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Mobile Apps Startup Seeking Loan in Bangalore, India

Mobile app helping IAS aspirants prepare for exams in fun and interactive way.
- Online guidance platform through mobile app helping IAS aspirants learn a subject with an interactive approach and gamification. - Games are designed in an interesting way so as to help them focus on the subject, practice answering questions and consistently study where-ever they are. - Also we are planning to scale it up for other exams like NEET, & IIT JEE. - Since it is a free app, every aspirant who has a smart phone, can download and start using it. - The app is in the development stage, and the beta version shall be ready within 10 days. - After testing, the app is expected to be on Android and iOS in a month's time. - Our target is to reach 100 thousand aspirants in the 1st year of launch. - We have designed 4 revenue model for this: 1. Though there would be no charges for the download and usage of the app, there would be certain charges for the premium version for which the users have to pay. 2. From Google Ads, for which the companies shall pay us for displaying their ads after we reach the threshold number of downloads. 3. Display of banner ads for which other coaching institutes, colleges & educational institutions would be paying us for displaying their ads on our mobile app. 4. Selling user data base like their mobile number and email id after taking due permission from the users to big data companies.
9.0   Bangalore
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Operating at break even
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USD 22 thousand at 15% interest
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