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Digital Marketing Startup Investment Opportunity in Pune, India

AI enabled conversational platform that provides disruptive sales and digital ROI amplifier.
- We are an AI enabled conversational platform for SMB & enterprises. - The platform offers chatbot services, drip marketing, conversational advertising and messenger app integration. - We were the first runner up of the IIT Delhi Alumni Startup contest. - Our revenue model is a subscription model with a set up cost. - We presently have more than 30 paying customers and add around 10 new customers monthly. - Founders group and advisory group is highly experienced and skilled.
8.6   Pune
Run Rate Sales USD 80 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 %
Financial Investment USD 480 thousand for 10% stake
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Digital Marketing Company Seeking Loan in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysian company engaged in fintech, blockchain, asset management, and global press release services for clinets.
- We are a company that assist new crypto startup companies across the Asia Pacific and Southeast Asia market to achieve multiple goals. - We provide advisory services to new start-up companies who want to achieve initial coin offering but lack technology know-how. - Our business provides worldwide press release services to a company in need of know-how technology and open doors of the blockchain industry. - Business aims to achieve 25 ICO projects and increase 8 headcounts. The technology is lead by the human being and we want to unleash it. - We are one of the very few companies that offer these kinds of services. - We are a young and energetic team of enthusiastic professionals who believe in innovation strategies and think out of box solutions. - Founder has extensive senior-level management experience in financial, joint ventures, strategic planning and marketing.
7.8   Kuala Lumpur
Run Rate Sales USD 150 thousand
EBITDA Margin 27 %
Business Loan USD 500 thousand at 20% interest
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Digital Marketing Business Seeking Loan in Ahmedabad, India

Ahmedabad based provider of web solutions such as website development and digital marketing.
- Provide web development and digital marketing solutions. - Company started in 2018 but due to a lack of working capital and the pandemic, we had to pause operations in early 2020. - Have now resumed operations and employ 7 full-time employees and 4 freelancers. - Our clients include several Indian SMEs and individuals. - Have completed 20-30 small projects and 10-15 large projects since inception. - In the past, we used to secure 2-3 projects each month but at present, we secure 8 projects each month due to our newly formed sales and marketing team. - However, the average project value has decreased due to the impact of the pandemic and our revenue has dropped significantly. - Due to this, this business is operating under a minor loss. - The average project duration is 15 - 20 days. - We are certified by Google for SEO and AdWords. - Currently developing our own CRM suite which is expected to be ready in 40 days. - Promoter has 7 years of experience in software sales.
7.2   Ahmedabad
Run Rate Sales USD 16 thousand
EBITDA Margin Operating at loss
Business Loan USD 14 thousand at 10% interest
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Digital Marketing Company for Sale in Birgunj, Nepal

Data driven digital marketing company that uplifts business objectives through SEO, PPC, data cleaning and visualization.
- Company provides digital marketing services to clients from diverse sectors ranging from energy, power, construction and IoT industries. - We specialize in providing SEO, SEM, PPC, data cleaning and visualization. - Have served 5 clients from UK, 3 from Australia and 4 from Nepal. - Founder of the company has 5 years of experience in digital marketing industry. - Our run rate sales have reduced due to COVID-19.
6.9   Birgunj
Run Rate Sales USD 10 thousand
EBITDA Margin 20 %
Business for Sale USD 13 thousand
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Digital Marketing Business for Sale in Kochi, India

Digital marketing service provider with its own platform, receives 500+ orders monthly.
- Digital marketing firm that provides social media services, SEO, web development, and design services. - We have our in-house development team of 2 experienced developers for providing web development and SEO services. Other services such as social media marketing and content writing are provided through tied-up vendors. - We run a platform that lists all the services provided by ourselves and the tied-up vendors. Have tied-up with 6 service vendors (both domestic and international) and we act as the middlemen between the client and vendor. - Have worked with over 13,000 clients since starting the operations. - Revenue model: Paid packages for our own services, and for services by tied-up vendors, we charge a fee based on the client's requirements. 60% of the revenue is generated from fee charged for vendor's services and 40% of our revenue is from our in-house development services. - We get around 500 service orders on a monthly basis through our platform. - Expenses for the business is very low as all employees work from home, and we run very few paid ads as we have a very solid search engine optimization done on our website that a very high percentage of business is generated through organic search.
7.7   Kochi
Run Rate Sales USD 100 thousand
EBITDA Margin 40 %
Business for Sale USD 700 thousand
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Newly Established Digital Marketing Business Investment Opportunity in Guwahati, India

Digital marketing and branding agency serving clients deriving maximum revenue from performance marketing and analytics.
- We offer digital media marketing services (B2B and B2C lead generation, SEO, SEM, social media advertising) to our clientele. We have served over 30 clients in North Eastern India. Over 80% - 90% of the business revenue comes from performance marketing and analytics. - We provide solutions to various businesses to reach more audiences and grow their sales using digital platforms. - We have served 30+ clients to date and are working with 5-6 clients now. - Some of the clients we have worked with are 4 Aces Group (Hero Electric & Royal Enfield), IIM Shillong, Mega Entertainment, CAS Computers, and Oasis Moto. - We are looking for strategic investment to capture a bigger market. - We do not have any long term contracts with any of our clients. - We serve our clients on a monthly subscription basis which ranges between INR 25,000 to 30,000. - Additionally, we also make advertisements and conduct product photoshoots for our clients. - The founder has 5+ years of experience in digital marketing and 3+ years of business experience.
7.1   Guwahati
Run Rate Sales USD 13 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 %
Financial Investment USD 9.5 thousand for 40% stake
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Digital Marketing Business for Sale in Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina

For Sale: Digital marketing and branding agency in Argentina with 30+ clients.
- 5-year old company specializing in corporate branding, design, and development of websites. - Have more than 30 clients. - We receive an average of 4 daily prospects and lots of business/contribution proposals from different companies (even around the world). - We have no dependencies with other companies since we have in-house marketing and IT departments. - We also sell software we developed ourselves. - Almost all of our clients are from Argentina but we have served a few clients from Panama as well. - Our clients are small to medium scale businesses and companies. We offer B2B and B2C services. - We have contracts with most of our clients. - Our company is one of the well-known service providers in Argentina.
7.5   Autonomous City of Buenos Aires
Run Rate Sales USD 69.6 thousand
EBITDA Margin 18 %
Business for Sale USD 95 thousand
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Newly Established Advertising Agency Seeking Loan in Pune, India

Hybrid digital marketing agency and production house for advertisements with around 12 clients.
- We provide digital marketing services along with production for advertisements in the form of video or pictures. - Our services include advertisement and commercial production, digital marketing from generating leads to promotion online. - Have an in-house software integrated with Google to help develop leads for clients. - At present we have around 10-12 clients within Pune but we plan to grow this number. - Promoter has over 3 years of business experience and has a digital marketing certification.
6.4   Pune
Run Rate Sales USD 16 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 %
Business Loan USD 27 thousand at 10% interest
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Digital Marketing Franchise Opportunity

Digi Frienz (Cryptra Management Private Limited), Established in 2017, 1 Franchisee currently
  • 400+ Page Views
  • 200+ Investor Views
We are a marketing company that provides wide array of digital and online marketing services. We aim to deliver excellence in digital marketing services and execution. We provide all digital marketing services from SEO to branding in one place. Since every company has gone online in these times we are able to reach out to more potential clients. Require franchise partners to take on clients in their target territory.
7.3   Expanding in Guntur
Expected Monthly Sales USD 2.7 thousand
Space Required 500 - 1000 Sq Ft
Investment Required USD 6.8 - 13.6 thousand
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Newly Established Digital Marketing Company Investment Opportunity in New Delhi, India

Digital media marketing company that served 200 clients till date and developed 2 proprietary products.
- We offer digital media marketing services (B2B and B2C lead generation, SEO, SEM, social media advertising) to our clientele. We have served over 200 clients till date. Over 80% - 90% of the business' revenue comes from performance marketing and analytics. - The business has developed 2 proprietary software. The first software has been built over Facebook, Google and APIs that use CRM software. This product utilizes AI and ML to provide detailed insights into the key metrics of our client's businesses. We generate over 50+ integrated reports for our clients through this software. - Our second product creates and optimizes automated performance based advertising for our clients. This software creates over thousands of keywords through machine learning and offers a degree of personalization previously unseen. - We are a top tier Google Premier Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner. We have also partnered with Hotstar, Taboola and Criteo. - The strength of our digital marketing executive team is around 20 - 25 members. - We have served prestigious clients such as Lenskart, Grofers, UrbanClap, CRED, John Jacobs, Spoyl, Ketto, Shuttl, Limeroad, Aisle, NIIT, Amity University, Good Earth, Edureka, Nicci and many more. - Our clients are extremely satisfied with our services. We have positive testimonies from NIIT, UrbanClap and Edureka. We were able to increase the performance of the paid channels of Edureka by over 240% for instance. - The business conducts marketing for their services internally. We have engaged in SEO and SMO and are actively promoting our services on social media platforms such as Facebook. We also maintain a blog where we regularly publish articles in this particular domain. - The business also provides a free Facebook and Adwords Audit, an agency fee calculator and a one hour advertising strategy session. - Run rate sales have dropped due to the ongoing pandemic. - The promoter has over 10+ years of experience as a digital marketer and is an IIT graduate.
8.1   New Delhi
Run Rate Sales USD 400 thousand
EBITDA Margin 15 %
Financial Investment USD 270 thousand for 15% stake
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Newly Established Microfinance Company Seeking Loan in Hyderabad, India

Digital marketing company that plans to start providing micro loan services.
- We are a digital marketing company that was started in the beginning of the year. - Already have 4 large clients who have multiple branches across India. - We provide various digital marketing services such as social media marketing, SEO and website development. - Company has an annual contract with these clients to provide the services when required. - Our plan is to start another entity to provide micro loans services and have already started the registration process. - Within the next 15 days we expect to get the Nidhi permission to begin provision of loans. - Initially we would continue to use our current office space to provide these loans. - Promoter has 2 years of experience in digital marketing and 5 years of experience in financial services. - Company's physical assets include laptop, furniture and other office equipment.
9.0   Hyderabad
Run Rate Sales USD 16 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 %
Business Loan USD 20 thousand at 12% interest
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Digital Marketing Company Investment Opportunity in Noida, India

Cloud-based database company with 100+ clients providing email database, digital marketing, and app development services.
- A SaaS-based firm providing advanced database services, customized way of email marketing services. - Catering to various startups and growing companies in all industries. - Have previously worked with clients like Dell, and Tech Mahindra. - We are currently working with Zoho as Authorized Partner. - Recently, we partnered with Freshworks as a Solution Partner. The agreement is in process. - Served 150+ clients in the past four years with maximum growth last year. - Databases and software can be purchased on a subscription basis. - We also develop CRMs and other apps for various segments. - Software is used for developing innovative solutions based on the most advanced technologies like Mongo Db, Dotnet, Java, and AngularJS.
7.5   Noida
Run Rate Sales USD 100 thousand
EBITDA Margin 25 %
Financial Investment USD 11 thousand for 10% stake
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Profitable Digital Marketing Startup Investment Opportunity in Benowa, Australia

Proprietary SaaS platform & licensed distributor for ReturnMe, seeking strategic investors with good networks.
- We offer Vcard (e-business card) platform to our clientele. It is based on a low cost subscription model i. e. AUD 4.99 per month and is SMS enabled, no app download. New features include upload videos, calendar booking, and import contacts to CRM based on consumer demand, lead generating tool. - We have 100 monthly subscribers under this model from 20 days Facebook advertising. If we consider the subscribers from our sister firm that is based in New Zealand, we have over 1,500 monthly subscribers. - Since COVID, this product has been launched live in 5 countries that include New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, and UK. - We also developed a native app that enables P2P (peer to peer) encrypted calls. We have finished beta testing and finalized the UI design. This technology will operate through any browser on a desktop, laptop and mobile. It is enabled with IP address to IP address encryption. The subscription fees range from AUD 0.99 to AUD 2.99 per month and it will be live in 2 weeks in App Store. - We have the intellectual property rights for these products and they are sold under our proprietary brand. - We also have country distributor rights to ReturnMe, the world's largest global lost & found recovery company, for AU, NZ, UAE, and UK. USA and Canada as a re-seller. Their products include a digital security tag and a COVID-19 touch-aid protection product. It operates on a referral basis, white-labeled with customers entering a promo code when registering on ReturnMe. We are targeting corporates mainly. - Customer acquisition is undertaken through social media advertising for lead generating, then e-mail marketing conversion funnel. The customers that have registered for the Vcard will receive e-mail communication regarding the ReturnMe products. Our next offering will be offered as a bundle. The business receives a commission of 50% on the net profit. - We are currently undertaking a social media and digital marketing campaign on Facebook and Instagram for our Vcard services within Australia. The business has tied up with a third party digital marketing firm for this purpose. - The business has not taken on any debt. - The EBITDA margin of the business is high since it is an asset-light model with low overheads (few salaried employees). - Run rate sales have dropped due to the ongoing pandemic situation but will bounce back as it is contactless, low-cost and easy. - The business has a high valuation expectation considering the business model, the scope of growth, and no competition with our unique offering. - The promoter has a separate registered entity in New Zealand that provides Vcard services. The investor will be receiving a stake in the Australian entity. - Faster growth can be accomplished through our license partners for countries. - Promoter has over 25 years of business experience. They have prior experience running a txt payment parking company, mobile e-wallet / remittance, and bulk SMS engine based firms.
7.6   Benowa
Run Rate Sales USD 9 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 - 40 %
Financial Investment USD 1.5 million for 35% stake
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Insurance Agency Investment Opportunity in Mumbai, India

Service provider for insurance companies that helps retain customers and reduce costs of leads.
- We provide solutions for insurance companies to help them retain their current customers as well as reduce their cost to digitally attract new leads. - At present, we work with 7 large insurance companies pan India and manage over 1.3 million customers for them. - Our contracts with these insurance companies are usually for 3 years. - We use our internal analytical tools to provide them with data to help with client retention from sales to post sales. - We use customer feedback and product feedback to help insurance agencies develop new products. - Also, help reduce the cost of digital acquisition on new leads through the generation of various analytics on potential customers. - With the current global scenario, our revenue has shot up rapidly as more insurance agencies are spending more on digital acquisition and retention of customers. - Promoters have a combined experience of over 40 years in the insurance industry.
6.6   Mumbai
Run Rate Sales USD 650 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 %
Financial Investment USD 220 thousand for 10% stake
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Profitable Branding and Design Business Seeking Loan in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Company offers cost-effective branding solutions for business development and marketing seeks a loan.
- 6-year old Port of Spain based business provides design and branding solutions. - We specialize in audio & music creation, web designing, graphic designing, logo designing. - Have 5-10 companies as core clients and apart from this we receive walk-in customers. - Clients are from industries like consultancy and marketing agencies. - Sales have dropped as a result of the recent pandemic. - Physical assets include laptops and furniture.
6.3   Port of Spain
Run Rate Sales USD 18 thousand
EBITDA Margin 20 %
Business Loan USD 7.4 thousand at 10% interest
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Digital Marketing Company for Sale in Budapest, Hungary

Technology and consulting company with over 100 clients for sale in Budapest, Hungary.
- The owner has 10 years of experience in the IT industry with various awards such as silver medal from UN, Helen Keller award and National award as a role model among disabilities. Opened up a completely bootstrapped technology startup in Budapest 2 years ago. - We offer IT consulting and digital marketing consultancy services to clients based in the US. In parallel, we are also developing a next-gen community grocery delivery platform to cater to Budapest and other EU markets. - Last year we sold two running web stores that had a gross income of around $55,500 and net income of around $11,000 to concentrate on IT consulting. - The company had 4 freelances working full-time last year but the business is now handled by the owner himself concentrating on IT consulting and digital marketing consultancy. - Right now the business has more than 100 clients mainly from the US region (most of them are private individuals). - The owner now is concentrating on building up a next-gen grocery community delivery platform using cutting edge automation technologies in parallel to the consulting (Detailed business plan model and financial projections will be shared with those who are interested to take the business forward) - Promoter is based in Hungary and came to India to close a business deal but due to the pandemic, he is staying in India temporarily. - The full sale price is indicated and the owner is open for discussion regarding the same. - The recent pandemic crisis has caused a fall in revenue. - The sale includes all licenses, digital business accounts, turnkey setup worth EUR 15,000, 1-year transition support and free processing of long term residency in the EU for the new owner (if desired).
8.4   Budapest
Run Rate Sales USD 26 thousand
EBITDA Margin 12 %
Business for Sale USD 43 thousand
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Digital Marketing Franchise Opportunity

PB Digitals (PB Innovative Technology Pvt Ltd), Established in 2017, 1 Franchisee currently
  • 1000+ Page Views
  • 1000+ Investor Views
We are a leading digital marketing and lead generation firm with unparalleled experience in helping clients expand their customer and market base to limitless horizons. We have numerous tailored marketing and lead generation services. We offer comprehensive and diverse digital marketing services that include SEO, PPC, SMO, SMM, content marketing and multiple other marketing activities. We are currently on the lookout for franchise partners who would generate sales in their target territories. We have a zone format for a larger target territory and a district format for a smaller target territory. We also have a business partner format which can be in either a zone or a district which would have limited investment and franchise fee requirements but will also provide lower commission percentage. The franchise partner would receive a commission each time a sale is generated by a client they bring in as the franchise partner would be interacting with them for each sale.
6.6   Expanding in Australia
Expected Monthly Sales USD 679.3 - 1.4 thousand
Space Required 100 - 500 Sq Ft
Investment Required USD 1.4 - 6.8 thousand
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Branding and Design Business Investment Opportunity in New Delhi, India

Digital marketing and branding agency working primarily with FMCG and lifestyle companies.
- We are one of the leading names in digital marketing, branding and design in India. - Our clients mainly include FMCG and lifestyle brands with revenue of over INR 1 crore. - Initially we were a pure advertising firm but shifted to digital marketing and branding. - Have worked with over 23 clients since we started and we are on a yearly retainer with them. - Some of our reputed clients include Red Tape, Lotus Herbals, Bagrry's. - Promoter has over 28 years of experience and the management team has experience of around 20 years each. - Company's physical assets include furniture and office equipment.
9.2   New Delhi
Run Rate Sales USD 130 thousand
EBITDA Margin 40 %
Financial Investment USD 110 thousand for 30% stake
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