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Newly Established Pet Food Company for Sale in Durham, United States

Durham based company offers high-quality and premium dog chews made from yak & cow milk.
- Recently started business specializing in pet food products. - Our dog chews are made out of yak milk, cow milk, lime juice and Himalayan rock salt with sizes such as small, medium, large, extra-large & jumbo. - Products are manufactured by 2-3 OEMs in Nepal, India under our own brand name. - Our products are sold directly to customers, distributors, wholesalers, other retail stores, B2B and B2C websites. - We utilize Amazon store, wholesale pet B2B website, NDC online store, social media campaigns to sell the products. - Conduct regular marketing on Facebook, Instagram, blogs, LinkedIn, influencers (12 currently in which one is a pet rescuer), social pilot (enable a streamline posting application). - Current marketing tools and materials include a well designed and highly secured website with e-commerce capability, video content and still photography, brochure, company logo, packaging and labels of various size and application for product fulfilment, UPC barcode registration with GS1. - Potential customers database is more than 1,000 individual retailers. - SEO ranking in the number 1 position for three branded keywords. - Products are already listed, and will be launched from the last quarter of this year on another B2B website. - This product category is doing well in the US, as a result, our company has huge potential. - We plan to introduce many other pet products in the future. - Our website developer has implemented a merchant payment processing service to our website to process credit card transactions (in-house or via weblink). It has the ability to process credit cards by manual input for office generated input.
8.9   Durham
Run Rate Sales USD 120 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 %
Full Sale USD 140 thousand
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Newly Established Nutraceuticals Company Investment Opportunity in Hyderabad, India

New-age startup that has developed a nutritional product to provide complete balanced nutrition to consumers.
- It's a new age startup that has developed first of its kind nutritional product which can be consumed on the go without any hassle. - Our nutritional product is a ready to consume beverage and it contains specialty ingredients like beta-glucans immunity booster that will be helpful in developing immunity. The consumers need not depend on multiple products to meet their nutritional goals. - Looking for funds to outsource the manufacturing process, increase inventory and make our nutritional product available in the market. We'll outsource the manufacturing process to 1 manufacturer in Maharashtra. - We plan to sell our nutritional product through supermarkets, eCommerce websites (Flipkart and Amazon) and also through our own website on subscription model (weekly or monthly subscription). - Senior management has 2 years of experience working at Amazon and 4 years of experience working at a food startup. - Company is registered in Vijayawada at director's home address. However, our office and team operates from Hyderabad based office.
8.0   Hyderabad
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 40 thousand for 15% stake
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Dairy Products Company for Sale in Hyderabad, India

For Sale: Distributor for premium quality ice-cream & dairy products brands selling to 170+ retail stores.
- We are distributors of a well established ice cream brand and a well established dairy products brand. - Our business covers one of the main territory distribution zone in Hyderabad for both the brands. We have exclusive distributorship rights for both these brands in this area. - Selling the ice cream products to 100+ retail customers and 70+ retail customers for dairy products brand. - 5,000 cubic Ft cold storage unit + logistics establishment that can fully accommodate existing operations, major upcoming opportunities, and market demands. - Supporting infrastructure built accounting future growth including 2 - 12X12 rooms to leverage warehouse opportunities. - Also have a retail outlet within the same premises of the storage unit that sells products of the 2 brands exclusively. 10% of our total revenue is generated through this retail outlet. - Sale would include entire business and physical assets. Sale value includes Rs. 3 lakh landlord deposit + Rs. 2 lakh company security deposit.
8.0   Hyderabad
Run Rate Sales USD 360 thousand
EBITDA Margin 22 %
Full Sale USD 100 thousand
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Profitable Ready-Made Meals Business for Sale in Pune, India

For Sale: Business manufacturing ready to eat & ready to cook dry food products.
- Business manufacturing ready-to-eat and mixes for various food products, based in Pune. - Have a manufacturing unit that has a maximum production capacity of 50 kgs per day. - The manufacturing unit will not be included as a part of the sale of the business. - The business is currently non-operational. - The products were being sold through our restaurant and through Dorabjee which is a supermarket chain in Pune. - The niche products are traditional and unique and are targeted at today's busy housewife/professional, and curated for minimal storage and waste. - Sale would include entire business and physical assets except the manufacturing unit.
8.0   Pune
Run Rate Sales USD 13 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 - 40 %
Full Sale USD 20 thousand
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Newly Established Ready-Made Meals Company Investment Opportunity in San Ramon, United States

Company plans to produce and sell premium frozen ready-made Angus and lamb meat meals.
- Start-up business based in California that is in the process to set-up a factory. - We will process lamb and beef meat, cook pack and sell it to customers. - Products will be packed, marketed and sold under our own brand name. - Our initial target market is Europe and the products will be sold to wholesalers, distributors. - Factory would be set-up either in the US or Spain. We prefer Spain as labour is comparatively cheap. - Images, packaging and product recipes have been developed already. - Initially, the facility will have a daily production capacity of 36,000 plates. - Promoter has more than 10 years of background and knowledge in this field.
8.0   San Ramon
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 20 million for 30% stake
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Newly Established Snack Manufacturing Business Investment Opportunity in Kakinada, India

Manufacturers of dry-roasted and flavored edible nuts with 100 kilogram daily production capacity.
- We are engaged in the manufacturing and trading of dry roasted nuts namely cashew nuts and peanuts. Products are sold under our registered brand. - Have a production facility with a daily capacity of 100 kilograms. Business was established last year but we started operations only in the previous month. - In the previous month, we conducted a test run with a super stockist based in Hyderabad. We sold 100 kilograms through them. The agreement is still verbal but we are planning to formalize it by the end of this month. - We have 4 suppliers of cashew nuts and 2 suppliers of peanuts. - Business has a gross margin of 35%. - Our business has an IndiaMART page but we are not accepting any orders through that platform for now. - We have 8 workers at the factory and 2 working at the office.
6.9   Kakinada
Run Rate Sales USD 16 thousand
EBITDA Margin 25 %
Financial Investment USD 70 thousand for 20% stake
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Newly Established Food Processing Business Seeking Loan in Bhubaneswar, India

Business manufacturing and selling food products require funds to grow the business.
- Started commercial operations in January 2020 as an offline manufacturer and distributor of FMCG products. - Have a manufacturing unit in Bhubaneswar where mustard oil and organic turmeric is manufactured. - The unit has a maximum production capacity of 60 tonnes of mustard oil per month and 150 tonnes of turmeric per month. We are currently producing only 30 tonnes of both products per month. - We store turmeric in finger form and process into powder whenever we receive orders. - Black rice is procured from a vendor in Assam. - Manufacturing for other products is outsourced to rural entrepreneurs. - Supply to 20-25 supermarkets, reputed retailers, and distributors in Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. We do not have any contracts with them and supply as per demand. - Also, launched our own website in June through which we are selling products. - We also recently listed our products on Amazon. - All our products are pure and are sold under our own registered brand. - Our company's marketing team focuses on social media marketing, references, and testimonials. - We also distribute samples in two cities to retailers to increase clientage. - Currently, the major revenue is generated by offline sales. Only 10% of sales are generated via online marketing that includes third party websites and our own website. - Promoter has 10+ years of experience with the food processing industry,
7.8   Bhubaneswar
Run Rate Sales USD 57 thousand
EBITDA Margin 20 %
Business Loan USD 14 thousand at 15% interest
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Food Ingredients Company for Sale in Johannesburg, South Africa

For Sale: Licensed manufacturer of pop cake mix distributing to 100 clients.
- Company manufactures cake under their own brand name and supplies to 100+ distributors. - Manufacture about 2 tonnes of pop mix/month. Currently, running at 20% capacity. - The factory can produce up to 12,000 tonnes/month. - Cake pop mix is supplied to distributors from South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Mauritius. - Cake pop mix is also popularly known as waffle mix. - 70% of the quantity is exported to other countries. - 30% of revenue from local hotels. - Produce different types of flavors. - We do not have any long term contracts. All orders are supplied on-demand basis. - Consignment is sent after receiving an order from the distributors. - Buyer can try out and expand in Indian Ocean Islands as there is a large scope and an untapped opportunity. - Sales have dropped due to the pandemic. - We do paid marketing on Facebook and Instagram. - Promoter has been running the business for 8 years.
8.4   Johannesburg
Run Rate Sales USD 220 thousand
EBITDA Margin 16 %
Full Sale USD 370 thousand
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Profitable Food Processing Business for Sale in Apulia, Italy

For Sale: Pasta manufacturer (custom made high quality pasta) certified with organic and FDA certification.
- Italian pasta manufacturing company that has been operational for 5 years. - We are FDA certified and the facility is built under the latest HACCP regulations. - Have a few but solid clients. - Clients include distributors and supermarkets located in Germany, Poland, Japan, Italy, EU. - We produce, pack and sell the products under our own brand name and also as a private label. - 95-97% of the revenue is from our brand sales and the remaining revenue is from private label manufacturing. - Business has good profits and has large room to expand due to extremely low competition in the market. - Custom made pasta can be made on request. - Current production capacity is 300-400 kgs of pasta per day but the plant can expand production output by 5 to 10 times so there is no need to move to a different location.
8.4   Apulia
Run Rate Sales USD 170 thousand
EBITDA Margin 50 %
Full Sale USD 600 thousand
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Agriculture Wholesale Company Seeking Loan in Granada, Spain

Manufacturer and exporter of fresh vegetables, fruits, and supermarket goods to USA, Germany, and CIS countries.
- Manufacturer and exporter of fresh vegetables and fruits, and own brand of supermarket goods including olive oil, olives, canned fish and vegetables, coffee, and wines. - Have our own bioecological olive tree plantation in Cordoba, for olive oil production, and most of our products are sourced from farmer's co-operatives in Spain. - We supply to major supermarkets and chains in Spain, but over 80% of our sales are from exports to foreign markets. - We export to 10 countries including the USA, Germany, Belarus, the Dominican Republic, and CIS countries. Have 2-3 distributors in each country who further supply to supermarkets and retailers. - Handle 10-15 containers on a monthly basis, and the capacity can be increased based on the financing. - We have new contracts from Walmart and other distributors in the USA for around 6 garlic containers weekly with each container worth around USD 50,000.
8.1   Granada
Run Rate Sales USD 12 million
EBITDA Margin 20 %
Business Loan USD 500 thousand at 10% interest
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Spices Business for Sale in Bangalore, India

For Sale: Business manufacturing spices and selling under its own brand to 10 distributors.
- A spices manufacturing business based in Bangalore. - Have a manufacturing unit that has a capacity of producing 800 kgs per day. - Manufacture a wide variety of spices such as - chili powder, cumin powder garam masala. - Spices are sold under our brand name. - Currently selling to 10 distributors who further sell them across Bangalore. - Sale would include entire business and physical assets.
7.2   Bangalore
Run Rate Sales USD 40 thousand
EBITDA Margin 20 %
Full Sale USD 38 thousand
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Newly Established Frozen Food Company Investment Opportunity in New York, United States

Company produces handcrafted cheese sticks that is unique in the frozen food industry.
- Company makes made to order handcrafted cheese sticks and currently offers 6 different types of cheese sticks. - Founder has invented this cheese product and we are the only vendor in the world that offers such cheese product. - Within 1.5 months of launching the business, we have built an infrastructure, process and created a line of revenue through wholesale accounts / customers. In order to maximize our potential, we are looking for an investment. - Frozen food market is currently valued at USD 293B and the cheese consumption market is valued at USD 34B. - Competitive advantage: Our cheese products are unique and has its own characteristics which resonates with the consumers.
7.1   New York
Run Rate Sales USD 1.9 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 %
Financial Investment USD 100 thousand for 20% stake
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Newly Established Spices Business Seeking Loan in Chennai, India

Manufacturer of different masalas, spices, roasted rava and vermicelli supplying to 50+ retailers and 3 distributors.
- Started commercial operations in June 2020. - Manufacturer of masalas, spices, turmeric powder, coriander powder, and roasted vermicelli. Over 70% of the business' revenue comes from trading spices. - In spices, we primarily deal with cumin seeds, black pepper seeds, cumin powder, chili, turmeric, coriander, chicken 65 masala, chicken masala powder, pepper powder. - We also process and package vermicelli and roasted rava. - Masalas are available in various sizes and packs. - Entire process of roasting, drying, grinding, processing, and packaging is carried out in our factory. - Produce about 1,000 kg of masalas per month and 80-100 bags of vermicelli and roasted rava. - All masalas are processed, packaged, and sold under our own proprietary brand. - Tied up with 3 distributors and 80 retailers across Tamil Nadu. - All the raw spices and materials are procured from 5 wholesalers in Guntur. - Currently, we have two sales person who take care of the marketing. - We do not have any contracts with clients. We supply as an order is received. - Promoter has been working in the industry for 2 years.
7.8   Chennai
Run Rate Sales USD 110 thousand
EBITDA Margin 15 %
Business Loan USD 27 thousand at 10% interest
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Spices Business Investment Opportunity in Eunapolis, Brazil

Exports company located in the main spice region of Brazil seek investment for expansion.
- Company based in Brazil, a country that is one of the biggest exporters of spices. - We export different types of spices but our speciality is in black and white pepper. - We purchase the products directly from the farmers in the neighbouring cities and states. - Products are exported mainly to buyers in the Arab countries like Morocco, Oman, Yemen, Qatar, Saudi Arabia. - In a month we export around 70-80 tons of spices. - Promoter is experienced in the field of spices with a lot of references in the market.
7.8   Eunapolis
Run Rate Sales USD 700 thousand
EBITDA Margin 15 %
Financial Investment USD 230 thousand for 50% stake
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Newly Established Bakery Products Company for Sale in Ajman, United Arab Emirates

For Sale: Bakery production and distribution company with a daily production capacity of worth AED 100,000.
- Company produces over 200+ bakery products including bread, buns, pastry, cakes, khubz, sweets, and sandwiches. - One of the biggest production facility with a pioneer brand name. - Have a leased production facility of 25,000 sq ft with all automatic machinery and a daily production capacity worth AED 100,000. Currently, we are utilizing only 50% of the production capacity. - Our products are supplied by our sales staff and we currently have more than 30 sales routes through which we supply to all major supermarkets, groceries, cooperative societies, and petrol pump outlets. - Tied-up with a rent-a-car service provider for our sales staff and each staff supplies to 30-40 clients on a daily basis. - With additional production and sales staff, the number of sales routes can be increased to 50 in order to reach AED 80k+ daily sales. - Our company was formed in late 2018 out of an older company and brand that was operational for 20+ years. The old company and management was facing legal issues and disputes with regard to employee salaries and has since closed all operations. We established this new company with the remaining staff of the old company and a new management team and there are no legal/financial issues.
8.0   Ajman
Run Rate Sales USD 4.2 million
EBITDA Margin 0 - 10 %
Full Sale USD 3.3 million
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Newly Established Slaughterhouse Investment Opportunity in Mumbai, India

One of the fastest-growing poultry processing plants in Mumbai seeks investment for working capital.
- Start-up chicken processing plant based in an industrial area of Mumbai. - We process, cut and pack chicken then supply it to clients. - We purchase chickens directly from poultry farms. - Company sells the packed products under its own brand name. - Our main clients are 3-star hotels and resorts across Mumbai. We have 50 such clients. - We have contracts with almost all of our clients to purchase processed chicken from us regularly. - Processing capacity of the plant is 4,000 kgs of chicken per day. Utilization of the capacity depends on the orders we get.
6.9   Mumbai
Run Rate Sales USD 50 thousand
EBITDA Margin 26 %
Financial Investment USD 20 thousand for 20% stake
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Coffee Estate Investment Opportunity in Muang Champassak, Laos

Subsidiary of a reputed coffee plantation company seeking investment for expansion.
- A subsidiary of a coffee company that processes, grades and exports coffee beans. - Have 300 farmers who grow green coffee beans for our organization. - The plantation is done by the farmers in their own land. - Coffee cultivation is outsourced to farmers on a contractual basis. - Processing and packaging of the coffee beans are done in-house. - McKinnon milling equipment is used for processing the coffee beans. - We produce about 260-300 metric tones of coffee per month. - Work only 8 hours/ day and are currently running with 50% of capacity. - All the coffee beans produced are supplied to our parent company. - We are a subsidiary of a reputed company (coffee roaster, wholesaler, and distributor) and have a long term contract with them. - We intend to start the plantation of macadamia nuts and also set up a new irrigated coffee agroforestry. plantation.
6.6   Muang Champassak
Run Rate Sales USD 1.2 million
EBITDA Margin 18 %
Financial Investment USD 3.5 million for 50% stake
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Newly Established Dairy Products Company Investment Opportunity in Guwahati, India

Business manufacturing good quality pro-biotic Greek yogurt seeking funds to set up a manufacturing unit.
- Business started generating revenue since this year, and we have been testing the product sales as a pilot phase. - The products are currently being manufactured at the owner's residence, and we are looking to set up a factory for mass production. - Currently selling to 6 gyms in Guwahati. - We intent to sell in retail stores and groceries once we begin manufacturing on a large scale. - The new manufacturing unit has not yet been identified, but it will be company owned.
6.1   Guwahati
Run Rate Sales USD 4 thousand
EBITDA Margin 15 %
Financial Investment USD 1 million for 20% stake
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