Managing Partner, Investment Banking, Corporate Acquirer, Hyderabad, India

Corporate Acquirer in Hyderabad Looking to Buyout Technology and Healthcare Businesses Upto INR 2 crore

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    Seven years of professional experience in portfolio management, strategic planning, financial modelling and entrepreneurship. I have a successful track record of providing a thorough suite of financial and strategic modelling practices for start-ups which include the market needs and growth drivers, the business’ strengths and weaknesses, its competitive edge and unique selling point of the product / service, its critical success factors to achieve profitable growth.

    Supported top CEOs, CFOs and Top management of leading companies with financial modelling; helped them link their corporate strategy decisions to capital markets performance and perception of value and also supported a variety of activities aimed at creating maximum value in the financial practices, including lean finance, treasury optimization, and finance talent management.

    My aim is to help build long-lasting, game-changing companies. I look for entrepreneurs with genuine innovation that creates sustainable and profitable venture. I typically invest start-ups and continue to support them throughout various stages of their existence.

  • Transaction Preference
  • Investment Size
    Between 33 thousand - 270 thousand USD
  • Investment Criteria

    I look for entrepreneurs offering a compelling value proposition in a large market with a clear plan to build a profitable organization.

    First and foremost, we look for entrepreneurs who have the passion and ambition to create significant companies. Great companies are led by great people. We look for the drive, the passion, and the desire to change the world and achieve greatness.

    … offering a compelling value proposition.

    We look for solutions that are simple to explain, and which offer a clear advantage versus existing alternatives. The problem addressed needs to be important, and the solution needs to be truly compelling.

    . in a large market.

    We look for companies that are targeting markets of significant size which are ripe for transformation or poised for significant growth. If the market cannot develop beyond, it will probably be difficult to build a substantial company.

    … with a clear plan.

    We look for entrepreneurs who have a clear plan for achieving their objectives: people who are focused on reaching milestones, and who know the key levers of their business. A good idea leads nowhere if it is not backed by great execution. The road to greatness is a treacherous one with its ups and downs. So we look for management teams who can adapt, refocus, and stay the course.

    … to build a profitable organization.

    In terms of building value, we believe in doing it the old-fashioned way: by growing revenue and generating profits. We look for companies that can achieve profitability in a reasonable amount of time.

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    5.6 / 10
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    4:27 AM (Asia / Kolkata)
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    Moderately Active
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    Industries16%186.7957424907132230.16375911710500216%220.8697640762659483.8558257110653216%193.79382665130322141.3951216287465216%130.70377952281123149.3652480686245716%90.16904145190655100.3671667626578320%116.2061733486967534.60487837125348IndustriesEcommerce WebsitesConvention CentersHealthcareFood ShopsEducationOthers
    Locations33%217.6189824645368859.96723700416049533%157.28513272293384169.7141022666069733%90.1792753652962663.9721911439479241%152.7148672770661624.28589773339303LocationsTelanganaAndhra PradeshBhubaneswarOthers
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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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