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Healthcare Portal Investment Opportunities in Gurgaon

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Pharmacy Investment Opportunity in Gurgaon, India

Healthcare company with an online platform for connection between family, physicians, labs & pharmacies.
- Company with a clinic and pharmacy in the process to launch an online platform and app for complete healthcare solutions and consultations. - Developed a platform for connecting families with physicians, diagnostic labs & pharmacies. Complete healthcare options under one login. - Already launched the website and will launch the app soon. Beta testing is in the process. - Company has 4-5 very senior doctors who specialise in their own fields with an average experience of 20 years. - This is an in-house developed software and app. - Company has no liability and has 6 directors. - Generating all the revenue from clinic and pharmacy at the moment. We will generate much higher revenue going forward from subscriptions and commissions. - Revenue is equally split between the clinic and pharmacy.
7.4   Gurgaon
Run Rate Sales
USD 200 thousand
40 %
Financial Investment
USD 240 K for 20%
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HealthTech Subscription Company Investment Opportunity in Gurgaon, India

Subscription-based hybrid chain of pharmacies with free doctor consultation & value-added services seeks investment.
- India's 1st healthcare mall omnichannel concept backed by 10-year experienced healthcare veterans, who have deep knowledge of hospitals, medical colleges, diagnostics, pharmacies, e-commerce, software, e-clinics, telehealth, insurance & rural healthcare etc in the govt & private domain. The founder has built 9 hospitals on a turn-key project basis prior to starting this healthcare mall venture two years ago. - Our healthcare mall offers a 24/7 healthcare subscription at INR 1/day for a year. - For the first time in the history of India, people will be offered 24/7 healthcare services virtual & in-person covering all health-related issues – including consultation, treatment, medicines, lab tests and aftercare – all for a cost-effective health subscription of INR 365 annually. - With this subscription model, subscribers can walk into any of our physical brick & mortar healthcare mall which are unique, state of the art, and designed keeping in mind the need of Indians and offer 24/7 Pharmacy, clinic, lab, dental clinic, eye clinic & health cafe with 20,000 + SKU of wellness, organic, surgical, grooming product range all together under one roof. - We are working on a one-stop online store for all our services. - This subscription is going to be a milestone in the history of mankind. With our own chain of healthcare malls, we will also allow subscribers to unlock enormous benefits and access to global as well as the region’s best hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, homecare, fitness centres, and diagnostic centres with a BNPL facility of 5-25,000 on consumer buying and up to INR 1 lakh on hospitalisation for up to 1 year. Subscribers can speedily access and engage in online live 24/7 video consultations with a wide panel of specialist doctors, mental health counsellors, and fitness coaches & can get their prescribed meds, and products delivered to their homes from our own healthcare malls or from partnered pharmacies. - Have done 315 franchise agreements, 29 live stores and aiming for 10K stores In India. - Franchise model is made for tier-2 & 3 and we have successfully started 29 stores now. We see there is a big opportunity in India. Every Indian district needs15+ of these stores. Therefore, we need funds to promote ourselves and make it visible. It's a workable model and it solves problems of tier-2 and 3's doctor consultations and the availability of healthcare products and pricing. - Franchise model is available to anyone with an investment capacity of INR 12 lakh onwards with 500+ sq ft. Everything will be managed by our team. Generally, sales go from INR 4 lakh to 70 lakh, depending upon the store model. - 3 lakh prescriptions have been sold so far. - Company has no loans. - Business has 2 partners with 90% and 10% stakes. - Main branch office is in Lucknow and has another branch in Gurgaon. We plan to target 30% of Indian population across 761 districts and will later target customers in Africa's 54 countries. - What subscribers will pay & get? • Pay 1 INR/ day, become our subscriber & avail of unlimited health consultations, up to 80% discounted pharmacy products, and diagnostic services from the online platforms or from our dark stores available every 3-5 km in India. (We already have 29 Stores with 55K subscribers) - Our overall vision. • We are on the path of starting 10K dark stores (Each district of India will have 14 stores) X 5k subscribers on each store will give us assured subscription revenue every year. Calculation ~ 10k dark stores X 5k subscribers X 365 = (18,250,000,000) = INR 1825 Crore ($238 Million Dollars) yearly & easily. Note - we will have 5 crore subscribers, which is just 3% population, resulting in INR 1825 Cr of annual projected revenue from just 1 source of revenue. Apart from this product sales, rev sharing with franchises will also add to the revenue. - This is not just an idea, but a revenue-generating business. We need INR 5 crore in seed funding to achieve projections of USD 373 million within 5 years.
Subscription-based hybrid chain of pharmacies with free doctor consultation & value-added services seeks investment.
7.1   Gurgaon
Run Rate Sales
USD 700 thousand
20 - 30 %
Financial Investment
USD 500 K for 10%
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