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Industrial Businesses for Sale and Investment Opportunities in Taipei

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Profitable Automotive Batteries Company Investment Opportunity in Taipei, Taiwan

Dedicated to R&D and manufacturing of lithium-ion pouch cells with high energy density and capacity.
- Manufacturers of lithium-ion pouch cell-based in Taipei, Taiwan. - We started with a focus on material analysis and development. 2 years ago, we started focusing on developing high energy density, high-capacity battery cells (high specific performance of more than 200 mAh / g mow). For example UPS, Energy Storage, Vehicles Scooter, Electric Machine. - A year ago, the R&D pilot started working with the Japanese technical team and we succeeded in the Pilot run of 40Ah pouch cell. - Have 10 qualified R&D staff, including more than 30% of doctoral qualifications. - We have four key technologies: Owned patent for excess Li-Mn rich (LMR) ternary cathode material, owned patent for manufacturing spherical ternary cathode material, for applying Nano Si-graphite core-shell material in our anode, owned patent for surface treatment of tabs. - Higher safety relative to other ternary products due to low concentrations of Co and Ni. - Have our own technology of producing high-energy cathode, anode, and high-security tabs, producing high-capacity 25Ah and 40Ah battery cells, own custom battery pack design capability for various applications. - We currently have more than 12 clients for whom we provide a total design and production line solution from material, cell to pack. - Our production capacity is 1,000 batteries per day. - We have several international patents for the manufacture of cathode and anode tabs (TW) (US, JP, CN pending), patents for excess Li-Mn rich (LMR) cathode material (US, JP, TW, CN), patents for the production of spherical precursors as cathode material (TW, US, CN pending). - Had received several innovation awards in the last 3 years. - Our assets include land, license, patents, designs, heavy equipment, and machinery. - Promoter has more than 8 years of experience in this business.
Dedicated to R&D and manufacturing of lithium-ion pouch cells with high energy density and capacity.
6.9   Taipei
Run Rate Sales
USD 4.3 million
20 - 30 %
Financial Investment
USD 24 Mn for 12%
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Industrial Machinery Wholesale Dealership Opportunity

Zatpat Machines, Established in 2020, 4 Dealers, Stuttgart Headquartered
  • 30+ introductions
  • 10000+ Page Views
  • 7000+ Investor Views
Zatpat Machines is an online marketplace focused but limited to the metal, plastic, and woodworking industry such as CNC machines, VMC, HMC, injection moulding machines, CNC turret punching, fiber laser cutting, CNC press brake, and wire EDM. The company is registered in India but operates from Stuttgart, Germany. We aim to provide the fastest and most economic way to buy & sell machines, tools, spares, and jobwork through our website. We are currently connecting European and Indian markets, however, we plan to go global and connect markets worldwide. For this, we require freelancers, sales agents, and service agents in various countries to help us grow the company.
Zatpat Machines, Established in 2020, 4 Dealers, Stuttgart Headquartered
8.5   Expanding in Taiwan , Taipei
Exp Monthly Sales
USD 242 - 24 thousand
Space Required
0 - 4000 Sq Ft
Investment Required
USD 1.2 - 24 K
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Fertilizer Distributor Opportunity

Dinlog, Established in 2010, 5 Distributors, Chennai Headquartered
  • 5000+ Page Views
  • 3000+ Investor Views
Dinlog is one of the well-known brands in the field of fertilizers. We have developed the world's best organic manure, that is guaranteed to provide very good health to plants, trees and increases the yield by at least 100% and is suitable for all types of soils, climate, plants and trees. Our product contains cow dung, urine, milk, curd in nano quantities empowered suitably to produce great results. This product can work both as plant nutrient as well as insecticide / pesticide. Our product is the only manure in the whole world capable of curing viral diseases in plants and crops and trees. Our product research is based on more than 12 years of continuous hard work with plenty of practical field trials and user feedback. We are ready to export this product in any quantity.
7.5   Expanding in Asia , Taipei
Exp Monthly Sales
USD 682 - 5.5 thousand
Space Required
0 - 300 Sq Ft
Investment Required
USD 1.4 - 13.6 K
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Commodity Chemical Sales Partner Opportunity

LCS Services India, Established in 2013, 2 Sales Partners, Vadodara Headquartered
  • 10+ introductions
  • 4000+ Page Views
  • 1000+ Investor Views
LCS Service India Pvt Ltd provide 24 / 7 Safety and Emergency Response Help during Transportation of Dangerous Goods (Chemicals). The company continuously monitors the movement of trucks carrying these products through GPS and takes actions at the time of over-speeding and new routes taken by the driver. LCS Services India is currently working for Reliance. The company is looking for investor from countries across the Globe who can invest and start the business in their country. LCS Services India will provide complete technology knowledge transfer, facility setup and manpower support. We have good presence in India and looking for have our presence in various other countries.
LCS Services India, Established in 2013, 2 Sales Partners, Vadodara Headquartered
8.1   Expanding in Asia , Taipei
Exp Monthly Sales
USD 70 thousand
Space Required
500 - 1000 Sq Ft
Investment Required
USD 409 K - 1.1 Mn
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