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Mumbai Chai Cafe 8.1 /10

Registered Entity Name: Waah Chai Pvt Ltd
2021 Estd  ·  102 Franchisees  ·  Mumbai HQ  ·  Listed By Business Owner / Director
This Company is on a Premium Plan
All Formats
Format Investment including Brand Fee Brand Fee Space Staff Exp. Monthly Sales Profit Margin Royalty
Micor Cafe USD 9.6 - 10.8 thousand USD 3.6 thousand 200 - 300 Sq Ft 4 USD 3.6 thousand 30% 0% Royalty, the partners will have to procure the goods at cost from us. Given that the operating costs are very low and with the support we offer the sales and profit margins mentioned are achievable
Kiosk USD 6 - 7.2 thousand USD 1.8 thousand 100 - 150 Sq Ft 3 USD 2.4 thousand 30% 0% Royalty, the partners will have to procure the goods at cost from us. Given that the operating costs are very low and with the support we offer the sales and profit margins mentioned are achievable
Format Name Micor Cafe Kiosk
Investment USD 9.6 - 10.8 thousand USD 6 - 7.2 thousand
Brand Fee USD 3.6 thousand USD 1.8 thousand
Space 200 - 300 Sq Ft 100 - 150 Sq Ft
Staff 4 3
Expected Monthly Sales USD 3.6 thousand USD 2.4 thousand
Profit Margin 30% 30%
Royalty / Commission 0% Royalty, the partners will have to procure the goods at cost from us. Given that the operating costs are very low and with the support we offer the sales and profit margins mentioned are achievable 0% Royalty, the partners will have to procure the goods at cost from us. Given that the operating costs are very low and with the support we offer the sales and profit margins mentioned are achievable
About Mumbai Chai Cafe (Waah Chai Pvt Ltd)
About the company and brand:
Mumbai Chai Cafe (MCC) is an award-winning micro-cafe chain that brings the vibrant flavors of Mumbai’s street food to customers across India. Our cafes serve a wide array of popular food and beverage items at affordable prices, making the authentic taste of Mumbai accessible to all.
The promoters of MCC are seasoned entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the food and beverage industry. They bring a deep understanding of market dynamics and a commitment to quality and innovation. Their vision is to create a ubiquitous brand that resonates with the diverse palate of Indian consumers.
Business model:
MCC operates on a franchise-based business model, particularly attractive for first-time business owners. Our outlets, sized 200-250 sqft, are set up in high footfall areas with an investment of Rs. 8-9 Lakhs, including setup and franchise fees. Notably, we do not charge any royalty, allowing franchisees to retain more profits. Our chefless model simplifies operations and reduces staffing challenges. Franchisees receive comprehensive support in operations, sales, marketing, and R&D.
Average footfall per outlet:
Each MCC outlet typically attracts 200-300 customers per day. This consistent footfall is driven by our strategic location choices, affordable pricing, and the popularity of our diverse menu items.
Competitive differentiation:
MCC stands out due to its affordable pricing, with menu items ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs. 100. Our diverse menu offers over 130 F&B items, catering to varied tastes. The chefless model reduces operational complexity, and with no royalty fees, franchisees keep all their profits. Our extensive support system ensures franchisees have all the necessary tools for success.
Why an investor should take up our brand’s franchise/distribution:
Investing in an MCC franchise requires a low initial investment of Rs. 8-9 Lakhs and promises a high ROI within 8-12 months, thanks to an average margin of 50%. As an established, award-winning brand, MCC offers a proven business model with comprehensive support in training, operations, marketing, and supply chain. The growing demand for affordable, quality food and beverage options provides strong growth potential for MCC outlets. Our scalable micro-cafe format allows for easy expansion within various cities and towns.
Investing in a Mumbai Chai Cafe franchise is a lucrative opportunity for those looking to enter the F&B sector with minimal risk and high potential returns. Our competitive pricing, diverse menu, chefless model, and strong support system make MCC a compelling choice for franchisees and distributors. Join us in bringing the authentic taste of Mumbai’s street food to every corner of the country.
Products and Services
Mumbai Chai Cafe (MCC) products and services.
Food and beverage offerings.
1. Beverages.
- Tea varieties: traditional chai, masala chai, ginger chai, cardamom chai, cutting chai, and more.
- Specialty teas: herbal teas, iced teas, green teas.
- Coffee varieties: filter coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, cold coffee.
- Other beverages: milkshakes, smoothies, lemonades, and soft drinks.
2. Snacks.
- Mumbai street food: vada pav, samosa pav, kanda bhaji, pav bhaji.
- Sandwiches: veg sandwich, grilled sandwich, cheese sandwich.
- Rolls: veg rolls, paneer rolls, chicken rolls.
3. Light meals.
- Chaat items: bhel puri, sev puri, dahi puri, pani puri.
- South Indian dishes: idli, dosa, uttapam, vada.
- North Indian dishes: chole bhature, rajma chawal, paratha.
4. Desserts.
- Indian sweets: gulab jamun, jalebi, rasgulla.
- Bakery items: muffins, brownies, pastries.
- Ice creams: various flavors and sundaes.
5. Combo meals.
- Breakfast combos: tea/coffee with a choice of snacks.
- Lunch/dinner combos: meal combos with a main dish, side, and beverage.
- Snack combos: assorted snack platters with beverages.
Services provided.
1. Franchise opportunities.
- Franchise model: comprehensive business model with low investment, no royalty fees, and extensive support.
- Master franchisee model: regional master franchise opportunities for large-scale investors.
2. Operational support.
- Training: on-site training for staff on operations, hygiene, and customer service.
- Marketing support: assistance with social media marketing, local advertising, and promotional campaigns.
- Supply chain management: regular supply of raw materials and ingredients.
3. Setup assistance.
- Cafe setup: guidance on interior design, equipment procurement, and initial setup.
- Chefless model: simplified operations without the need for a trained chef, reducing staffing challenges.
4. Continuous improvement.
- R&D support: ongoing research and development to innovate menu items and improve service quality.
- Performance monitoring: regular monitoring of outlet performance and providing actionable insights for improvement.
5. Customer engagement.
- Loyalty programs: development and management of customer loyalty programs to drive repeat business.
- Feedback mechanisms: implementing feedback systems to enhance customer satisfaction.
By providing a diverse range of products and comprehensive services, Mumbai Chai Cafe ensures a consistent and high-quality experience for both franchisees and customers, making it a lucrative and attractive business opportunity.
The company has all operational licenses including FSSAI, GST, COI and MSME in place.
Preferred Locations
How to get Mumbai Chai Cafe (Waah Chai Pvt Ltd) Franchise?
Contact us on SMERGERS for further information on the same.
What are some of the things we look for in a Franchisee?
Expectations from the franchisee.
Roles and responsibilities.
1. Operational management.
- Daily operations: oversee day-to-day operations, ensuring the smooth functioning of the outlet.
- Staff management: recruit, train, and manage staff to maintain high service standards.
- Inventory management: monitor and manage inventory to prevent shortages or wastage.
2. Customer service.
- Quality assurance: ensure all food and beverages meet the brand’s quality standards.
- Customer engagement: foster a welcoming environment and address customer feedback promptly.
- Hygiene and cleanliness: maintain strict hygiene and cleanliness standards at all times.
3. Financial management.
- Sales monitoring: track daily sales and manage cash flow effectively.
- Expense management: keep operational costs in check without compromising on quality.
- Financial reporting: maintain accurate financial records and share periodic reports with the franchisor.
4. Marketing and promotion.
- Local marketing: implement local marketing strategies to attract and retain customers.
- Promotional activities: conduct promotional activities and participate in brand-wide campaigns.
- Community engagement: engage with the local community to build brand awareness and loyalty.
5. Adherence to brand standards.
- Compliance: adhere to all brand guidelines, policies, and procedures.
- Menu consistency: ensure the menu offerings are consistent with the brand’s standards.
- Brand representation: represent the brand positively and uphold its values and reputation.
6. Continuous improvement.
- Feedback implementation: act on feedback from the franchisor and customers to improve operations.
- Training participation: attend periodic training sessions and workshops conducted by the franchisor.
- Innovation: stay updated with industry trends and suggest innovations to enhance the customer experience.
7. Legal and regulatory compliance.
- Licenses and permits: obtain and maintain all necessary licenses and permits to operate the outlet.
- Regulatory compliance: ensure compliance with all local laws and regulations, including health and safety standards.
8. Communication with franchisor.
- Regular updates: provide regular updates on outlet performance and any issues faced.
- Collaboration: collaborate with the franchisor for marketing, training, and operational support.
- Problem resolution: report any significant problems promptly and seek assistance when needed.
By fulfilling these roles and responsibilities, the franchisee contributes to the overall success and growth of the Mumbai Chai Cafe brand while ensuring the profitability and smooth operation of their individual outlet.
Support you can expect from the company
1. Initial setup support.
- Site selection assistance: guidance in choosing the optimal location for the outlet based on footfall and market potential.
- Interior design and layout: assistance with the design and layout of the cafe to ensure it aligns with the brand's image and maximizes space efficiency.
- Equipment procurement: help in sourcing and setting up the necessary equipment for the cafe.
2. Training and development.
- Comprehensive training: initial training for the franchisee and their staff covering operations, customer service, and food preparation.
- On-site training: hands-on training during the initial setup phase to ensure smooth operations.
- Ongoing training: regular training sessions and workshops to keep the franchisee and staff updated on best practices and new offerings.
3. Operational support.
- Standard operating procedures (SOPs): detailed SOPs for daily operations to maintain consistency and quality.
- Operational manuals: comprehensive manuals covering all aspects of running the cafe.
- Continuous support: ongoing support for day-to-day operations, troubleshooting, and guidance to handle challenges.
4. Marketing and promotional support.
- Brand marketing: national and regional marketing campaigns to drive brand awareness and customer traffic.
- Local marketing strategies: assistance in planning and executing local marketing strategies to attract and retain customers.
- Social media support: guidance and support in managing social media presence and engaging with customers online.
- Promotional materials: provision of promotional materials such as banners, posters, and digital content for local marketing efforts.
5. Supply chain management.
- Raw material supply: reliable and consistent supply of raw materials and ingredients to maintain product quality.
- Inventory management tools: tools and systems to help manage inventory efficiently and avoid stockouts or wastage.
6. Technology and systems.
- Point of sale (POS) system: a robust POS system to manage sales, inventory, and customer data.
- CRM tools: customer relationship management tools to help build and maintain customer loyalty.
- Reporting systems: systems to generate sales and performance reports for better decision-making.
7. Financial guidance.
- Financial planning: assistance with financial planning and budgeting to ensure profitability.
- Cost control strategies: guidance on managing costs and improving margins.
- ROI analysis: tools and support to monitor return on investment and financial performance.
8. Quality control.
- Regular audits: periodic audits to ensure adherence to brand standards and operational excellence.
- Feedback systems: systems to collect and act on customer feedback to continuously improve service quality.
- Hygiene and safety checks: regular checks to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and safety are maintained.
9. Growth and expansion support.
- Expansion planning: guidance and support for opening additional outlets in the region.
- Market analysis: assistance with market analysis and site selection for new outlets.
- Brand development: support in developing the brand further and exploring new market opportunities.
By providing comprehensive support in these areas, Mumbai Chai Cafe ensures that its franchisees have all the necessary tools and resources to run a successful and profitable franchise. This collaborative approach helps in maintaining brand consistency, quality, and customer satisfaction across all outlets.
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    • When was Mumbai Chai Cafe established?
      Mumbai Chai Cafe was established in 2021 in Mumbai and is reported to have 102 Franchisees currently
    • What is the investment required to take up Mumbai Chai Cafe Franchisee?
      Investment required ranges from INR 5 lakh - 9 lakh depending on the format offered.
    • What is the space requirement for taking up Mumbai Chai Cafe Franchisee?
      Space required ranges from 100 - 300 sq ft depending on the format.
    • What Franchisee formats does Mumbai Chai Cafe offer?
      Mumbai Chai Cafe offers 2 formats, i.e Micor Cafe,Kiosk.
    • How to get Mumbai Chai Cafe Franchisee?
      Contact us on SMERGERS for further information on the same.
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