Managing Director, Hem Securities, Merchant Bank, Mumbai, India

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Merchant Bank in Mumbai Looking to Buyout Businesses Upto INR 100 crore

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    Hem Securities
  • Professional Summary

    We have a client base of more than 1 lakh ultra HNI investors, with 200 funding distribution centers in 20 Indian states. We help companies to grow by providing private equity funding, strategic sale out and IPO. So far we have a portfolio of 60 companies with more than INR 500 Cr of Investment. Looking to invest in a potential business with greater revenue and earnings visibility.

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  • Investment Size
    Between 280 thousand - 14 million USD
  • Investment Criteria

    Investment thesis: Target should strictly stand on the below criteria:

    1. Revenue: INR 30 Crs - 1000 Crs plus.

    2. Positive cash accruals for average last 2 years.

    3. Client Vintage: > 3 Years.

    4. Investment Horizon: 3-5 Years.

    5. Should Not be an NPA in any account.

    6. Healthy Working Capital Cycle.

    7. Huge potential in revenue growth.

    8. Investment Size: INR 2-100 Crs.

    9. Target Sector: Sector Agnostic.

    10. Target Location: Pan India.

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    9.5 / 10
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    11:05 PM
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  • Sector Preference
    Coal Wholesale, Integrated Oil and Gas, Oil & Gas Exploration and Production, Petroleum Product Wholesale, Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing, Oil & Gas Drilling, Oil, Oil & Gas Transportation, Commodity Chemicals Wholesale, Commodity Chemicals, Agricultural Chemicals Wholesale, Agricultural Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals Wholesale, Specialty Chemicals, Diversified Chemicals, Aluminium Wholesalers, Specialty Metal Wholesale, Construction Material Wholesale, Asphalt Manufacturing, Timber Trading, Pulp & Paper Wholesale, Packaging Material Wholesale, Aircraft Equipment Wholesale, Aerospace & Defense, Industrial Machinery Wholesale, Furnace Manufacturing, Machine Shops, Heavy Machinery Wholesale, Heavy Machinery, Electric Equipment Wholesale, Electrical Equipment, Environmental Consultancy, Freight & Logistics, Automobile Wholesale, Automobile Manufacturing, Automobile Parts Wholesale, Tire Manufacturing, Rubber Product Wholesale, Textiles Wholesale, Apparel Wholesale, Footwear Wholesale, Construction Supplies Wholesale, Tiles Manufacturing, Kitchen Appliances, Home Furnishings Wholesale, Leisure Products Wholesale, Restaurants, Casino Machine Manufacturing, Agriculture Wholesale, Food Processing, Food Wholesale, Real Estate Rental, Advanced Medical Equipment Wholesale, Eye Glasses Manufacturing, Medical Equipment Wholesale, Diagnostic Substances Manufacturing, Semiconductor Wholesale, Semiconductor Equipment Wholesalers, Office Supplies Wholesale, Robot Manufacturing, Consumer Electronics, TV Manufacturing, IT Services, Software Companies, Water Treatment, Commercial Real Estate
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    Industries14%183.101433243294828.28141453724271812%217.7697300754801467.604878371253489%217.0981307509789110.356702736189239%195.45186554109642140.150230816795569%161.21114867902196153.707089663803347%89.2929103361967181.7888513209781IndustriesHospitalsSoftware CompaniesFood ProcessingPipes & ValvesWires and CablesOthers
    Locations29%207.5202814750349248.02976064891417%200.5452147578194135.7664465149346412%144.57190786575893153.1709666526420512%102.47971852496508127.9702393510866%89.2075847871718193.2304971525480523%110.9932459659247438.8125463214002LocationsMumbaiBangaloreDelhiPuneNew DelhiOthers
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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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