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Laundry Business Investment Opportunity in Mississauga, Canada

Manufacturer of an innovative self-serve dry cleaning depot with a patent pending and copyrighted software.
- Invented a new revolutionary automated self-serve depot for the dry cleaning industry. Have already developed a working prototype. There are no existing competitors in the market. - We have a patent pending for the equipment and a copyright for the software. - The automated self serve dry cleaning depot is a mechanical and computerized system that allows customers to drop off and pick up their dry cleaning 24/7. - Entire process is automated through the use of IT technology. User will place the items inside the depot and pay by swiping their credit/debit cards. Customers will be given an approximate time as to when they can return and collect their order. The dry cleaning plant will obtain the garments from the laundry bin, process the order and deliver it back to the depot. The customer will then collect the order. - Minimizes contact between the client and the dry cleaning company considering the ongoing situation. - Planning to price the depot at CAD 79,000 per unit with a cost price of CAD 40,000 to manufacture one unit. - Target market for the product is existing laundry businesses and enterprising entrepreneurs. - Promoter spent over 3 years in developing the product. We have already tied up with 4 dry cleaning plants. - Tied up with 5 suppliers (including one software developer). - Plan to market the product to the general public within two years post-funding. We are going to pursue an aggressive marketing campaign. Owner has extensive contacts in the dry cleaning industry. Plan to use digital marketing and print ads when marketing. - Promoter has 18+ years of experience in the dry-cleaning industry.
8.0   Mississauga
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin 49 %
Financial Investment USD 110 thousand for 49% stake
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Profitable Textiles Wholesale Business Seeking Loan in Jammu, India

Wholesaler of ready-made garments and medical clothing with 10 suppliers and 4 distributors.
- We are involved in the wholesale of all types of ready-made garments. - Recently, we have forayed into the PPE kit, surgical mask & face mask market due to the ongoing pandemic. - Business has 10 primary suppliers around the country. - Sales have fallen by nearly 50% due to the ongoing pandemic. - We have 4 distributors based in Ludhiana and Delhi. - Promoter has an assistant that helps out with the business operations. - We have not undertaken any significant marketing into the business. - The business has an IndiaMART page where we sell our products online.
6.9   Jammu
Run Rate Sales USD 20 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 %
Business Loan USD 7 thousand at 10% interest
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Apparel and Accessory Business Assets for Sale in Ghaziabad, India

Well-established brand for apparel and lifestyle products like artificial jewelry, watches, and clocks.
- We are selling our apparel and accessories registered brand under class 25 and class 14. - All the logos, carry bags, associated domain, and social media accounts will be sold. - It is a well-established brand for male, female and children's clothing and accessories like wrist watch, clocks, neck ties and cuff links. - Products were sold online through Flipkart and Amazon. We have suspended sales ever since the onset of the pandemic. - We only sell our products online through e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart. - This brand generated sales of at least INR 1.5 lakh/monthly online. - Promoter has contacts with 2 - 3 clothing manufacturers that can be shared with the new investor.
7.5   Ghaziabad
Ownership Duration 5-10 year(s)
Industries Apparel and Accessories
Asset Sale USD 70 thousand
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Newly Established Apparel and Accessories Company Investment Opportunity in Bangalore, India

Customized design and manufacture of uniforms and clothing for hospitality and corporate sector clients.
- We are a one stop solution for customized clothing and uniforms on a wholesale basis to hospitality and corporate clients. - The industry market size is estimated to be more than INR 10,500 Crores by us. - We have completed more than 750 orders so far for our clients. - Company has more than 100 clients from India, USA and UAE. 70% of our clients are domestic but we also get international orders. - Designs can be sent directly by clients or we can design for the clients with our in-house designer. - We can produce around 5,000 pieces of clothing on a monthly basis. - Most of our clients are on an order basis but we are the exclusive vendors for some clients. - Promoter has over 4 years of experience in the field of apparel.
7.7   Bangalore
Run Rate Sales USD 100 thousand
EBITDA Margin 10 - 20 %
Financial Investment USD 20 thousand for 10% stake
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Newly Established Apparel Wholesale Business Seeking Loan in Imphal, India

Imphal based apparel and footwear wholesaler and retailer seeking capital to acquire more inventory and expand operations.
- Engaged in the wholesale and retail sale of both apparel and footwear for men, women and children. - 70% of our revenue comes from wholesale operations and the remaining from retail sale. - 60% of our revenue comes from the sale of apparel and the remaining comes from the sale of footwear. - 70% of our footwear and apparel catalogue is for men. - We sell both traditional and western apparel. - The products we sell are affordable and targeted towards the middle income group. - Source finished apparel from 35+ local suppliers. - We distribute to 11+ retailers most of whom are from rural areas. - Maintain a retail showroom in a commercial area right off the NH 115 which receives around 35 to 90 people every day. - The business has strong cashflows as all customers pay cash upfront. - Despite the pandemic, our sales have increased as we started selling through local WhatsApp group and offered home delivery services.
6.9   Imphal
Run Rate Sales USD 16 thousand
EBITDA Margin 21 %
Business Loan USD 20 thousand at 21% interest
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Apparel and Accessory Distributor Opportunity

Wildknot (NY Gifting Concepts), Established in 2018
  • 500+ Page Views
  • 200+ Investor Views
Wildknot premium corporate t-shirt is a well-known brand across corporate industries in Hyderabad. In house, our merchandisers spin out new designs and patterns on a regular basis based on insights, research, trends and market forces/dynamics. A wide range of round neck t-shirts, polo t-shirts, poly-blends, and v-necks have allowed Wildknot premium t-shirt to become the market leader in their segment. We are looking for distributors in other parts of India. The company has long term plans to expand and appoint new distributors all over India, increase production not only in terms of volume but also designs and varieties. We are proud to be associated with leaders in various industries like IBM, SBI, Franklin Templeton. We welcome corporate gifting companies and corporate suppliers who have good connections in the industry.
6.6   Expanding in India
Expected Monthly Sales USD 2.7 thousand
Space Required 300 - 800 Sq Ft
Investment Required USD 4.1 - 6.8 thousand
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Jewellery Startup for Sale in Mumbai, India

ECommerce platform that sells lab grown diamonds with over 250-300 products.
- We are an eCommerce platform that sells lab grown diamonds which are 1/3rd the cost of natural diamonds. - Products are manufactured by us through freelance factories and workshops as first priority but we also have outsourced manufacturers for more complex designs. - We have more than 250-300 products listed on the website including different designs of earrings, pendants and rings. - On a monthly basis we receive around 8-10 orders from across India. - The industry has grown rapidly as people prefer more economical and nature friendly alternatives to natural diamonds. - Founder of this business has an experience of more than 45 years in the diamond jewelry industry.
8.9   Mumbai
Run Rate Sales USD 8 thousand
EBITDA Margin 25 %
Business for Sale USD 30 thousand
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Sportswear Company Investment Opportunity in Manitoba, Canada

Leading sportswear manufacturer in Winnipeg with custom cut & sew factory and screen print shop.
- Leading sportswear manufacturer known for our quality. - For decades our company has manufactured jerseys for professional sports teams including WHA, 1970's Winnipeg Jets, CFL, Winnipeg Blue Bombers & Saskatchewan Roughriders, WWE, WrestleMania souvenirs, and many amateur sports, directly and through selected resellers. - We also provide hosting of unique online stores for individuals on a team or for an entire league. - In addition to jerseys and custom logo apparel, we are now making non-surgical reusable fabric masks.
8.4   Manitoba
Run Rate Sales USD 400 thousand
EBITDA Margin Undisclosed
Financial Investment USD 110 thousand for 49% stake
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Apparel and Accessories Company for Sale in Arad, Romania

10-year-old textile firm engaged in manufacturing lingerie and pajamas for a client.
- 10-year-old textile firm engaged in designing and stitching lingerie, and pajamas for a company in the lohn system. - We are working with a single organization on a lohn system. - We have a contract with this company for 5 years. Every year the price is negotiated. - Produce about 80,000 pieces of products every month. - Raw materials and fabric is provided to us by the organization. - Products include different sizes and varieties of lingerie, bras, slips, undershirt, pajamas, shorts and men's underwear. - All the products are packaged and sent to the client. - Our team comprises of 70 people out of which 55 of them are tailors and the rest 15 do cutting and the packaging work.
7.5   Arad
Run Rate Sales USD 1.1 million
EBITDA Margin 20 %
Business for Sale USD 600 thousand
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Cleaning Supplies Business Investment Opportunity in Pune, India

70-year old trading business which deals with multiple product categories seek investment for expansion.
- Business specializes in trading - pumps, motors, gearmotors, gear box, apparels, hygiene products, non-chemicals (solid water treatment), and agricultural products. - Business was originally started in Raipur but the promoter relocated to Pune a couple of years ago so the business was shifted to Pune. - We purchase pumps, motors, gearmotors, gear box, apparels, hygiene and non-chemical products (solid water treatment) directly from manufacturers in Tirupur and Punjab (T-shirts) Mumbai and Pune (Hygiene). We sell these products to wholesalers, distributors in Pune and anywhere. - We procure spices, vegetables, rice from Pune, Solapur, Nashik and Kolhapur from farmers and sell it to exporters. These products are then exported to Europe, UAE, UK, Australia. - We do not keep stock of the products, we source the required products when we receive orders. - 50-60% of the revenue is from apparels and hygiene products and 40-50% is from spices, vegetables, rice. - Business was started 70 years ago with the sale of electric motors and pumps. Then the business shifted towards trading of apparels, hygiene, non chemicals (solid water treatment) and groceries. - Before relocating the business to Pune our revenue was in crores but after the relocation, we are developing the business slowly and improving our services.
7.8   Pune
Run Rate Sales USD 50 thousand
EBITDA Margin 18 %
Financial Investment USD 7 thousand for 20% stake
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Industrial Clothing Company Investment Opportunity in Muscat, Oman

Customized uniform manufacturer with 5 major contracts and 25 students currently.
- Provide customized fashion uniforms to our clientele. We have over 5 major contracts currently. - Prior to the pandemic, we had over 10 - 15 contracts. Run rate sales have fallen due to the termination of some contracts. - Our targeted industries are schools (worst impacted), hotels, and restaurants. - Over 75% - 80% of the business revenue is generated by this vertical. - The remaining 20% comes from offering fashion classes to students. We specifically target Omani women. - We have 25 students currently and have trained over 600 students till date. Classes are being conducted online through Zoom meetings. We have two primary trainers. - Classes are offered in 3 levels starting from beginner to advanced. Pricing starts from OMR 300. For the advanced level, we have collaborated with Milan Fashion School based in Milan, Italy. - At the end of the course, the students would receive a certificate. This certificate has been authorized by the Ministry of Manpower. We had won 4 awards in the beginning of the previous decade namely a Young Arab Leader Award, Women Excellence Award, and USA Embassy Award. - We have been regularly recognized by Omani media, both print and digital. - Promoter is a certified trainer in the fashion industry.
6.9   Muscat
Run Rate Sales USD 220 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 - 40 %
Financial Investment USD 130 thousand for 10% stake
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Apparel and Accessories Business Investment Opportunity in Tiruppur, India

Manufacturer of cotton t-shirts and uniforms in Tiruppur, seeks funds to start its own luxury clothing brand.
- Company is primarily a manufacturer of cotton t-shirts and uniforms in Tiruppur. We also manufacture women's and kid's clothing and provide embroidery services to our clients. - Have a rented manufacturing facility with a maximum production capacity of 20,000 pieces per month. - Have 16 clients which include domestic and international brands in the USA, UAE, and Sri Lanka. We manufacture the clothes as per their designs and under their brand. - Our factories were temporarily shut down during the pandemic and we have just resumed operations. - We plan to start our own brand of luxury clothing which will be produced at our existing factory and distributed through boutique retail shops. - Promoter has over 15 years of industry experience.
6.9   Tiruppur
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 70 thousand for 50% stake
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Men's Clothing Business Investment Opportunity in Kolkata, India

Manufacturer of men's and women's apparel in Kolkata seeking investment for expansion.
- Manufacturer of men's and women's apparel such as track pants, joggers, tops, round neck t-shirts, and trousers. - Have a manufacturing unit that has a maximum production capacity of 60,000 pieces per month. Currently producing 30,000 pieces per month. - Products are sold under our own brand and also customize products as per the client's requirements. - Stitching, cutting designing and all other work is done in-house. - Our products are sold through online platforms such as IndiaMART and Justdial and we also supply products to 5-10 fixed wholesalers in the local market. - Raw materials are procured from 5 vendors located in the local market and 1 vendor from Ludhiana. - Revenue split is usually 50-50 between online and offline sales. However, due to COVID, sales have fallen. - Employed 35 workers who work on a contractual basis. - Intend to increase the production and focus on marketing. - We intend to expand our online segment and plan to create our own eCommerce platform. - We are in a process to list the brand on Amazon and Flipkart. - Promoter is running the business and has more than 3 years of experience.
7.3   Kolkata
Run Rate Sales USD 65 thousand
EBITDA Margin 15 %
Financial Investment USD 20 thousand for 30% stake
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Apparel Wholesale Business Seeking Loan in New Delhi, India

Business specializing in branded surplus garment stock-lot and sells direct to customer and to retailers.
- We are in stock-lot business. We take surplus stocks directly from companies and sell them directly to customers as well to retailers. - The garments are purchased directly from 15-20 brands such as Levis, Arrow, Pantaloons. We also purchase from various distributors and factories. - We have a display store located in New Delhi where customers can walk in and purchase the garments. - Receive an average of 45 daily walk-in customers. - We also sell to 10-12 wholesalers and retailers.
7.7   New Delhi
Run Rate Sales USD 570 thousand
EBITDA Margin 25 %
Business Loan USD 270 thousand at 18% interest
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Profitable Apparel Wholesale Business Seeking Loan in Imphal, India

Production unit cum training center for manufacturing traditional handloom for men and women.
- Firm is one of the first manufacturing unit in Manipur to produce traditional clothes using Flying 8 loom weaving technique. Founder has learned this technique under a master trainer from Germany. - We manufacture traditional clothes & dresses for men & women and sell it to retailers in Manipur. Have tie-ups with 12 retailers. - We also provide training on weaving technique for free of cost. Post training, if a student wishes to work for us, we hire them as a staff in our factory. - Have trained over 40 students and we have 20 staff at our factory. These staff are temporary workers and not permanent employees. - We procure silk from 1 fixed vendor and from a few villagers locally. We plan to set up our own silkworm rearing unit to produce silk. - Our firm is a member of Startup Manipur. Founder has 5 years of experience in this industry.
7.3   Imphal
Run Rate Sales USD 50 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 - 40 %
Business Loan USD 14 thousand at 10% interest
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Apparel and Accessories Business Seeking Loan in Pheidinga, India

Traditional clothing manufacturing business running over a decade in Manipur seeks investment for expansion.
- Manufacturer of traditional muga clothing, dhotis, silk sarees that is an indigenous traditional Indian dress. - Secured the National Entrepreneurship Award last year and have also put up stalls in many exhibitions. - Have served more than 1,00,000 individuals to date. - Procure raw material from the local market and 10-12 vendors located across India. - Make 1,200-1,300 pieces of clothes per month and sell them to the local market and 30+ retailers present in metropolitan cities like Guwahati, Kolkata, Delhi, and Chennai. - Also, have 2 showrooms in Manipur from where products are sold to visiting retailers and wholesalers. - Clothes are sold under our own proprietary brand. - Orders are acquired through our network, newspaper advertisements, and references. - Manufacturing is outsourced to 130 local village people and they are employed on a contractual basis. - The villagers are provided with all the raw materials and machinery required to make the clothes. - Packaging is done in-house by 5 workers who work under us. - Promoter has been running the business since several years and has a good understanding of it.
7.9   Pheidinga
Run Rate Sales USD 210 thousand
EBITDA Margin 0 - 10 %
Business Loan USD 140 thousand at 10% interest
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Women's Footwear Company Investment Opportunity in Bangalore, India

Bangalore based business manufacturing women's footwear and selling through own retail stores and online.
- Business has been non-operational since the beginning of lock-down and are now looking to restart operations. - Products are sold under own brand and we have a trademark for this brand. - The manufacturing unit is located in Bangalore, and has a capacity of producing 1,000 pairs a day. - We have 8 stand-alone retail outlets for our brand located in Bangalore, Cochin, Hyderabad and Mysore. - During the previous year, we have sold footwear to a database of 80,000 customers through our retail stores. - Products are also sold online through Amazon, Ajio, Myntara as well as through our website. - Majority of our revenue is generated through the retail stores. - During the previous year our brand re-invested heavily on expansion of retail stores, hence the business did not generate any profit for the year. - We are now looking to expand our retail stores pan India.
7.9   Bangalore
Run Rate Sales USD 1.6 million
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 4.8 million for 25% stake
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Men's Clothing Business for Sale in Mumbai, India

For Sale: Men's garments, available at 800+ retailers & have exclusive gondola (Kiosks) at 350 retailers.
- We manufacture trousers and jeans for men. - The manufacturing of the product is outsourced to tailors and on a contractual basis. - For 50% of the products the fabric is bought, and the designing work is done in-house. - Stitching is then outsourced to tailors in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and other cities. - Remaining products are manufactured by other firms on a contractual basis. - We have two registered brands that are trademarked. - We are also listed on Amazon. In the process to get listed on Flipkart, LimeRoad, Paytm, and other websites. - Also, export to a few retailers in Kenya, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, and Curacao. - Selling to 40+ retailers in Mumbai and 16 distributors located across 18 states. - We do not have any contracts with any companies. We work as and when we receive an order. - Have 10-11 salespeople who are located in different cities to take orders. - 15% of our sales are from Mumbai, - Have given out free racks that have been installed in 350+ stores across India. - Have a tie-up with a logistics company that transports the products to the clients. - Sales have dropped due to the pandemic.
7.4   Mumbai
Run Rate Sales USD 160 thousand
EBITDA Margin 18 %
Business for Sale USD 1.4 million
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