Founder, Financial Consultant, Mumbai, India

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Financial Consultant in Mumbai Looking to Lend to Businesses Upto INR 500 crore

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    Strategic finance consulting working with startups, SMEs and midcaps in the areas of capital structuring, debt and equity funding, preparing business plans, enterprise and equity valuation, budgetary control, cost reduction strategies.

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    Between 700 thousand - 70 million USD
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    I look for the following qualities in a business: ethics, integrity, economic viability, professionalism, transparency and scalability.

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    7.2 / 10
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    11:16 AM
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    Commodity Chemicals Wholesale, Agricultural Chemicals Wholesale, Specialty Chemicals Wholesale, Specialty Metal Wholesale, Construction Material Wholesale, Paper Mills, Pulp & Paper Wholesale, Packaging Material Wholesale, Aircraft Equipment Wholesale, Aerospace & Defense, Industrial Machinery Wholesale, Pumps, Machine Shops, Heavy Machinery Wholesale, Battery and UPS Manufacturing, Electric Equipment Wholesale, Wires and Cables, Heavy Electrical Equipment, Industrial Plant Construction, Water Construction, Engineering, Procurement & Construction, Waste Management, Marine Logistics, Warehousing, Freight & Logistics, Electrical Vehicles, Motorcycles and Scooters, Automobile Manufacturing, Automobile Parts Wholesale, Automotive Accessories, Auto Component, Tire Manufacturing, Rubber Product Wholesale, Textiles Wholesale, Yarn Goods, Apparel Wholesale, Children Clothing, Lingerie, Men's Clothing, Women's Clothing, Apparel and Accessories, Footwear Wholesale, Footwear, Real Estate Construction, Construction Supplies Wholesale, Door Fixtures, Home Furnishings Wholesale, Home Furnishings, Leisure Products Wholesale, Hotels, Serviced Apartments, Restaurants, Distilleries, Alcoholic Beverages, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Agriculture Wholesale, Food Processing, Edible Oil Refineries, Household Products, Cosmetics, Hygiene Products, Pharmacies, Food Wholesale, Factoring, FinTech, Advanced Medical Equipment Wholesale, Medical Equipment Wholesale, Medical Supplies, Hospitals, Semiconductor Equipment Wholesalers, Computer Hardware, Consumer Electronics, IT Consultancy, Renewable Power Plants, Water Treatment, Precision Components, Import / Export, Healthcare, Residential Real Estate Construction, Food & Beverage, Solar Projects, NBFC, Solar Power Plants
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    Industries15%184.9633729828100929.1935694035677215%220.187430479279177.6753253073447611%207.15023081679558128.4518655410964211%169.39745393217183152.4105062879573310%126.89856675670521147.718585462757338%93.634751931375463.70377952281129IndustriesEngineering, Procur…Engineering, Procurement & ConstructionRenewable Power Pla…Renewable Power PlantsAerospace & DefenseResidential Real Es…Residential Real Estate ConstructionElectrical VehiclesOthers
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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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