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Managing Director, Business Broker, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Business Broker in Dubai Looking to Buyout Businesses Upto USD 199 million

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    We are one of the major dynamic advisory firms, that provides world-class realty & business consultancy in Dubai. We are leading business brokers in business sales, built with an entrepreneurial tenacity, similar to that of our clients. With our proven methodology combined with our field reputation, and buyer reach, we are prepared to connect our sellers to the right buyers, ultimately delivering highly competitive financial results. We are highly focused, innovative, trusted and transparent from managing HNI client portfolios’ to create remarkable real estate strategies that have resulted in increased returns for our clients.

    We provide the following unsurpassed services:

    Skilled intermediaries offer assistance in mergers and acquisitions.

    Offering business valuation reports and appraisal reports.

    Assisting individuals/companies to buy the most suitable business.

    Experienced commercial real estate brokers aid in site selection.

    Selling a business without disclosing its identity.

    Giving accurate equipment appraisals. We have an office in Dallas USA & New Delhi. We do not charge upfront fee. We charge only a success fee after the deal closure. We have international clients.

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    Between 199 thousand - 199 million USD
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    We establish confidence when clients come to us to sell a business by treating the sale of business as if it were our own. Our experienced professionals can advise on how to sell a business. Our executives understand the importance of finding a qualified buyer willing to pay the true value of a business because they were successful business owners prior to joining us. We use a proven system to manage the selling process from start to finish, beginning with a custom plan to promote the business to potential buyers. We always utilize experts in wealth management, taxation, and deal structure to ensure that we maximize your profits.

    To ensure your success in finding the right business at the right price, we utilize a seven-step process, which includes:

    Conducting a needs-analysis of buying criteria, running a comprehensive search of businesses, conducting a fair market analysis for target acquisition, preparing an offer and negotiating terms and conditions, financial and funding support, closing, and transfer of assets. We are currently seeking to diversify our business and find profitable business opportunities.

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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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