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Newly Established Custom Application Development Company Investment Opportunity in Hyderabad, India

Multi-facility Public Service and Support System based on Integrated Technology & Automation under multiple verticals.
- A mobile application which allows users to access many verticals with single window platform. Objective of the Verticals envisaged are Public Transport System - Cabs, Autos, Bikes & Trucks, and Public Support System - Workshop, Workshop on Wheels, Vehicle Insurance & Digital Ads. - The application has 5 verticals: - Cabs, Autos, Bikes & Trucks. The Company will maintain a fleet of multiple models of Cabs, Autos, Bikes & Trucks to meet its Customer requirements in the twin cities of Hyderabad & Secunderabad. - Service Care – Workshop. We are planning to develop 5 of our own workshops in Hyderabad. We aim to list our 5 workshops and 15 workshops that we will partner as mentioned in project implementation schedule. - Service Care – Workshop on wheels- We intend to convert tempo trucks into mobile workshops which can be booked through our app. We are looking to have 40 workshops on wheels as mentioned in project implementation schedule. - Insurance – Vehicle insurance- We will partner with insurance providers and offer insurance packages on our platform. We aim to partner with 5 insurance providers as mentioned in project implementation schedule. - Promogear – Digital Ads. This segment is designed to provide as a tool of Business Development & Promotional services to the Business Owners & Entrepreneurs in the Twin Cities. Concept behind having APP. 1. Time & Cost saving with Quality Delivery. 2. Single Window Solution to suit Travel & Automotive requirements of all Customers. 3. Continuous Improvement by Updation of app Versions. 4. Future support with Automation & Artificial Intelligence. 5. Reporting Tool for Management, Customers & Users. - The application is 90% developed, and will be completely done by January 2019.
8.8   Hyderabad
Run Rate Sales
Operating at break even
Financial Investment
USD 700 thousand for 20% stake
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Internet of Things Startup Investment Opportunity in Pune, India

Company providing smart parking and EV charging solutions with coupons and cashback offers.
- Our company provides smart parking solutions for parking areas, which helps parking operators to effectively manage their cash flow and avoid revenue leakage. - We also provide charging solutions for electric vehicles and provide the parking customers with cashback offers and discount vouchers. - Our solutions are implemented in malls and public parking where a parking fee is charged. We are also bidding for parking tenders floated by different city corporations. - Our operations are based on IoT technology. We place bluetooth beacons around the parking area and install our mobile app for the parking operator to use. We also have a customer side app that uses the bluetooth beacons to guide customers in the parking lot and to receive cashback vouchers. - Tied up with different cashback services for providing cashback and discount vouchers to customers. Also planning to implement our own wallet service on the mobile app. - We have two models for revenue generation. The first model is through charging a one-time fee to the parking operators for implementing our smart parking solution. The other model is through automatically charging a percentage fee for each vehicle when a parking ticket is issued. Our clients can opt for one of these models post detailed internal discussion and also after talking to us. - Received projects from various private clients and also working on a project with Pune City Municipal Corporation under Smart City Initiative. - Promoters have 3 years of experience in IoT and smart technology. We are seeking funds to manage operational expenses for project execution.
8.0   Pune
Run Rate Sales
USD 17 thousand
30 %
Financial Investment
USD 28 thousand for 4% stake
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