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MerlionKids - Education Sales Partner Opportunity

8.4 / 10  ·  Established in 2006, 5 Franchisees currently, Headquartered in Singapore

All Formats

Format Investment including Brand Fee Brand Fee Space Staff Exp. Monthly Sales Profit Margin Royalty
Single USD 110 - 257 thousand USD 44 thousand 3,000 - 8,000 Sq Ft 5 USD 110 thousand 40% We charge 8% of the royalty.
Master USD 660 thousand - 1.5 million USD 260 thousand 18,000 - 48,000 Sq Ft 30 USD 66 thousand 40% We charge 8% of the royalty.
Format Name Single Master
Investment USD 110 - 257 thousand USD 660 thousand - 1.5 million
Brand Fee USD 44 thousand USD 260 thousand
Space 3,000 - 8,000 Sq Ft 18,000 - 48,000 Sq Ft
Staff 5 30
Expected Monthly Sales USD 110 thousand USD 66 thousand
Profit Margin 40% 40%
Royalty / Commission We charge 8% of the royalty. We charge 8% of the royalty.


About MerlionKids

Merlion APAC Group has preschools in Singapore and China. It recently launches the online education portal for both full-time diploma courses in early childhood development education and short courses in inclusive education. And it currently is raising fund to set up a physical training school and therapy centre for special needs children.

It offers franchise opportunities to set up international preschools with its bilingual neuroscience-based thematic curriculum (English and Chinese), structured and well planned programmes. It has a strong international experienced academic team who constantly does research to improve curriculum and pedagogies. It established its first franchise in Sri Lanka in 2017 and another two preschools in China in 2020.

The Chairman of Merlion APAC Group was interviewed in China Central Television (CCTV) "Influence Of Dialogue" in 2015 and also was invited to Shanghai Normal University Tianhua College in 2019 to share about how MerlionKids pedagogies and programmes use neuroscience-based curriculum and STEM activities to help brain development in stages. As an educator themself, he felt that it was important to inculcate in children good learning attitudes and habitual thinking, to equip them with strong literacy and reading skill for self-expression of own emotions and communicating of their desires, self-regulation of emotion to be better interacting with other children and self-discovery to discover more about themselves, what they like and their interests. The multiple intelligence integrated of science, numeracy and literacy approach increased a child's curiosities to wanting to learn new knowledge and skills in his lifelong journey. Using this unique Singapore learning principle to guide a child to explore and discover the world happily lay a good foundation for his future.

As a chartered accountant by profession, he hoped this revolutionary curriculum developed a child for better future and, in the way, changed the world for better. He believed there would be great demand for good quality preschools as China changed the one-child policy to two-child policy.

Why choose Merlion APAC Group?

1. Registered IP.

2. Social and emotional learning.

3. Books on character development and value.

4. Fully structured bilingual programmes.

5. Complete training system and SOP.

6. Supply of teachers to fill up teaching positions.

7. Regular workshops/webinars for parents and partners.

8. Parents' recommendation and testimonial of Merlionkids preschools.

9. Operation excellence strategy.

10. Recipients of many awards in Singapore and China.

11. On-going research to improve curriculum and pedagogies.

12. Merlion APAC Group also provides other curriculum for inclusive education.

13. Merlion APAC Group training arm, Merlion Academy equips anyone who aspires to be a qualified preschool teacher with a professional Diploma Certificate in Early Childhood Education awarded by Pearson, OTHM and IAoTh, trained professional teachers will be secured to fill up the positions of new preschools.

Merlion Academy is the sole accredited training provider for the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists (IACT) in ASEAN.

Merlion Academy is one of the 3 business sectors (MerlionKids, Merlion Academy and PaediatricTx) under Merlion APAC Group. Merlion Academy is preparing to conduct online training courses to overseas students as well as raising funds to set up a training school in Singapore. The training school of qualified teachers in Early Childhood Development aims to meet teachers shortage in this industry.

With this certification, we plan to set up PaediatricTx, a daycare therapy centre to provide inclusive therapy and care services.


Practising therapists are required to be a registered therapists of 6 professional bodies.  International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT) being one of 6 professional bodies requires a candidate to have relevant qualification and experience before s/he is allowed to sit for the professional exams before being admitted as a member and being registered as a therapists.

Merlion Academy has been accredited as a training organisation of International Association of Therapists (IAoTh) to provide bridging courses for interested candidate who may not have the relevant qualification and experience to obtain postgraduate diploma in education (PGDE) for IACT admission purpose.

Merlion Academy will also be providing mentorship, as required by IACT when the candidate embarks on the professional exams.

The graduates are able to apply for jobs in any of the commonwealth countries.

Products and Services

- Neuroscience-based curriculum in English and Chinese.

- Inclusive education curriculum in English and Chinese.

- Online portal for both short-courses and full-time diploma in Early Childhood Development Education awarded by Pearson, and inclusive education awarded by OTHM and IAoTh.

Preferred Locations

Asia, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Qatar.

How to get MerlionKids Franchise?

Connect with us on SMERGERS and we will guide you through the process.

What are some of the things we look for in a Franchisee?

- Franchise owners are keen to set up preschools.

- Should be interested in setting up a pandemic-proof business.

- Educators are passionate about nurturing children.

Support you can expect from the company

- Neuroscience-based curriculum in English and Chinese.

- Full set of 190 interactive and exploratory activities books and 1500 lessons plan.

- Well established operating system and procedures.

- Sound marketing support and webinars.

- Regular training and workshops for teachers.

- Scheduled quality control by HQ.

- Free parental workshop and webinar.

- Comprehensive Singapore HQ support.

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    • When was MerlionKids established?
      MerlionKids was established in 2006 in Singapore and is reported to have 5 Franchisees currently
    • What is the investment required to take up MerlionKids Franchisee?
      Investment required ranges from SGD 150 thousand - 2.1 million depending on the format offered.
    • What is the space requirement for taking up MerlionKids Franchisee?
      Space required ranges from 3000 - 48000 sq ft depending on the format.
    • What Franchisee formats does MerlionKids offer?
      MerlionKids offers 2 formats, i.e Single,Master.
    • How to get MerlionKids Franchisee?
      Connect with us on SMERGERS and we will guide you through the process.
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