What our Members say
Akshay Vaidya, Director, Srujan Exim Pvt Ltd, Pune
Well the thing when you start out is most platforms express an elaborate pitch, writing a presentation and then make a huge deal out of something that isn’t what small organisations are looking for. It seems to have become a trend that all investors form a club and then make it a social deal. We had been seeking investments for quite sometime and almost all Angel and VC clubs (please note that these are not platforms but clubs for the so called investors) are mostly interested in IT startups. I cam across SMERGERS on google and I did sign up (for free) and then made a payment to become a registered member. They did go through a verification process. The initial few interests that I had were not even remotely close, but that I guess is natural. I had 3 genuine interests and one of them was after we had closed the deal. The best thing was, all of them were associated with my field of business, they had interest in what my ideas were, what details had been worked out and what was the investment for. Trust me we closed a USD 200k deal over a 20 min phone call and 4 back and forth emails with some minimal paperwork checks. This was essentially because we came from the same background and relating words to business was easy. I traveled to the US, met with the investor and spent a day understanding. We were both comfortable and moved ahead to contractual bindings.
Akshay Vaidya
Director, Srujan Exim Pvt Ltd, Pune

Alwarappan Duva, Director, Alwar Ventures Pvt Ltd, Chennai
One of the easier platform to connect with ease at Investors across the globe. Our Investor not only gave the money, but a high moral support for the business which boosted our performance& confidence.
Alwarappan Duva
Director, Alwar Ventures Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Joseph DRozario, Business Owner, CG Consulting, West Bengal
The response was slow to begin with and I wasn’t sure if this platform would work for me. Then I started getting a few introductions. I narrowed down to two investors with whom discussions were progressing well. Finally, I was able to close the deal with one them. In all it took around 2 months to successfully close the deal on SMERGERS
Joseph DRozario
Business Owner, CG Consulting, West Bengal

Raj Singh, Owner, Carigars, Handyman Services, Vadodara
I have to a good extent benefited from SMERGERS. Had heard about SMERGERS as a platform for business for sale but wasn't really sure about franchise investors on their platform. I created a franchise profile on on their website in August and I was consistently getting qualified and good enquiries. I had a good discussion with quite a few of them and in two months I successfully sold two franchises on SMERGERS. I will conclude by saying SMERGERS is a cost effective and easy to use platform.
Raj Singh
Owner, Carigars, Handyman Services, Vadodara

Krishnamma Raju, Director, G K Biosciences India Private Limited, Hyderabad
It was a excellent experience with SMERGERS. Response and communication, customer service are excellent and exceeded our expectations. We thank for your support till now. Expecting your continued support and long term relationship with you.
Krishnamma Raju
Director, G K Biosciences India Private Limited, Hyderabad

Sibyl Sunitha, Business Owner, Divine Consultancy Services, Bangalore
I was able to sell my facility management business through their website. It was a good learning experience interacting with many investors from diverse backgrounds. The website is simple and easy to use. Most of them who connected with me were genuinely interested. It took 4-5 months, but overall, a good experience selling my business through their website
Sibyl Sunitha
Business Owner, Divine Consultancy Services, Bangalore

Malvika Paul, Vice President, Education, Pune
I bought a French cafe located in my city via SMERGERS. I managed to close the deal within 10 days of being introduced to the business owner. I am happy with my overall experience on SMERGERS and recommend this platform to other entrepreneurs looking to start a business.
Malvika Paul
Vice President, Education, Pune

Krishnan Parthasarathy, , , Singapore
Connected with an education business via SMERGERS and partnered with the business owner. Overall had a good experience on SMERGERS and am glad with the partnership
Krishnan Parthasarathy

Akshay Khatod, Partner, Rapsco's Gourmet, Pune
I decided to buy a running company rather than starting one from scratch. I discovered SMERGERS but I was a bit overwhelmed with the registration process and verification checks initially. But I started appreciating the very same process when I noticed very high quality businesses on the other side. Thanks to SMERGERS, I recently bought a business and in the process of completing the takeover.
Akshay Khatod
Partner, Rapsco's Gourmet, Pune

Avinash Manchanda, Director, Nimit Finance Pvt Ltd, Vadodara
I was lucky to have found SMERGERS after searching for business opportunities on several other websites. I happened to stumble onto the website and found several good businesses in my city itself. I closed a deal by investing in the very first business that I connected with on SMERGERS.
Avinash Manchanda
Director, Nimit Finance Pvt Ltd, Vadodara

Amit Pandya, Director, Avity Agrotech, Vadodara
I am happy with the platform your are providing for SME's like us and I am glad to inform that we have closed a deal with an investor that we found through SMERGERS. We got in touch with the investor within two months of signing up and the deal was concluded within five months of the sign up date. The introductions I had with investors were good.
Amit Pandya
Director, Avity Agrotech, Vadodara

Vijay Sthalekar, Exit Strategist, MaxOut Consulting, Pune
SMERGERS brings in a lot of professionalism and quality to an industry which has suffered for way too long. As a financial advisor, I had used many other websites in the past and I am happy to say that SMERGERS has proved to be the most efficient. I connected with many good business owners on SMERGERS. With one of them I recently closed a debt transaction and I am in the process of closing another deal soon. I highly recommend SMERGERS and its network
Vijay Sthalekar
Exit Strategist, MaxOut Consulting, Pune

Dominic Varghese, Owner, Dominic Dwellings, Bangalore
When I was searching on the internet for small businesses for sale, I came across www.smergers.com. I wanted to buy a retail store for myself as I was interested in starting up. The website was very simple to browse, even for an aged person like me. I could easily search and filter out a business which matched my budget. I was also able to quickly register and connect with the business owner. After having a discussion, I bought his store and now running it under my supervision
Dominic Varghese
Owner, Dominic Dwellings, Bangalore

Pavan Kumar, Director, NeoLabz IT Solutions, Hyderabad
I ran an IT company which had built top notch products for the education and healthcare industry, but had marketing challenges. I was looking for strategic buyers who could acquire and grow my company. I registered on SMERGERS and connected with several interested parties. I connected with a very good BSE listed IT firm who finally acquired our products and team partially. The buyer was very supportive and showed genuine interest in addressing our concerns during the transaction.
Pavan Kumar
Director, NeoLabz IT Solutions, Hyderabad

Joe Meppurathu, Partner, Pick and Save Supermarket, Kerala
When I decided to move abroad I faced the daunting task of selling my running business. We had started this supermarket 3 years back with a partner and it was picking up well. I registered by business with SMERGERS and started connecting with potential buyers. I was very impressed with their website as almost every buyer who contacted me was genuinely interested. They gave clear details about their background and their interest in my business. SMERGERS helped me close the deal within 2 months and I would gladly endorse it to other small and medium businesses.
Joe Meppurathu
Partner, Pick and Save Supermarket, Kerala

Murthy Gudipati, Executive Director, Saven Technologies Limited, Hyderabad
We are a BSE listed software company looking to acquire small and medium sized software/IT companies to grow inorganically. We registered on SMERGERS to find and connect with companies for sale. The platform was simple to use and we could easily find, evaluate and connect with quality businesses. We recently acqui-hired a software development team in Hyderabad and we will continue to use the platform for future acquisitions.
Murthy Gudipati
Executive Director, Saven Technologies Limited, Hyderabad

Jens Herzog, Chief Executive Partner, EKSH OY, Finland
I do must say, I am really positively surprised with your service. Much better with the matchmaking and notifications than what I have seen so far. I have connected with good investors & buyers on SMERGERS who were interested in our mandates. Coincidentally, one of them even happened to be a German business. I was not able to find as many leads on any other platform, including the local ones. I look forward to continue using SMERGERS for future deals.
Jens Herzog
Chief Executive Partner, EKSH OY, Finland

Akshat Gupta, Founder, CashVasool, Mumbai
Seeing an increase in the number of people transacting online, I built an online coupon website and got affiliated with many e-commerce companies including Flipkart and Jabong and over 150 Online stores. Though the business was growing, I wanted to sell my website since I switched to another domain. I registered on SMERGERS to find buyers. I was introduced to more than 10 buyers and I closed the deal within 4 months. I recommend SMERGERS to any business which is looking to get acquired.
Akshat Gupta
Founder, CashVasool, Mumbai

JP. Bos, Founder, Red Chili Rewards, Singapore
I have enjoyed my time on SMERGERS, I found it to be pleasant, professional and a great introduction to some very interesting people. Although I did not find the investor i was looking for, since we managed to find funding elsewhere, I would absolutely recommend this company and the people behind it.
JP. Bos
Founder, Red Chili Rewards, Singapore

Vipin, Individual Investor, , Kochi
I was actively seeking buy-out/partnership opportunities in South India. I had bought a minority stake in a Chennai based business which I had found on SMERGERS. Now, I’m using SMERGERS platform again to connect with other interested investors to exit my investment.
Individual Investor, Kochi

Saurabh Khetan, Managing Director, GK Culinary - Abbey Road, Gurgaon
Thanks to SMERGERS, I found an investor from across the globe for my company in just 15 days. Having got multiple offers from investors, I chose the one who I could work with easily and gave us a better valuation. With the help of SMERGERS network partners the legal formalities were completed and the deal was closed in 4 months.
Saurabh Khetan
Managing Director, GK Culinary - Abbey Road, Gurgaon

Avneesh Mathur, Co Founder & Director, Avis e Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Delhi
While we grew at our own pace & saw many start-ups raise funds very easily these days, we were not sure of getting an investor for our decade old Telecom Software Solutions Company. Our traditional approach met with no success & then we discovered SMERGERS sometime back and gave it a try. What makes SMERGERS unique is the global network, within few weeks of registering we had a good number of introductions from all over the world. The quality of introductions are far superior to any of the competing platforms that we had used. SMERGERS team supported us post the introduction as well and the best part was that we closed the deal with the first person we met on SMERGERS.
Avneesh Mathur
Co Founder & Director, Avis e Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Delhi

Sailesh Chandra, General Manager, Visionet Systems Inc., Bangalore
VSPL has an ongoing relationship with SMERGERS, and it has been a very good association. SMERGERS has played a major role in VSPL's inorganic growth strategy in India. They have been continuously providing us with opportunities which are thoroughly screened before they are presented to us. They also have good tested resources for due diligence. We would highly recommend them to any company who is looking to acquire and grow inorganically in India. We look forward to continue to work with them to acquire organizations in the IT/ITES space.
Sailesh Chandra
General Manager, Visionet Systems Inc., Bangalore

Shiv, Individual Investor, , Angola
SMERGERS is platform which aids in providing various business choices for buyers and investors to fulfill individuals needs. It is informative to know financial data of businesses which helps in identifying healthy business opportunities among listed. Team by itself is proactive in responding to queries and in understanding customer needs. Through SMERGERS I was able to complete my first deal and will continue my association for any prospective take over in expanding my diversified business investment portfolio.
Individual Investor, Angola

Gajanan P Barve, General Manager, Moniplus, Papua New Guinea
I'm an NRI based in the South Pacific. I was actively looking to buy out a restaurant business in India particularly in Maharashtra. SMERGERS had attractive opportunities presented in a neat, transparent and efficient manner. I could easily shortlist and identify good opportunities based on SMERGERS Ratings. While necessary support was provided at all stages, SMERGERS enabled us to interact directly with quality entrepreneurs. I successfully purchased one restaurant recently and highly recommend SMERGERS to anybody looking to invest in or buy Indian businesses.
Gajanan P Barve
General Manager, Moniplus, Papua New Guinea

Surendra Brahme, Director, Suma Soft Pvt Ltd, Pune
I’m a qualified Chartered Accountant and the Chief Financial Advisor of an IT Group with presence in India, US and Canada. As part of our strategic goals to invest in high growth verticals we started connecting with business opportunities on SMERGERS. We were happy with the quality of businesses we connected with, so we got actively engaged and connected with about 15 more businesses on SMERGERS. Most of them responded immediately with details for our evaluation. One of the businesses was a good fit and we have invested in it and we are in talks with a few more.
Surendra Brahme
Director, Suma Soft Pvt Ltd, Pune