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Functional Footwear Franchise Opportunity

CuraFoot, Established in 2017, 2 Franchisees currently
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Curafoot, founded in 2017, is a healthcare start-up that provides customised footcare solutions. CuraFoot products are used by orthopedic patients, active adults, older citizens, children with foot problems and diabetics with foot ulcers. CuraFoot custom shoes, high performance insoles, diabetic inserts, arch supports and therapeutic footwear are used extensively by those needing foot & ankle support in their daily lives. Being the category builder for the fledgling Podiatric Care industry, CuraFoot is investing heavily in innovation & infrastructure to create demand for these products. It is also promoting awareness about foot health among clinicians and building a strong distribution network with healthcare partner. Curafoot combines clinical expertise with a robust tech platform in developing accurate, patient specific foot care solutions. Curafoot’s comprehensive solutions include 3D Foot Scan, gait analysis, lower extremity pain related rehabilitation, foot wear advice, corn removal services, medical pedicure, top-of-the-line custom insoles and therapeutic shoes. CuraFoot’s management team of global professionals come from a diverse range of fields including medicine, operations, technology and finance. The founding team - comprising of Mr Prateep Sen, Mr Tamojit Dutta, Mr Jayasimha Raju & Dr Kushal Nag – has more than 100 years’ combined leadership experience in major companies across North America, Europe, UK, Singapore & India. They are graduates of IIMs, IITs, Kolkata Medical College, Columbia Business School, London Business School. CuraFoot’s vision is to educate clinicians about the benefit of foot orthotic products and generate extensive awareness about foot health among the public. The company’s 3-year vision is to diagnose, digitally design and manufacture foot care solutions for more than 100,000 patients across India. CuraFoot offers users the best possible mobility, functionality and comfort while they walk, run or exercise. CuraFoot leverages the latest in 3D technology & digital design to create individualised footwear solutions for all. Since inception in September 2017, Curafoot has treated more than 2,000 customers in Kolkata alone.
  Looking to expand in Bangladesh
Expected Monthly Sales
USD 7 thousand
Space Required
600 - 700 Sq Ft
Investment Required
USD 23.1 - 28.8 thousand
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