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Real Estate Agency Franchise Opportunities in Bangkok

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 Real Estate Agency Franchise Opportunities in Bangkok. Buy a Real Estate Agency or a Real Estate Brokerage Firm Franchise.

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Real Estate Agency Franchise Opportunity

Century 21, Established in 1971, 14000 Franchisees, Madison Headquartered
  • 700+ Page Views
  • 200+ Investor Views
Century 21 was founded 50+ years ago and today consists of approximately 14,000 independently owned and operated franchised broker offices in 86 countries and territories worldwide with over 147,000 sales professionals. - Century 21 Thailand is one of the few franchise brands powered by Grow which provides a revolutionary and full-scale service mode to agencies and brokerages.
Century 21, Established in 1971, 14000 Franchisees, Madison Headquartered
8.5   Expanding in Bangkok
Exp Monthly Sales
USD 14.3 thousand
Space Required
200 - 15000 Sq Ft
Investment Required
USD 12.3 - 17.7 K
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Real Estate Agency Franchise Opportunity

Etagi, Established in 2000, 160 Franchisees, Tyumen Headquartered
  • 40+ introductions
  • 4000+ Page Views
  • 2000+ Investor Views
Etagi was founded 20 years ago to improve real estate services. Today our company has 16,000 employees working across 160 cities in 8 countries. There are billions of transactions with Real Estate worldwide. This process is not that easy and requires special competencies. That is why our Real Estate agency exists: to make these transactions fast, transparent and easy for the people all over the world. We provide all types of Real Estate services: brokerage, mortgage, rent, insurance, etc. working with all types of Real estate. Growing worldwide as a franchise, we offer a well-established business model that has been refined and proved effective by our partners. Ranked a TOP-3 franchise by Forbes Russia in 2019, we continue to maintain our high standards and improve. What makes our franchise truly stand out is our focus on innovation and technology. 300 IT-specialists work everyday to improve our IT-system and create new products specifically for the Real Estate sector. That gives our franchisees a crucial competitive advantage over the market. Our IT ecosystem includes: CRM system - provides customers with efficient tools to manage relations with clients. Being synchronized with all other services, it also gives you a transparent picture of the sales process; Business Intelligence system - collects all the operations indicators. Allows customers businesses to be transparent and has a great variety of options to see strengths and weaknesses of your system; Mobile apps - give clients customers quick access to the company. Allows sales team to be flexible and provide high quality services; Project management system - minimizes paper work and allows to be attentive to the environment. It also makes business transparent and free from bureaucracy; IT-integration with partners - allows to be fast in terms of interaction with partners, giving you a huge advantage over competitors on the market.
Etagi, Established in 2000, 160 Franchisees, Tyumen Headquartered
8.1   Expanding in Asia
Exp Monthly Sales
USD 20.3 thousand
Space Required
100 - 1000 Sq Ft
Investment Required
USD 26.7 - 214 K
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