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Construction Supplies Businesses for Sale and Investment Opportunities in Magura

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Hardware Store Seeking Loan in Magura, Bangladesh

Importer & trader of products like door, window, furniture fittings and supplying in 30 districts.
- Trader of hardware products like door & windows, lock system, knob, curtain bracket. - We import products from India, mostly from Rajkot, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi. - We are distributor of Godrej products as well. - Tie ups with 200 wholesalers. - Have tie ups with 5 manufacturing units. - Export license to be renewed every year. - Owner has 13 years industry experience.
Importer & trader of products like door, window, furniture fittings and supplying in 30 districts.
6.5   Magura
Run Rate Sales
USD 110 thousand
10 %
Business Loan
USD 90 K at 10%
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Kitchen Cabinet Franchise Opportunity

Würfel, Established in 2015, 34 Franchisees, Bangalore Headquartered
  • 1000+ Page Views
  • 700+ Investor Views
Würfel was conceived with a noble thought of presenting every Indian home with a European kitchen. We feel profoundly privileged to have changed the modular kitchen industry in the country by bringing the best of Europe to Indian homes. We believe in creating timeless products that last over decades. We believe in creating homes that make a statement & promote healthy living. We are a team of energetic and positive individuals, with a drive to put a smile on every client’s face. We are ethical by practice and transparent in all modes of our business. We are humble in nature and believe that problems are a part of life. We take ownership of any problem and stand by our clients and ensure that the best is delivered. We are a differentiator and we believe that we will elevate the home interior industry. As a part of our core process, each and every finished raw material and hardware is handpicked from the best in Europe, catered to suit robust Indian cooking practices and made to last forever. We have evolved over time and so has our product line; from kitchens & wardrobes to complete home interior solutions. Our promise is to deliver only the best and create stylish European homes. Würfel is the most successful B2B modular kitchen brand with 30+ showrooms across the country. We believe in growing together and creating successful businesses for positive and high-spirit professionals.
Würfel, Established in 2015, 34 Franchisees, Bangalore Headquartered
7.8   Expanding in Asia
Exp Monthly Sales
USD 30 thousand
Space Required
1500 - 2000 Sq Ft
Investment Required
USD 46 - 55 K
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Luxury Construction Supply Franchise Opportunity

MAKEiS, Established in 2012, 3 Franchisees, Sofia Headquartered
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MAKEiS is a well-rounded and complete concept for thermal insulation of buildings and facilities. MAKEiS optimizes and digitizes the entire construction process of a thermal insulation system, from the raw materials manufacturer, to distributor, producer (developer), builder, and investor (end user). This ensures that the process becomes cost-effective, traceable and environmentally friendly in the long-term. Compared against current thermal insulation technologies, MAKEiS offers twice as much productivity, with the insulation layer being twice as thin, three to four times lighter. Furthermore, the wall of the building or facility is not drilled during installation. MAKEiS technology is unique in that it can be effectively used for indoor and outdoor insulation of industrial and residential buildings. It can be further employed for insulation of industrial facilities with a working temperature of up to 200 degrees Celsius. With minor changes in technology, MAKEiS is capable of providing interior insulation with a decorative effect. MAKEiS technology is protected by several international patents for; an insulating product, a manufacturing method for the insulating product, a method for mounting the insulating product and a mobile machine for manufacturing it. • The insulating product is a thermal or noise-insulating panel masterfully coated with a fiberglass tappet or a thin polymer layer. The panels overlap each other, eliminating the possibility of thermal bridges. • The manufacturing method is the technique by which the insulating product is produced with a mobile machine on site. Panels are produced with the required overall dimensions, as to minimise waste generation. With minor modifications, the technology allows for the production of decorative interior 3D thermal or noise insulating panels. • The installation method conveys how to assemble the insulating product with solely 3 operations: foremost in order, the panel is glued with fast-acting polymeric adhesive, after which a glass-fiber wallpaper imitating different types of plasters is glued. Aside from the aforementioned, the glass-fiber wallpaper further acts as protection of the insulation against environmental influences. The third and last operation is painting. It is possible that the finishing layer is a plaster, or perhaps another material. Details have been developed regarding the installation of each constituent individual element of the building structure. • The Mobile Plant (Make Machine) is a mini-factory, with facilitated mobility and transportation. It is equipped with IoT technology, innovatively allowing for online access and management. All constituent parts of the MAKEiS technology are connected in a specialized cloud platform developed as an ERP with online connection to production plant (Make Machine). Specialized software processes images of objects by converting them into high-precision digitized drawings. Based on these drawings, a separate software calculates the exact number and size of the required insulating panels required for the insulation of the aforementioned object. This information is communicated to the machine that in turn produces the insulating panels.
MAKEiS, Established in 2012, 3 Franchisees, Sofia Headquartered
6.8   Expanding in Asia
Exp Monthly Sales
USD 56 thousand
Space Required
1000 - 2000 Sq Ft
Investment Required
USD 559 K - 2.8 Mn
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