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Business Development, ESW Capital
PE Firm in Warsaw, Poland
Interests: My firm is currently interested in acquiring companies that are primarily focused in the business software and IT services industry spanning the spectrum from SMB through Enterprise.
Background: We are based in Texas and specifically focuses on buying, strengthening, then growing mature business software companies.
7.2 / 10
Africa + 3 more
Medical Software + 13 more
Investment Size
USD 560 K - 28 Mn
Partner, Charisma Partner
PE Firm in Shanghai, China
Interests: Unique differetiable product functions. Strong brand ready for expansion. R&D capability. Competent team. Profitable.
Background: CHARISMA is a China-based consumer private equity fund focus on consumer brands, retail, consumer health service and internet businesses. We seek to create long-term value for shareholders and companies through strengthening businesses by maximizing brand values, streamlining operational workflow, and actively seeking star management team. The firm and its partners have a strong track record of operational excellence, deal structuring capability, board involvement, deep sector research expertise, and an established global resources network. CHARISMA works in close partnership with our management teams and portfolio companies, and places a strong emphasis on recruiting, developing and retaining top-tier game-changer entrepreneurs.
6.2 / 10
Connected with 1 business
Cosmetics and Perfumes + 1 more
Investment Size
USD 500 K - 10 Mn
Director Of Business Development, Pappas Harris Capital
PE Firm in Dallas, United States
Interests: We are focused on situations where a founder or management team is looking for managerial help at the CEO level or a transition out of the company.
Background: We are a technology focused private equity firm in Dallas Texas.
6.9 / 10
Connected with 3 businesses
United States + 1 more
VOIP Equipment + 4 more
Investment Size
USD 1 Mn - 5 Mn
Principal, Gaja Capital
PE Firm in Mumbai, India
Interests: Mid-sized growth companies with an India focus.
Background: Mid-market growth PE firm, currently investing from a US$ 240 million fund.
7.6 / 10
Connected with 3 businesses
India + 2 more
Snack Manufacturing + 21 more
Investment Size
USD 1.4 Mn - 36 Mn
President, Lynx Equity Limited
PE Firm in Toronto, Canada
Interests: Stability, 100% for sale, and EBITDA between $750k and $2.5 million.
Background: President of a Canadian private equity firm for the last 20 years and overall has 23 years working in private companies.
7.0 / 10
Portland + 5 more
Apparel Stores + 16 more
Investment Size
USD 1.5 Mn - 9 Mn
Managing Director, Scott Capital Partners, LLC
PE Firm in Norwalk, United States
Interests: Growing businesses, manufacturing, healthcare, business services, etc.
Background: We are a family office making direct private equity investments across several industries. We are patient long-term investors.
7.5 / 10
Connected with 2 businesses
United States + 3 more
Diagnostic Substances Manufacturing + 28 more
Investment Size
USD 10 Mn - 20 Mn
Investment Professional, Peepul Capital
PE Firm in Chennai, India
Interests: Looking for companies with high quality management teams, operating with a differentiated product / service offering looking for capital to take them to the next level.
Background: Investment Professional with over 6 years experience in PE, Banking and Consulting. Worked in several countries (India, UK, US). Currently with Peepul Capital, a PE firm based in Chennai. Previously with Goldman Sachs in their NY office and Warburg in their NY office. Graduated from IIMA in 2008 and IITM (Elec) in 2005.
5.9 / 10
Mumbai + 5 more
Healthcare Services + 10 more
Investment Size
USD 3.6 Mn - 36 Mn
Private Equity Associate, Madison Dearborn Partners
PE Firm in Illinois, United States
Interests: Industries interested in- 1. Basic Industries. 2. Business & Government Software and Services. 3. Financial & Transaction Services. 4. Health Care. 5. Telecom, Media & Technology Services.
Background: Leading private equity investment company based in Chicago operating since the last three decades. We have raised USD 23 billion in capital. In total, we have invested in more than 140 companies.
5.3 / 10
Fort Myers + 11 more
Telecommunications + 5 more
Investment Size
USD 500 K - 4 Mn