Speed Internet Services Having 1 Lakh Subscribers Is Seeking Investment.
• 18 year old Digital Media firm with 110+ Operators and 10,000+ direct connections with a total of 1 Lakh users. • Also provides valuable local media and programming properties, and Document Management System. • Current ARPU is between 700-1500 per month. • Internet business has <1000 users as of date. Planning to bundle the service along with setup boxes. • Compulsory digitization of TV has lead to exponential growth for MSOs as cable operators need to report total user base. • Current year billed revenue is approx Rs. 4 Cr and have orders for 2 Lakhs setup boxes ( with further 2 lakhs potential ) • Our revenue will jump substantially from the next year with increase in the number of subscribers and additional services. • Tie up with broadcast channels like Zee, Star etc which is multiplexed and provided to Cable operators or direct connections. • No new fresh licenses being issued for MSOs in the state. Company is one of the 6 providers ( of which 2 are small players. • Company owned premises with a market value of approx 10 Cr. Company also owns digital head-end infra worth Rs. 10 Cr. • Already invested Rs. 2.5 Cr for 10,000 setup boxes. Has a loan of Rs. 2 Cr from SBH.
7.6   Hyderabad
Run Rate Sales
USD 5 million
30 %
Financial Investment
USD 4.2 million for 50% stake
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