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Profitable Tires and Rubber Products Company for Sale in New Jersey, United States

Outstanding and highly efficient used tire salvage operation with recurring revenue.
- This unique business is very profitable and has an unparalleled business model with highly coveted contracts in place. - This business picks up used tires from retail auto shops for free. - There is a huge demand for quality used tires here in the USA as well as South America and they are a major supplier. - 35% of the tires are resale-able for excellent profits. The other 65% of the tires are shredded and recycled by another company. - They are strategically located next to the recycling operation and it creates a symbiotic relationship for them that certainly adds to the bottom line. - This business is an absolute winner that does not take exhausting hours to manage and produces and excellent cash flow stream. - It is also a very efficient business with the highest margins for businesses in this category. It’s a home run acquisition for sure. - This businesses largest contracted customer is currently in a very aggressive growth phase and they are adding a new location every other week. Just in the last 6 months this operation has picked up 20 new stores just from this major supplier alone and have the right to every new store that opens. - Any ambitious new owner of this business could easily gain new accounts from big companies like BJ’s, COSTCO, SEARS, STS, ETC. - This business currently has about 4% market share. There are approx. 30 million used tires disposed of annually in the Tri-State, all of them waiting to be picked up and profited from.
6.8   New York
Run Rate Sales
USD 2.9 million
32 %
Full Sale
USD 3.5 million
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