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Profitable Solar Projects Company Investment Opportunity in Mumbai, India

CPWD & ISO certified electrical contractor and solar power company with 15+ contracts, 300+ projects.
- We are electrical contractors that have executed multiple EHV and substation projects till date. We are authorized by the Central Public Works Department (CPWD). This is the primary vertical of the business as it generates most of the business revenue. - We have over 15 - 20 contracts currently out of which 2 - 3 are maintenance contracts. Over 60% of our clients are public sector and 40% is private. Contracts are renewed on a monthly basis. - We have completed over 300+ projects till date. - Our major clients include Adani Power, Reliance Power, Tata Power, Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL), Power Grid Corporation of India, and Bihar State Electricity Board Substation. - Additionally, we are also involved in solar projects (EPC). To that extent, we have installed over 550 KW till date. This is the second biggest vertical of the business. - We are also involved in the operations and maintenance of a 3 MW plant. Have a standing contract for profit sharing with the plant owner. - The business has over 40 - 45 primary vendors. - Additionally, we are developing an in-house home service application. We have developed an algorithm that provides home services at affordable rates (45% cost reduction) to the customer. It took two years of industrial research and study to develop these algorithms. Home services provided include electrical and plumbing services. - Our applications targeted audience is modern day couples aged between 24 – 48 years old. And the working millennial of India. We plan on following a SaaS model primarily post-launch.
8.4   Mumbai
Run Rate Sales USD 400 thousand
EBITDA Margin 42 %
Financial Investment USD 340 thousand for 22% stake
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Newly Established Solar Power Plant Seeking Loan in Ahmedabad, India

Solar EPC company seeking capital to build a 1MW solar power plant in Gujarat.
- Offer EPC services for solar power plants. - Have installed and commissioned over 50 solar projects since inception. - We partner with 3 other EPC contractors to together offer a comprehensive range of EPC services. - Have prior experience offering EPC services for residential, commercial, and industrial solar power projects. - The promoter is an alumni from Germi Institute and has previously worked in a private renewable energy firm. - Have recently received interest from a Gujarat based steel producer who requires us to set up a 1MW solar power plant. - We are in the final stages of signing a power purchase agreement with them under which we will sell electricity at INR 5.5/unit for the next 5 years. - They currently rely on the government for electricity paying INR 9.5/unit. - We are looking to fund this project by raising external debt capital. - The investor will own the power plant and the land on which it is built and be entitled to a pre-negotiated, fixed cash flow throughout the life of the project. - The power plant can be set up anywhere under the coverage of UGVCL, the distribution company of the Gujarat Electricity Board. - We intend to acquire an 8 acre plot to set up the plant. - The loan will be collateralized by the assets acquired for the project. - A new legal entity will be formed for the project with the investor as a director. - The investor will not be required to devote any time running the solar plant and we run and maintain the plant.
7.3   Ahmedabad
Run Rate Sales USD 330 thousand
EBITDA Margin 20 %
Business Loan USD 400 thousand at 15% interest
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Newly Established Renewable Power Plant Investment Opportunity in Glasgow, United Kingdom

Development of a 150 MW power station that is designed to have zero carbon emissions.
- We plan to develop a 150 MW power station which would be completely carbon emission free. - It would use multiple renewable sources of energy and is currently in the design and feasibility testing phase. - The project is being developed on a 80 acres of owned land with a 2,000 MW grid connection. - We are being supported by the Aberdeenshire Council and Scottish Enterprise for the development. - Also have supporters like Wood Group and KCA Duetag who are providing us with design and engineering plans for free. - We have 3 buyers interested in purchasing the plant and expect the sale price to be around GBP 150 million after 3 years. - Company would be getting all the contracts for sale of power and permits in place before selling the plant. - Promoter has over 25 years of experience in the field of energy.
9.4   Glasgow
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 5 million for 20% stake
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Newly Established Environmental Services Company Seeking Loan in Grand Rapids, United States

Energy savings company with first exclusive license for a patented technology with 10+ year track record.
- Start-up business that is registered in Delaware and operates from Michigan. - We are an energy savings startup and have secured the first exclusive territory license for a patented technology (process and software) that has been validated and implemented in over 1,000 commercial buildings with $50M+ in generated revenues and tracking to $1 billion in energy savings over the next 20 years. - We optimize the client's existing equipment and overlay a patented software technology that automates various manual tasks to save energy, time and money. - We will be the very first licensee with a hold on Michigan, Ohio, and Florida. - Have a pipeline of $5-10 million in projects and are looking for bridge financing (debt or convertible debt) to bridge us into our first projects. - Our clients are commercial buildings and properties across Michigan, Ohio, and Florida. - Projected annual revenue is around $ 2 million at 30% EBITDA. - Revenue will be generated from the project fee for optimizing the customer’s existing equipment and a SaaS fee for use of our patented software. - Promoter and the team have more than 60 years of combined experience their field which is related to this business.
7.7   Grand Rapids
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Business Loan USD 500 thousand at 12% interest
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Newly Established Waste to Energy Service Company Investment Opportunity in Udaipur, India

Bio-fuel producer converting plastic into bio-fuel with 100% buy-back agreement requires funding to initiate production.
- We are involved in the conversion of plastic waste into crude oil. - The business has entered into a 100% buy back and standing partner agreement with Growdiesel Ventures Limited. Growdiesel will buy the bio-fuel produced by our company at INR 15/litre. They will provide technical assistance on the project i. e. (catalysts required, materials to be used) and we will handle all the operations and administration aspects of the process. - We have identified 2 suppliers that process 5 tons of plastic waste daily (Polypropylene and Polythene). - The plant location has been identified and the required machinery has been acquired. The size of the plant is 20,000 square feet (10,000 square feet for processing and 10,000 square feet for material storage). The plant is located near Udaipur. - Post funding, it will take 3 months to commission the plant and initiate operations. There is an expected ROI of 1.5 years. - Promoter is a certified bio-fuel consultant with 2.5 years of work experience in this particular sector.
6.5   Udaipur
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 270 thousand for 30% stake
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Solar Projects Company Investment Opportunity in Bangalore, India

15-year old solar engineering company seek funds for upcoming 15MW EPC tender process fee.
- Bangalore based business specialising in solar rooftop projects. - Have done 10 MW power projects till date. - Our clients are houses, hospitals, industries, factories, poultry. - We also undertake AMCs for clients. - For the last six years, we had good growth but for the last two years, there is a dip in the business due to fewer orders. We foresee increase in revenue in the coming months due to more orders. - Promoter has more than 2 decades of experience in this field.
7.7   Bangalore
Run Rate Sales USD 800 thousand
EBITDA Margin 13 %
Financial Investment USD 1.1 million for 30% stake
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Solar PV Systems Company Investment Opportunity in Visakhapatnam, India

Firm enagaged in manufacturing slolar PV modules for 15+ clients across India.
- Started commercial operations from 2018. - Solar PV panels manufacturer supplying to 15+ EPC contractors, dealers and direct customers. - Our clients are based all across India. Some of our clients include Greenko, Freyr Energy, and Novus Green. - Customize the modules according to the client's requirements. - We have yearly contracts with our clients and monthly subscription fees. - Raw materials are directly imported from 50 suppliers located in China and Korea. - Our factory produces 60 MW yearly and is currently working with 40% of its capacity. - We are making 10Wp to 320Wp solar modules and power plant plantations. - All our work that includes fabrication, storage, assembling, and packaging work is done in-house. - Our current team has 45 people in our manufacturing unit and 18 people in our sales team. - Clients are mostly acquired through our own references and directly approaching companies. - Also, intend to manufacture solar cells which has great potential in the market. - Seeking funding in order to take up a governmental project that has a requirement of 500 Mw. - We are in conversation with a few references regarding the project. A tender needs to be filed for that and the investor will have to pay the earnest money deposit. Collateral can be provided in order to safeguard the investors money. - Run rate sales have dropped due to the lockdown during the pandemic.
7.6   Visakhapatnam
Run Rate Sales USD 800 thousand
EBITDA Margin 15 %
Financial Investment USD 4 million for 45% stake
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Newly Established Waste Management Company Investment Opportunity in Bangalore, India

Business seeking funds to begin importing and installing food and wet waste disposal machines.
- Business is still in the pre-revenue phase. - We import food and wet waste disposal machines from a manufacturer in South Korea. We will be providing installing, commissioning and maintenance work for these machines. - The machines range from 30 kg - 5,000 kg capacity machines that can be used in individual households right up to large commercial factories. - This is one of the first machines in India that will be providing 100% food and wet waste disposal solutions. - The digestive enzymes in the machines will have to be replenished every year, so there will be recurring revenue post installation. - Have tested the product in a government canteen and it has been a success. - Took part in an international exhibition in Bangalore and have received very positive feedback. - We are looking to begin operations in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai. - We will be setting up sales team to target individual residents, hotels, companies and food processing companies in the 4 states. - Intend to set up our own manufacturing unit next year where we will begin producing the machines ourselves.
6.7   Bangalore
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 2 million for 49% stake
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Newly Established Ethanol Fuels Company Seeking Loan in Nashik, India

Manufacturer of fuel grade ethanol that participates in open global tenders.
- We are manufacturers of fuel grade ethanol for government and corporate clients. - This entity is a standalone subsidiary of our group company that has operated for 35 years and manufacturers heat exchanger. - Our main raw material is sugar molasses from sugarcane. The ethanol produced is then mixed with petrol. - We can produce around 35,000 liters of ethanol in a 24 hours time period. - Most ethanol production plants including ours have been closed for the last 6-7 months due to lack of raw materials and the current global situation. - Our product is sold mainly through global open tenders and there is more demand than supply for ethanol. - 80% of the product is sold to government oil companies and 20% is sold to corporate companies. - We plan to start selling a greater percentage to corporate companies in the future. - Our main revenue will be generated from Dec to March when tenders open and we project revenues to be around INR 15 crore from that period alone. - We have our own website/domain which is used for official email communication but the website is not live.
6.8   Nashik
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin 15 %
Business Loan USD 1.4 million at 10% interest
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Oil Services Company for Sale in Singapore

Singapore based company offering LNG & offshore engineering consultancy services in the energy sector.
- Consultancy service and design for LNG & floating LNG, wind farms. - We specialize in hydrodynamic analysis and foundation check for wind farm designs. - Have 4 clients. - Currently all our clients are in Singapore and in the future, we have plans to expand to neighboring countries. - We have three patents from China in technology. - Have level 3 safety certification. - We have an account in ARIBA and Jurong Port. - The buyer would be automatically eligible to apply for the Singapore Permanent Resident (PR).
7.1   Singapore
Run Rate Sales USD 18 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 %
Business for Sale USD 150 thousand
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Newly Established Oil Services Company Seeking Loan in Jamshedpur, India

Newly started company in talks to take up highway projects and EPC for O&G companies.
- We are a newly started EPC company that was incorporated around 11 months ago but was not able to start operations due to the global Pandemic Covid-91 situation. - Company is registered in Jamshedpur and has an office there but we have rented an office in Ranchi as well. - Mainly focus on civil Construction/infrastructure like roads, bridges and highways as well as engineering and construction for oil & gas and Power energy companies. - Through promoter's internal contacts we are in talks to receive back to back highway projects as a main contractor. - Also in talks with a major O&G company to provide piping, upgradation and EPC services for their plant. - These contracts are estimated to be around 18 months to 2 years. - We would be able to finalize the deal within 1 month of receiving funding. - Promoter has over 15 years of expeMrience in the field of oil and gas.
6.6   Jamshedpur
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Business Loan USD 1.4 million at 10% interest
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Solar Projects Company Seeking Loan in Bhubaneswar, India

Solar EPC company with 100+ active clients, completed 1,000+ projects, installed 2,000+ KW solar panels.
- We are a solar EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) company that has served over 500 - 1,000 clients till date. The business designs the project, seeks approval from the customers, procures the necessary materials and installs the equipment accordingly. We have 100+ active clients currently from 14 states. - Run rate sales have dropped due to a fall in orders arising from the ongoing pandemic. - We fulfill government and private contracts. Some major clients are L&T, East Coast Railway, Ministry of Communication and NTPC Limited. Over 60% of our portfolio consists of government contracts. - We have worked on 1,000+ projects till date and have installed 2,000+ KW of solar panels. - Our current team has 4 - 5 design specialists, 2 - 3 marketing executives, 2 - 3 budgeting and financial executives and the rest are engaged in installation. - We undertake digital marketing and generate leads through online portals such as IndiaMART. - The business has an outstanding debt of INR 80 lakh and pay an interest of approximately 12.5% on the loan amount, - Our business is ISO certified. We are developing a solar inverter currently.
7.8   Bhubaneswar
Run Rate Sales USD 570 thousand
EBITDA Margin 4 %
Business Loan USD 34 thousand at 10% interest
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Solar Projects Company Seeking Loan in Hubballi, India

Company plans to undertake solar panel installation projects on rooftops or empty premises.
- Company based in Bangalore that will undertake solar panel installation projects. The company was registered two years ago, but we are yet to kick-start our operations. - Business would install solar panels for organizations such as educational institutes, hotels and industries in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Bangalore, Hubballi and Mysore. - We have presented our proposals to 91 organizations in Bhubaneswar, 25 in Cuttack, 18 in Bangalore and 7 in Mysore. - In future, the company will also approach / extend operations in other places such as Lucknow, Dehradun and Haridwar. - Company will form a team of dedicated staff for monitoring operations and will be supervised by a senior level employee. We are in touch with 2 senior level people in Bhubaneswar. - Depending upon the city, we will buy solar panels from local companies. For Bangalore, we are in talks with Tata Power and Emmvee Solar. - Solar energy is enormously available and we plan to utilize the potential through solar projects. - Generating solar energy is very economical / cost effective, pollution free, provides uninterrupted supply of energy, requires least maintenance as compared to DG set, diesel energy. - The concept would be eco-friendly in all senses and will be conducive to the well-being of general populace. - The investor / lender at seed level will be part of the transaction that will be armoured with legal documents. - There would be a crystal clear transparency for monetary flow. The report would be generated every fortnight as per the wish of the investor. Open to discuss anything related to the project. - Will abide by the terms & conditions of the memorandum of association executed between the investor and the undersigned.
8.2   Hubballi
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Business Loan USD 54 thousand at 12% interest
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Petroleum Product Wholesale Business Investment Opportunity in Pune, India

MRO provider and wholesaler of industrial equipment with 40 regular customers and 20 suppliers.
- We are into the wholesale, maintenance, repair and operation of products in the manufacturing industry. To that extent, we are also an authorized distributor of Gulf Industrial Lubricants. - Run rate sales have dropped since the business is slowly picking up post pandemic. - We procure our products from over 15 - 20 suppliers some of which include Bonfiglioli, Oilon, Thermax, and Gulf. - We have over 40 regular clients such as Metalyst Forgings, Asian Paints and K-Flex. - We offer our products on credit. The credit period offered to our customers varies from 1 month to 6 months. - The average mark up on the price of the products is approximately 15%. - We have a dedicated research and development team and actively engage in quality testing regularly. - The business has not undertaken any digital marketing, however, we generate leads through online portals such as IndiaMART. - The owner is an IIM graduate and has over 11 years of experience as a marketer.
8.1   Pune
Run Rate Sales USD 110 thousand
EBITDA Margin 10 %
Financial Investment USD 37 thousand for 40% stake
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Solar Products Business Investment Opportunity in Kasaragod, India

Trader of electronic equipment that's served 3,500 customers and has 100+ annual maintenance contracts.
- We are involved in the sales and servicing of electronic equipment such as computers, solar products, heavy duty diesel generators and electric bikes. Most of our revenue is generated from the sales of computers and solar products. - We have tied up with over 10 - 12 vendors. We sell products from brands such as Volvo, Hero Electrical, Havells, V Guard, Wipro and PC brands such as HP, Dell, Acer and Lenovo. We also provide Microsoft Office software and Microsoft OS to our clients. - The net margin on the sales of the products is approximately 20%. Our actual revenue for the previous financial year is around INR 5 - 6 crore which doesn't reflect on the statements. - We have served over 3,500 clients till date from companies such as HSBC Bank, KSC Bank, Veeba Hospitals. We also have annual maintenance contracts with over 100 companies. These maintenance contracts pertain to the regular maintenance and repair of electrical equipment such as computers. - The business has an overdraft limit of INR 30,00,000. The business has not applied for any loan or debt. - Our sales team has a strength of 4 members. We have engaged in offline marketing. Besides that we have 5 technical specialists and 6 administrative staff members. - The promoter is an IBM certified server specialist. They also have a certificate of excellence from Microsoft.
6.9   Kasaragod
Run Rate Sales USD 160 thousand
EBITDA Margin 15 %
Financial Investment USD 140 thousand for 15% stake
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Petrol Bunk for Sale in Khewra, India

For Sale: Petrol, diesel and CNG gas pump based in Khewra, Haryana.
- The petrol, diesel and CNG are supplied to us by IOCL (Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. ). - Located in an easily accessible area with the Maharashtra expressway just 300 meters away from the site. Near Rajiv Gandhi Education City. - We pump 2,000 liters of diesel, 800 liters of petrol and 800 kilos of CNG per day. - Receive high volume sale for CNG and diesel. - Sale would include entire company and physical assets.
6.6   Khewra
Run Rate Sales USD 1.3 million
EBITDA Margin 9 %
Business for Sale USD 3.4 million
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Petroleum Product Wholesale Company Seeking Loan in Valmiera, Latvia

Business sells engine oils, lubricants and spare parts of agricultural machinery and has 300 customers.
Company runs a shop in Latvia that sells engine oils, lubricants and spare parts of agricultural machinery and tractors. Our customers are farmers and we have over 300 customers. Most of our customers are repeat clients. We buy the oils and spare parts from 4-5 vendors. Generate 60% revenue from engine oils & lubricants and remaining 40% from spare parts. The owner has 8 years of experience in oil trading business and has gained good knowledge and expertise over the years. Our run rate revenue has dropped due to COVID-19.
7.1   Valmiera
Run Rate Sales USD 70 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 %
Business Loan USD 36 thousand at 17% interest
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Newly Established Environmental Consultancy Business Investment Opportunity in Bangalore, India

Bengaluru's full-body sanitizing tunnel company ready with a business plan, seeking investment for expansion.
- Company makes full-body disinfection / sanitization tunnels and sanitizer stands aimed at stopping Corona and other infectious diseases from spreading. - We have 2-3 suppliers to procure the frames, materials, and disinfectants, and we assemble the tunnel at a small workshop area. - Have installed sanitizing bays for more than 20 clients since we started operations 3 months ago. Some of our clients include schools, malls, and offices. - On average, we do 7-8 installations on a monthly basis. Each installation costs around INR 24,000. - Promoters plan to expand the business with the motto of making the product more & more affordable with reliable service. - Ready with a business plan on how much returns can be expected once the business expands.
7.4   Bangalore
Run Rate Sales USD 28 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 - 40 %
Financial Investment USD 20 thousand for 22% stake
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