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Director, NextGen Consulting
M&A Advisor in Delhi, India
Interests: I am looking for a running publishing house for school books. Will be looking at the scalability aspect.
Background: We provide advisory services to our clients for re-structuring, financing, tax advisory, and others. We are also M&A advisors. We will not be charging an upfront fee. The success fee will be charged based on the transaction.
6.3 / 10
Delhi + 1 more
Book Publishing
Investment Size
Upto USD 13 Mn
Director, Woverp Management Consultants Private Limited
M&A Advisor in Bangalore, India
Interests: Looking for IT Services, Real Estate, Internet, and Construction.
Background: CAP₹aise is an independent boutique Consulting and Investment Intermediary that provides comprehensive and unbiased financial adjuration to the Investor and the Business.
5.6 / 10
Bangalore + 1 more
Business Publishing + 8 more
Investment Size
USD 130 K - 2.7 Mn
Business Analyst, Blackshield Capital AG
M&A Advisor in Kiev, Ukraine
Interests: We are interested in M&A banks, gas production, pharmaceutical, construction, plant protection industry. We will look at the current financials of a business to ensure it is trading profitably. We will also look for a business that has a genuine potential to grow. We are open to profitable companies.
Background: We are helping our clients to do first-class business. We have taken a long-term approach to client solutions – providing committed, innovative and consistent advice and execution to our clients at all times. We provide strategic, M&A, wealth management and fundraising advice and services to governments, companies, and individuals worldwide. We are a global financial advisory independent group. We have been at the center of the world’s financial markets. From our historical roots in Europe, we have developed a unique global footprint. Our group's four main arms are – Corporate Finance, Private Equity, Wealth Management, and Multi-Family Office. We charge 1% as an upfront fee.
7.2 / 10
United States + 8 more
Animal Feed + 32 more
Investment Size
USD 200 K - 100 Mn
Principal Consultant, MaxOut Global Consulting LLP
M&A Advisor in Pune, India
Interests: We are open to good business opportunities mostly in North, South & Western India. We are sector agnostic and will look at good business in the service or manufacturing sector with proven & sturdy products, & excellent clientele. We are open to look at companies who are highly leveraged in debt and are looking at exit options. Though we are not interested in acquiring a business with factory land and building, but we are open to evaluate such opportunities and can look at it selectively.
Background: Investment Banker with 1 confirmed deal on SMERGERS. We have offices in Pune, Chennai & Dubai. Promoted by a veteran from the investment banking industry with loads of experience and exposure in M&A, JV, raising funds in the form of equity and debt. Deal experience: Completed numerous deals within India. Terms of Engagement: Need either exclusivity or retainer fees. Success fees depend on the size of the deal. Services offered: M&A Services, Fund Raising, Valuation, Business Consulting.
9.6 / 10
North America + 95 more
Accounting Firms + 184 more
Investment Size
USD 130 K - 7 Mn
M&A Advisor in New Delhi, India
Interests: We are a financial advisory company dealing mainly in NPA cases. Our team consists of experienced NPA Consultants & seasoned financial professionals, Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries who have wide financial services experience of over Ten years or more. We have excellent relations with our lenders, private banks for NPA Accounts, AIFs and other NBFC.
Background: We are a consultancy company who arranges private equity and debt for our clients and also deals in Takeover and Acquisitions.
8.4 / 10
Germany + 74 more
Accounting Firms + 162 more
Investment Size
USD 700 K - 130 Mn
Founder & CEO, SHS Advisory Group
M&A Advisor in Chennai, India
Interests: We are interested to invest in startups and running businesses. We can get investors for our clients regardless of the kind of project. We also assist our clients in investing capital, connecting sellers with buyers and vice versa. We assist to sell the business or buy the businesses.
Background: A Business and Financial Advisory company specializing in bringing innovative strategies in Finance and Marketing to develop and turnaround companies / business ventures. We not only advise but also implement the same with our team of professionals and our vast network of Investors / Funders / Contacts / Banks. Advised, structured and helped more than 1,000 transactions. Advised more than 75 Equity Investments for our side investors. Currently advising a sizable portfolio on investments.
9.4 / 10
Houston + 96 more
Accessories + 267 more
Investment Size
USD 270 K - 700 Mn