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Newly Established Snack Manufacturing Company Investment Opportunity in Hyderabad, India

Company produces branded snacks & potato chips in Hyderabad having 50 Distributors and Wholesalers.
Our company is specialized for snacks manufacturing, based in Hyderabad. The company is certified by the FSSAI. We have our own brand name and are supplying our chips to 50 bakeries across Hyderabad. We are supplying 7,000 to 10,000 packets daily. The promoter of the company has 4 years of experience in the food manufacturing industry and 6 years experience in branding & marketing. • We are fast growing company and had 35% profits margin on all product s which we are running. • We have a good team, all are MBA people had well and enough strength and knowledge in branding and promotions & market segmentation. • We will assure the investor that we will give good returns. We need good financial support so that we will ready to give 3 times of your investment just in 6 months to 1 year. • We are technology updated team and introducing good technology in marketing with our upcoming mobile app. We will grow up our business in exponential way with our mobile app which makes distributors channel, wholesalers and retailers channel more robust. • We are 25% more profits margins to distributors and retailers which make us as unique.
8.0   Hyderabad
Run Rate Sales
USD 140 thousand
30 - 40 %
Financial Investment
USD 120 thousand for 49% stake
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Asset for Sale in New York, United States

Globally patented & branded chewing gum helps prevent cancer.
Globally patented & branded chewing gum that effectively removes all pre-cancerous residual components and traces of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and other toxic chemicals left behind in the oral cavity after consumption. This Is the Sale of a Globally Patented & Branded Chewing Gum That Has Lead to a Scientific Breakthrough in the Cancer Space Preventing Oral and Upper Digestive Cancers, Including Viral Transfers. University Tested, Branded Chewing Gum, Wafer, and Medicinal Powder That Effectively Removes up to 100% of Precancerous and Other Toxic Chemicals Including the Residual Traces of Tobacco, Alcohol, and Marijuana Left Behind in the Oral Cavity After Their Consumption. Recently Conducted Clinical Trials Prove This Products Effectiveness and It's Limitless Possibilities. 1 ) Oral Hygiene. 2 ) HPV. 3 ) Root Canal Residue extraction: 4 ) Tobacco. 5 ) Cellular protectant for precancerous oral genomes. 6 ) Precancerous post alcohol breakdown residue. 7 ) Alcohol residue remover for worldwide Breath testing devices. 8 ) Chronic Halitosis. 9 ) Binding agent for Viral and Bacterial Transfer. Foundational University Study: It is a well known fact that carcinogens and other residual chemical components left behind in the oral cavity after smoking or chewing tobacco causes many different types of cancers both in the mouth and other parts of the body. This patented gum is manufactured utilizing a special proprietary cold press technology that allows the gum to absorb these carcinogens within the oral cavity after which you simply throw the gum away. Medicinal Delivery: In addition, a global patent was also recently issued for this gum as a disposable oral cavity pharmaceutical delivery device. Oral delivery allows more direct vascular access to the brain, cardiac, renal and pulmonary systems. Phase II Study: Future clinical studies are in development to determine therapeutic oral delivery of phosphorus binding supplement to prevent abnormal bone calcium loss in chronic kidney disease stage iii and iv patients. A significant percentage of ckd patients are due to diabetes.
8.0   New York
Ownership Duration
5-10 year(s)
Snack Manufacturing
Asset Sale
USD 49.5 million
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