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Profitable Integrated Mining Company for Sale in Udaipur, India

Well Established mineral processing plant supplying to 50+ industries also exporting to Turkey and UAE.
- Drilling and processing unit of minerals like calcium carbonate and talc powder. - On a daily production capacity is 30 tones. - Supplying to 50+ industries. - Export it to countries like UAE, Turkey. - We own 3 mining areas in Rajasthan. - Promoter has 40+ years of industry experience.
7.4   Udaipur
Run Rate Sales
USD 1 million
25 %
Full Sale
USD 2.5 million
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Iron Foundry for Sale in Hyderabad, India

For sale: Mineral based manufacturing company with a captive mine serving 15 clients.
- Mining company that manufactures 3 types of Silica Ramming Mass used in the Iron and Steel industries. - The Quartz mine has been taken on lease from Government for 20 years term. - The mine has Quartz 'A' grade and Quartz 'B' grade minerals. - Company has successfully received almost all certifications and approvals from the Govt. - Govt has approved 11 Lakh Tonnes of mineral deposit for mining. The current value of which is INR 134 crores. - We are supplying to 12 - 15 companies from iron & steel industry. - We have tie up with 3 sub-contractors. - Production capacity is 1,000 - 1,500 tonnes per month. - Promoter has 7 years of industry experience. - This is a rare mineral and can also be used in other industries such as glass, floor tiles, paints and rubber. - Business has great potential and it can also supply minerals to South East Asia and Middle East countries.
8.3   Hyderabad
Run Rate Sales
USD 240 thousand
20 %
Full Sale
USD 1 million
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Jade Business for Sale in Bangkok, Thailand

For sale: Top rated jade carvings business with high brand credibility, inventory and factory-direct production.
- With a thriving top-rated eBay Store, our platform is a 17-year old jade sculpture enterprise having a long-running online presence that is a turn-key ready opportunity for someone creative looking for a factory-direct online business that incorporates much more than the eBay Store and Website. - Brand value-added benefits include. • Google ranks us in the top hits. • Has been a top-rated seller for 10 years. • Listed in AliBaba store since 2010. • ฿13.5 Million Thai Baht wholesale inventory with hundreds of exquisite Jade and Gemstone carvings, rough Jade and a 67 kilogram Lavender-Jade boulder. • Long-term contracts with five master-carver factories on the Burma border to ensure a steady supply of high-quality Jade products. - The factories is in Northern Thailand. The trading office is located in the Bangkok gem and jewelry district for ease of shipment and distribution.
6.6   Bangkok
Run Rate Sales
USD 24 thousand
10 - 20 %
Full Sale
USD 120 thousand
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Modern Coking Plant for Sale in Colombia

For sale: Modern coking plant located in Colombia operated by a seasoned team.
- Foundry coke plant in Colombia. - Only plant in the country with this capability. - Operated by a seasoned team. - Located in the middle of coking coal districts.
6.4   Colombia
Run Rate Sales
USD 1.1 million
30 %
Full Sale
USD 13 million
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