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Asset for Sale in Haryana, India

5 - 10MW Solar Power Plants in Haryana having PPA, EPC and power evacuation feasibility.
- We are going to develop the Solar Power Project in Haryana which has an AAA Rating with Power Purchase Agreements ready for 25 Years. - The investor could either invest directly in these projects or route it through our Company. - The following projects have 16 - 20% Internal Rate Of Return (IRR) with 40% Depreciation. - 500 KW Rooftop Solar Power Plant. (Power Buyer’s Factory Roof) - 4 No. of 5 MW Captive Solar Power Plant. (100 Acre Land Identified) - 8 MW Captive Ground Mounted Solar Power Plant. (Power Buyer’s 40 Acre Land) - 10 MW Ground Mounted Solar Power Plant with Power Evacuation feasibility, Leased Land 50 Acre and PPA for 25 Years). - Total Fund for 38.5 MW solar plants needed is Rs. 192.5 Cr. for Land Rent, PPA, EPC, Power Evacuation feasibility. - All above project have Power Evacuation feasibility, Land, PPA and EPC for execution. We are also open to split the project and give it to the different investors with details below: - For INR 50 Cr an investor gets a 50 acres leased land for 30 years with 40% depreciation. - Project of 10 mega watt. - Revenue of Rs. 640 lac per annum. - 12 * 10 lac carbon credits will be earned. - We will provide Power Evacuation feasibility, Land, PPA 25 years and EPC for execution. - The available land is approaching to the International airport.
7.6   Haryana
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0-1 year(s)
Renewable Power Plants
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USD 7 million
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