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MD, Financial Advisor, Chennai, India

Advisor in Chennai Seeking Businesses Upto INR 250 crore

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    Business Consulting Solutions for Corporations.

    A. Consulting Solutions.

    - TEV studies, Restructuring and M&A Studies.

    - Consulting Solutions in business development, Infrastructure, Critical Logistics, Engineering & Energy savings through our panel of industry experts.

    - Focus on delivering value in the areas such as design, technology, on time project implementation and cost optimization.

    - Identifying and vetting potential markets, buyers, suppliers and distributors for domestic and overseas operations.

    - Vendor verification and validation solutions.

    - Partner with Indian companies to provide world class solutions to their customers and scale up their business.

    B. M&A and Private Equity.

    - Buy side and sell side mergers & acquisitions advisory services.

    - Structuring acquisitions in India & overseas.

    - Advisory services on structured finance for funding mergers & acquisitions transactions in India & overseas.

    - Private Equity and Venture Capital Funding.

    - Mezzanine Financing.

    C. Funding Advisory Services.

    D. - Project Finance funding (both INR and ECB funding) for projects in India & overseas.

    - Debt Syndication.

    - Buyers credit for import of capital equipment for projects (up to 3 years tenor)

    - Refinancing existing debt / conversion of debt to equity by strategic investor.

    - Overseas Export Credit Agency Insurance & funding for imports into India and other countries.

    - Takeover and restructuring of distressed debt.

    E. Working Capital, Trade Finance, Supply Chain Finance and Funding Solutions.

    - Supply chain finance funding for vendors, suppliers and distributors.

    - Online supply chain multi financing platform linking banks with the supply chain.

    - Partial recourse / nil recourse receivables funding solutions in India and overseas.

    - Structured Trade Finance including buyer’s credit / supplier’s credit for companies in India & overseas and funding by Export Credit Agencies.

    - Advisory solutions on funding and optimizing working capital and cost of funds management in India and overseas.

    Deal Experience: Have closed over USD 1 Billion fundig transactions during my career spanning 15 years.

    Terms of Engagement: Retainer fee of USD 10,000. 3 % success fee.

    Services offered: M&A Services.

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    Between 1.4 million - 34 million USD
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    Strong management, profitable, attractive valuation, strong business prospects.

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    6.0 / 10
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    8:43 PM (Asia / Kolkata)
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    Industries11%177.3567027361892225.90186924902111811%211.8089737822602754.4032665604754911%220.187430479279198.3246746926552411%198.64658311136105137.507330595610311%157.07311009915648153.9674329841382745%89.8125695207209177.67532530734478IndustriesDairy ProductsElectrical EquipmentPaint & CoatingAuto ComponentConstruction Materi…Construction MaterialsOthers
    Locations40%217.7697300754801467.6048783712534830%134.60487837125348150.7697300754801415%89.8125695207209177.675325307344785%108.3309524416878641.330952441687885%125.036627017189929.193569403567735%144.6753253073447422.812569520720913LocationsBangaloreChennaiAndhra PradeshHyderabadMumbaiOthers
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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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