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Electronics Store Investment Opportunity in Florida, United States

Connectivity platform provider designed to connect devices, and a wholesaler of electronics goods.
- Firm provides a connectivity platform designed to connect devices, capture data, also manages a fleet. - We also are a wholesale company that manages and sells consumer electronics and household gadgets. - Our cellular network has coverage in over 196 countries and partnerships with 550+ carriers. - Currently running with 127 client out of which a few are b2b and most of them are individuals, - Clients are acquired through references and agents. Intend to increase and expand our marketing services. - 60 percent revenue in generated from the connectivity platform and the remaining is generated from selling consumer electronic goods. - We have an IoT sim card that is the perfect connectivity solution for global IoT applications. - It is a secure, future-proof IoT SIM card with flexibilities. It is a global sim that is automatically connected to the cloud. - No calibration, activation, or setting changes are required. - In case a user faces trouble with one connectivity it automatically connects to another network. It is completely reliable and is user friendly. - If one carrier drops a signal, our SIM connects to the next down the line — giving each device the most reliable connectivity. No matter where devices are at work — whether it’s deep in the Australian Outback or way up in the Rocky Mountains, the customers can count on their devices staying connected. - Offer flexible pricing with pay-as-you-go rates and a few monthly plans. - The main website for the product is under construction. - Global IoT SIM in embedded (MFF2/QFN8) and the form factor. It is highly reliable and optimized.
6.6   Florida , United States
Run Rate Sales
USD 219.6 thousand
30 %
Financial Investment
USD 148.9 K for 28% stake
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Computer Shop for Sale in St. Cloud, United States

Company is into providing repair services for Windows, Apple products, having served 5,000+ clients.
- Company based in St. Cloud, providing repair services for Windows and Apple devices, operating since 2010. - Our services include Data Recovery, Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Forensic Investigations, Incident Response and Computer Services. - We repair and maintain iPhones, iPads, iPods, MacBooks, and iMacs. - We service every make and model. We have a number of parts available on hand for various models of laptops. - Have served more than 5,000 clients since inception. - Along with the business, buyer would get the website, domain, repairing tools, customer list. - Promoter has more than 10 years of experience in this business.
8.0   St. Cloud , United States
Run Rate Sales
USD 300 thousand
20 %
Business for Sale
USD 250 K
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Electronics Store Franchise Opportunity

HyperXchange, Established in 2016, 4 Franchisees, Kolkata Headquartered
  • 30+ introductions
  • 8000+ Page Views
  • 4000+ Investor Views
HyperXchange (HX) is India’s fastest growing brand for refurbished electronics. We are disrupting the business by turning its key value drivers on its head. We are turning a predominantly inventory-led business into an asset-light model that leads to non-linear growth. We are transforming a grey market into a structured economy based on credit. We are helping realign a localized, offline business in top metros into a massively distributed, omnichannel powerhouse across India's Tier 1 and Tier 2 centers. Our scorching growth underlines the success of the HyperXchange model. Over the past 3 years, our business has scaled 12x, margins have improved 7x, topline has grown 108x, and utilization ballooned by over 400x. Dealing in refurbished electronics follows an inventory-led asset-heavy model which makes growth slow and difficult. It’s a challenge from the perspective of consumers who want to sell their phones too. We observed the market and created our unique tech-led, asset-light strategy to address both the demand side and supply-side challenges. Demand Side: Our unique combination of the online and offline franchise led retail sales ensures fast asset-light growth while yielding committed returns to franchise partners. One HyperXchange’s patented ATM Vending kiosks enable a fully automated experience for consumers both wanting to buy as well as their devices. Supply-side: Our proprietary WorkBench™ product uses analytics and deep learning to diagnose, revalue and certify old gadgets. Our WorkBench™ at our retail points helps customers get the best value for the products they want to sell, in an automated, transparent and fair process. This also helps us accurately value and automate our bulk procurement, accelerating. Quality check speed 40 times, while reducing people cost, helping plan refurbishment in advance, and helping us offer an industry-leading 12-month doorstep warranty on our products. HyperXchange is looking for franchise partners across Tier 1 and Tier 2 locations.
HyperXchange, Established in 2016, 4 Franchisees, Kolkata Headquartered
8.4   Expanding in United States
Expected Monthly Sales
INR 30 lakh
Space Required
100 - 1000 Sq Ft
Investment Required
INR 10 - 20 L
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Electronics Store Investment Opportunity in New York, United States

Traders & service providers of pro-audio equipment for film, TV, music and theatre.
- Traders & service providers of pro-audio equipment based out of New York. - We rent & sell pro-audio for required parties like Live music, speech, presentation, party, events, dubbing & many others through our online portal. - Business has been around for over 25 years and has recently started a growth phase, doubling revenue in the last 2 years due to repeat customers. - Users can also buy online audio related accessories like a microphone, listing system, base station transmitter & many more according to their likely brands. - Have decades of experience serving customers in New York, other international sound communities with microphones repair, service and modifications of audio. - We ship our products to our customers all over the world.
Traders & service providers of pro-audio equipment for film, TV, music and theatre.
9.5   New York , United States
Run Rate Sales
USD 2 million
15 %
Financial Investment
USD 500 K for 50% stake
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Computer Shop Investment Opportunity in Salmon, United States

Retails electronic products and installs home automation & ERP software, operated by an experienced entrepreneur.
- We are a retailer of computer hardware, television and other electronic products. - We also provide home automation, remote and on-site support. - Have tie up with 30 suppliers in total. - We have presence through both online and offline medium but majority of sales happens via brick and mortar store. - Looking forward to work with schools implementing few programs and us this as an opportunity to supply printers, computers and other services. - Owner has over 40 years of experience in this industry.
Retails electronic products and installs home automation & ERP software, operated by an experienced entrepreneur.
8.1   Salmon , United States
Run Rate Sales
USD 1 million
25 %
Financial Investment
USD 1 Mn for 60% stake
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