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Industrial Business Investment Opportunity in Hungary

Patented hunting gear developer and manufacturer in Hungary seeks investment.
This Business is on a Premium Plan
Established 1-5 year(s)
Employees 2 - 5
Legal Entity General Partnership
Reported Sales Nil
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Industries Industrial
Locations Hungary
Local Time 8:40 PM Europe / Belgrade
Listed By Business Owner / Director
Status Active
Overall Rating
Partial Stake Sale
USD 160 thousand for 10.0% stake (Native Currency: EUR 150,000)
Reason: We need a new partner to conquer the world market in the right way with a patent-pending product tha... View More
Includes physical assets worth USD 640 thousand
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Business Overview
Message to potential investors:
If you want to be part of a team that has big elaborate plans and innovations on the world market, please take a detailed look at our profile.
We are patent holders in the hunting equipment sector. Another additional innovation is patent pending.
We have an equipped semi-automated production that is 90 percent ready to start production.
Our production capacity is 5,000 units/month having revenue of 750,000 USD.
Founders of the project:
A) Director - 30 years of experience in research and development of special hunting and military equipment.
B) Automation engineer - project manager with 25 years of experience.
C) Sales leader - Online business sales expert with 21 years of professional experience.
D) Lawyer with 30 years of experience.
E) Experienced logistics manager.
- We are the owners of innovation from the hunting sector, which is in the process of patenting and has design protection as well.
- The product was created on the basis of more than 30 years of professional experience, research, and development.
- The product is revolutionary in the field of carrying and using a hunting rifle in all hunting conditions with the possibility of the modular upgrade of the platform itself.
- We will also offer licenses, production rights, and instructions for other regions, areas, and territories to maximize revenue.
- The size of the EU and USA market is nearly 30 million active hunters and there is a possibility for very stable and strong capital growth.
- One of the co-founders is an inventor who worked in army gear and equipment production for 35 years.
- Developed and protected 2 innovations in the hunting industry with huge potential.
- The company has 5 shareholders in a 25:16.5:8.25:8.25:38 shareholding split.
- The company was established 20 years ago but we have been in product research and development. We will soon commence production.
- One of the owners who is handling this transaction travels frequently between Hungary and Serbia. They can be easily reached by call or WhatsApp on their Serbian number.
- No loans in the name of the company.
Products & Services Overview
Patented 3-way hunting.
Quick execution from carry to shot.
Protected tech solutions and design.
Innovative system with improved features.
Developed and patented a hunting platform with 10+ upgrades.
The product is a game-changer in the hunting industry. We are exclusive owners of patent pending hunting vests and know-how documentation.
Assets Overview
Tangible assets - 10+ automatic sewing machines for carrying out production worth EUR 100k; prototype and raw materials (textiles) for production worth EUR 100k.
Intangible assets - patent-pending innovation and design-protected products.
Facilities Overview
Approximate size 180 square meters, new industrial building. The building comes with 3 offices, a kitchen, a dressing room, and a reception area. We also have a fully equipped apartment for 6 people.
All the facilities are rented.
Capitalization Overview
- The business is funded with partners' personal investment.
- We have no loans or credits.
- Need the investment to start with production and selling.
Recent Activity
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