Information Memorandum / Business Plan Preparation

If you planning to sell your company or raise funds for growth, you need to keep a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) or a Business Plan ready to be shared with potential buyers/investors. We help you put together a CIM or a Business Plan with all important information about your company and industry usually required by potential buyers/investors. Based on our experience, we understand the key elements which investors/buyers look for in a good company before investing. We bring out the highlights of your company and position it appropriately to attract the best investors/buyers.

Information Memorandum Preparation

We focus on the following sections – Industry Data, Industry Trends, Company Details, Company Highlights and Positioning, Financial Projections and Analysis, Key Executives, Competitor Analysis, and more depending on the industry.

We conduct a detailed market study to understand buyers/investors in your industry better. Post which we prepare a detailed CIM positioning your company appropriately. We share the CIM with you for review. Implement any changes if required and finalize the CIM which can be shared with potential investors/buyers.


  • What is a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM)?

    A CIM or a Business Plan is a document highlighting all aspects of a business including past performance and projected future growth. It is to be shared with serious investors, buyers, and lenders after signing an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). Since CIM forms the first impression about the business, it should be prepared by a professional or an external expert.

  • How long would it take to prepare a CIM by Team SMERGERS?
    It takes 20 business days to deliver a CIM from the date of receipt of all the necessary documents / information.
  • What is the cost of preparing a CIM?
    SMERGERS charges INR 25,000 inclusive of service tax to prepare a CIM.
  • Do you offer any discount on preparation of CIM?

    We do offer a professional plan for INR 50,000 which includes all our three professional services namely i) Business Valuation ii) CIM/ Business Plan and iii) Account Manager. The plan also allows you to list your business profile on SMERGERS on a premium plan. The same would have otherwise cost INR 73,000 if you were to opt for these services individually.

  • What is the process of creating a CIM?

    1. Team SMERGERS would send business owner a checklist required to prepare the CIM.
    2. The information / documents received from the business owner would be reviewed by SMERGERS Team.
    3. Secondary research and analysis for the respective industry will be carried out by Team SMERGERS.
    4. SMERGERS Team will complete a draft version and review the same with the business owner.
    5. Final draft is updated as per the comments and suggestions and the CIM is delivered to the business owner.

  • What are the common mistakes while preparing a CIM?
    A CIM can be an extremely effective document if one can avoid the most common mistakes listed below
    1. Unrealistic projections by the business.
    2. Underestimating or claiming no competition.
    3. Overestimating market potential.
    4. Mismatch between cash flow and investment needs.
    5. No relation between Revenue and Expense projections.
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