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Unique Sports Academy for Sale in Brazil

Unique sports academy business based in Brazil is searching for buyers.
- This business finds soccer players from across Brazil and gives them scholarships as well as imparting English training in order for them to go to the USA to study and play soccer. - As of today, the business has 100+ students in the academy. - With approximately 2 years of operations, we have developed business relationships with: - Professional Soccer Coaches all over the world. - Mandate and Media Representation of Olympic Soccer Athletes. - International trades and transfers. - Operational partnerships within 9 capitals all over Brazil. - Sports brands for sponsorships. - TV & Media contacts. - Strong Facebook / Instagram followers with high conversion rate. We started the business in Salvador in October 2014 and now we are operating in 5 capitals with 4 more cities already established waiting until the end of January to begin operations due to Brazilian Summer Vacations. Our company operates as a consultant for students and athletes who want scholarships in U. S. universities. We are focused on soccer because is our passion and know-how, but there is a huge growth potential, especially with academic scholarships advising and creating academies for other sports. In each city we operate, we establish a partnership with a soccer facility or club, so we can perform the following activities during 10 months: - 2 practices per week. - 2 official matches per month. - Footage of the official matches. - Online SAT Prep. All the footage are posted on YouTube, so our editors can download and edit the individual footage on each athlete. Then, we create the curriculum on each client and send them out to coaches and universities. More than 100 athletes throughout our headquarters are preparing themselves to receive a scholarship. If we had investment or more employees on each city, this number could easily double within 6 months of hard work. From 2015 to 2016, we had a 200% increase in revenues and our EBITDA Margin is around 30.
7.1   Brazil
Run Rate Sales
USD 190 thousand
30 %
Full Sale
USD 1.5 million
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