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Profitable Commercial Nurseries Business for Sale in Warburg, Canada

Company grows and sells hardy trees and shrubs for the Canadian Prairies having served 1,000+ clients.
- Business is into growing hardy trees, shrubs & seedlings and selling them for shelter belts, reclamation, landscaping and home orchards to Canadian Prairies. - We grow conifers, ornamental trees, leaf trees, fruit trees and bushes. - Our property is 80 acres divided into 3 acres yard, 12 acres for bushes, 10 acres of tree farm and the rest in pasture. - Have served more than 1,000 clients since inception. Most of them are acreage owners, farmers, edible landscape fans, reclaim contractors, city dwellers, municipalities. - Order should be placed in advance. We don't sell trees larger than 1.5 to 2 inch caliper. - We send seedlings all over Western Canada and the occasional package to Eastern Canada. - We also make a site visit on request and advice on what is possible and how to do it. - Promoter has more than 20 years of experience in this business.
6.2   Warburg
Run Rate Sales
USD 90 thousand
25 %
Full Sale
USD 950 thousand
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Garden Nursery for Sale in Denver, United States

Business providing landscaping and gardening services and currently working with 60+ clients.
- We are into fine gardening service specializing in seasonal floral displays. - We provide end to end services for gardening and landscaping like Florascapes, Design and Landscaping, Interior Landscape and outdoor lightening. - Currently servicing 60 residential clients and one large commercial account. - We have 4 skilled horticulturists and 12 seasonal employees to support our team. - Promoter has a business experience of 10+ years and has established firmly into the field because of excellent expertise.
8.1   Denver
Run Rate Sales
USD 300 thousand
10 - 20 %
Full Sale
USD 175 thousand
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Profitable Commercial Nurseries Company for Sale in Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, Sri Lanka

Growers & exporters of foliage plants, flowers to European and Middle East countries, having 5 clients.
- Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of foliage plants & cut greens. - Grows 10+ varieties of major products which also has sub divisions. - Exports it to European and Middle East countries. - Having 5 major clients. - We serve 4 orders per week. - Promoter has 40 years of industry experience.
7.5   Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte
Run Rate Sales
USD 260 thousand
30 %
Full Sale
USD 500 thousand
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