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The profile picture is picked up automatically from your social login. To edit it please login to your Dashboard and click the Edit icon at the bottom right of your photo as shown below and select an.. Continue reading

The valuation model prepared by SMERGERS, while being prepared by experienced valuation professionals, is not a regulated valuation report which can be used for regulatory or tax purposes. It is an.. Continue reading

None of the subscription plans on SMERGERS renew automatically. User will have to manually resubscribe to continue using the plan based on the validity of the plan. Details of paid plans can be.. Continue reading

Unlimited Proposal allows you to enhance your outreach and get the best visibility for your business or franchise profile on SMERGERS. You get unlimited proposal credits (subject to fair usage.. Continue reading

You can connect LinkedIn, Facebook and Google accounts to your SMERGERS account by logging on to your dashboard and clicking on the links shown below. Logging into SMERGERS using your social account.. Continue reading

If you accidentally unsubscribed to all emails from SMERGERS, you can resubscribe by logging in to your dashboard. Click on "Edit" next to "Email Preferences" on your profile card. Under the.. Continue reading

Changing a specific invoice is possible only if you have not already saved it and only in the same month the payment was made. To edit your invoice, log in to your dashboard and click on the top.. Continue reading

Post the introduction if you’re unable to establish initial connect, then kindly report the issue on your dashboard. Ensure you've tried every means to reach out to the party after fetching the.. Continue reading

We request you to send us your question through the 'Contact Us' page ( so the appropriate team can revert to you with proper resolution or contact you over the.. Continue reading

You should provide sufficient time for the investor / business owner to go through the details and then you can reach out to them again to understand their decision. A useful technique in such.. Continue reading

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