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Director, PwC Legal
Law Firm in Rome, Italy
Interests: Seeking M&A opportunities for my clients.
Background: As a Director at PwC Legal, I lead a team of professionals in providing legal services to clients in various industries, with a focus on mergers and acquisitions, corporate, commercial law and export control. I have over 15 years of experience in both domestic and cross-border transactions, involving public and private companies, private equity firms, and financial institutions.
8.1 / 10
Veneto + 3 more
Gas Pipeline + 12 more
Investment Size
Upto USD 108 Mn
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Advocate, Tamagnone Di Marco Law Firm
Law Firm in Turin, Italy
Interests: Interested to turnaround and business opportunities to introduce a potential buyer. We are looking for opportunities in the fields of energy, food, finance, healthcare, and industrial.
Background: We are a law firm. We represent SMEs and investment funds based in Luxembourg, Italy and Switzerland. We do not charge an upfront fee. We charge only a success fee after the deal closure.
8.8 / 10
Italy + 6 more
Asset Management + 23 more
Investment Size
USD 3.24 Mn - 21.6 Mn
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Managing Partner, Benfield Attorneys and Solicitors
Law Firm in Lagos, Nigeria
Interests: - Our clients are looking to acquire or invest in operating businesses. - Most of our clients or buyers are from Japan and the US. They consist of corporate investors and institutional fund houses with a small number of family offices. - 75% of our buy flow is from strategic investors who wish to make long-term acquisitions for the ongoing concern of their own business. - We charge an upfront fee as well as a success fee. The upfront and the success fee depends on the service availed and on the deal size.
Background: We are a corporate and commercial law firm based in Nigeria. We have our offices in Port Harcourt and Abuja in Nigeria.
8.4 / 10
Santa Giustina + 5 more
Enterprise Software + 23 more
Investment Size
USD 10 Mn - 20 Mn
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Interests: Looking for solar power plant energy projects. We have potential buyers.
Background: I work as an energy company's legal counsel. We are a law firm. We charge both upfront and success fee. We have clients in Russia; Italy; Budapest, Hungary; Dubai, UAE; Sofia, Bulgaria; Albania and Nicosia, Cyprus.
7 / 10
Italy + 9 more
Renewable Energy + 7 more
Investment Size
Upto USD 1.48 Mn
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Associate, Eternity Law
Law Firm in Kiev, Ukraine
Interests: As a legal company, we have clients who are interested in purchasing banking entities, EMI PSP and forex companies. I would require cash flow statements, P&L, balance sheet, valuation, and EBITDA computation to evaluate a company.
Background: 17 year old law firm having represented more than 200 clients. We provide international consulting, audit services, legal and tax services. We do not charge upfront fees. On the basis of business transactions, we only charge success fees.
9 / 10
Europe + 9 more
Asset Management + 10 more
Investment Size
USD 11 K - 110 Mn
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Managing Director, Aceptive legal Consultants FZ LLE
Law Firm in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Interests: We look for companies with good cash flows accompanied by solid fundamentals with loyal client base, and a good track record.
Background: We are a team of legal consultants and we represent a group of HNI who are ready to invest in any promising business where their capital is secure. If the business is located outside UAE, we have a minimum range of USD 5 million. We have closed various deals with the most recent one being of USD 400 million. We charge an upfront fee of AED 10,000 if we think that the opportunity is profitable and go ahead with it. We also charge a success fee.
9.3 / 10
Europe + 22 more
Auto Repair and Service + 68 more
Investment Size
Upto USD 136 Mn
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Founder, Jurist & Jurist International
Law Firm in Delhi, India
Interests: Interested in a business which may or may not be operational at the moment. As we have clients from all over the world, we are looking for opportunities all over the world.
Background: We are a multi-specialty law firm that offers a wide range of legal services to national and international clients. We do not charge any upfront fees. We charge success fees.
6.6 / 10
Europe + 4 more
Edutech + 6 more
Investment Size
Upto USD 18 Mn
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Interests: We have customers who are looking for opportunities in the US, UK, and Europe. Preferred industries are technology, cryptocurrency, blockchain, cannabis nutrition, biotechnology. We are also open to other sectors with good investment opportunities.
Background: We are a law firm and have been running for more than 4 years. We charge an upfront fee of 50,000 Thai Baht and we do no charge any success fee.
8 / 10
Europe + 2 more
Crypto + 23 more
Investment Size
Upto USD 95 Mn
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Partner, Custos Legis
Law Firm in Kolkata, India
Interests: We act as strategic legal & corporate advisors to entities in relation to their commercial transactions. We require engagement and authorization by the prospective clients in favour of us to advise them on the potential transactions. We would like to assist growth stage or listed companies in relation to M&A, Corporate Finance including bond placement in International Stock Exchanges, ADR / GDR issue, IPO advisory, Legal consultancy etc.
Background: We are a legal & corporate advisory firm based in India and with operations in 4 cities and international presence in 5 countries. We are sector agnostic.
5.8 / 10
Europe + 15 more
Air Logistics + 18 more
Investment Size
USD 600 K - 120 Mn
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