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Online Marketplace Company Investment Opportunity in Hyderabad, India

Intercity Transportation Network (Car Pooling) Company built for India, Seeking Seed Funding.
- We are solving a major commute and logistic problem by creating a platform for ride sharers and on demand services for Intra and Inter city travel. - On demand ride sharing network Similar to Lyft, the app connects drivers with cars to passengers that need rides. Drivers and passengers rate each other on a five-star scale after each ride, and the ratings establish the reputations. Of both drivers and passengers within the network. - It is single app for both riders and drivers (developing a Hybrid app compatible for both ios and android. - Our system will match passengers with other rides if they are going in the same direction (prices are fixed by individual driver) charges per seat giving benefits to the rider with a discounted ride. - On Demand service (fixed prices by us: 1. We connect the riders to local everyday people. 2. Matches passengers to near by drivers both hatchbacks and sedans. 3. Matches passengers with 5+ seater car. Split fare can be used on “On demand” Service. - In Drivers app, We show heat maps and ride request. Once a request is placed we buzz the app with 20 sec buzz to nearby drivers giving time to accept the ride. We have real time information for ETA, GPS, tracking of driver. - Initially planning to start in Hyderabad then move to Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, etc.
7.6   Hyderabad
Run Rate Sales
USD 1.4 thousand
10 - 20 %
Financial Investment
USD 18 thousand for 20% stake
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