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Oil Equipment Company Seeking Loan in Suez, Egypt

Company provides solar-based systems on rental basis that complement diesel generators for oil producing wells.
- We are a company that provides solar-based systems on a rental basis to complement diesel generators used by oil & gas companies. - For the last 5 years we have been involved in the sale of solar systems and solar-powered equipment but we now plan to rent out solar energy units. - We seek to set up 12 solar energy units in variant capacities of 40 KW, 50 KW and 60 KW to rent out to oil production companies. - These would be used as an assisting energy source for diesel generators used in pumping. This would save around 30% of the oil production cost and is also green, maintenance-free, renewable & sustainable. - The target market is EGP 2.5 billion ($150,000,000), servable market is EGP 3.2 billion ($200,000,000) and the potential market is EGP 5.2 billion ($300,000,000). - We have a qualified team consisting of a petroleum engineer, 2 geologists, 2 electrical engineers, an accountant and 6 technicians. - Plan to hire 6 more people on the team including 3 electrical engineers and 3 technicians. - We have worked with all major listed oil & gas companies which amount to about 50 companies. - We plan to market our new vertical to these companies as well as to additional companies across Egypt. Eventually, we would look to grow internationally. - Promoter has more than 20 years of experience in the field of oil & gas including 6 years of experience at the head of this firm. - Was awarded the best Arabian Startup Company in Solar Energy Efficiency from Arabian League. - Feasibility study using solar energy in the oil field (attached)
Company provides solar-based systems on rental basis that complement diesel generators for oil producing wells.
7.5   Suez
Run Rate Sales
USD 160 thousand
40 %
Business Loan
USD 320 K at 15%
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Oil Equipment Business Seeking Loan in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Business supplying oil and gas equipment to 15 clients require funding for working capital.
- Business trading in oil and gas equipment, based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. - We trade in equipment such as valve's, flow-meters and pumps. - Products are purchased from 15 manufacturers. - We sell these products to 20 B2B clients in Kazakhstan. - Physical assets include inventory and office interior set up. - Our clients take 30-60 days to pay us for the orders. We require working capital to fund purchases for on going orders.
6.4   Almaty
Run Rate Sales
USD 1.2 million
25 %
Business Loan
USD 500 K at 18%
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Oil Equipment Company Seeking Loan in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Company supplies equipment for ship, deck, engine, general stores, refineries and turnkey projects.
- We are a ship supplies and project supplies company for shipping, oil and gas industries supplying ship parts and spares, refinery components and port and harbor components. - Source our products from 50 supplies spread across countries like UAE, China, India and Germany. - We have 15 clients who procure our products on a regular basis. - Our key clientele include V-Ships, Fleet Ship Management, Oman Shipping, Tristar, Oman Oil Company and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. - We also work with the United Nations (UN) for their projects in Africa, Lebanon, Syria. - Promoter has over 20 years of experience in relevant field.
Company supplies equipment for ship, deck, engine, general stores, refineries and turnkey projects.
7.6   Dubai
Run Rate Sales
USD 500 thousand
20 %
Business Loan
USD 140 K at 15%
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