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Interests: Looking for small, medium, and large businesses. Also, looking for high-risk business model planning to scale through the use of funding and loan consolidation like merchant cash advances, business loans, or commercial real estate loans and investments through Private Equity and JV Partnerships.
Background: We are a startup consulting firm that helps businesses using necessary methods as an attempt to scale. No upfront fees will be required. Success fee between 5%- 10% depending on the size, and will be factored into funding amount, at deal closing.
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Interests: I look for a revenue-generating business with proof of concept and growth potential, and in my individual capacity also invest in international opportunities.
Background: Experienced Lawyer, and Investment Banker; with a demonstrated history of working in the US Banking industry. Mergers and acquisitions. Skilled in all aspects of the public offering process. Reg A+ IPO offerings expert with deep knowledge in Evaluations, Analytical, IPOs, Underwriting, Listings, Raising capital, SPACs, Structuring, Marketing, and SEC filings / compliance. Strong legal professional background focused on the US capital market.
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Interests: 1. Principals who have documented equity investment in their project. 2. Detailed executive summary. 3. Clear detailed repayment strategy. 4. Existing collateral (not always necessary). 5. We have lenders who want to look for business globally.
Background: 1. We are a funding group having access to multiple alternative funding lenders and investment sources. We can help any sized business obtain like: - Term loans & SBA bridge loans. - Equity investment, equipment financing, savings on credit card processing. - Lines of credit. - Merchant cash advances, and credit renovation. 2. Specialties: Business capital funding, global project funding and providing investment capital. 3. We will not charge any upfront or processing fees. Mandate fees will be applicable on case to case basis.
9.0 / 10
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Principal, Portfolio Management Group
Financial Consultant in Pompano Beach, United States
Interests: Profitable with room to grow, easily scalable and having a low inventory. Good record keeping and open to existing owner staying but desire to keep strong employees on board. We definitely want sellers who are willing to carry a small portion as a note with attractive terms.
Background: - After over 25 years of successful business operations and entrepreneurship, we decided to take another direction. We now share our expertise and background with other companies and individuals because we enjoy seeing younger companies succeed. - We are a small group and a part of our parent company's dedicated business professionals who use our proven expertise and background to find improvements and change that we know will improve business operations and sustain growth with profitability. We seek to acquire small businesses or partner with owners to grow the operation.
8.2 / 10
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CEO, AKND Capital Advisors
Financial Consultant in Mumbai, India
Interests: We offer a broad range of specialized services which includes: - Advice on fund raising from multiple sources. - Private equity advisory. - Venture capital and angel investment advisory. - Advising mergers & acquisitions (buy & sell) on a local or a global scale. - Divestitures and exclusive sales. - Joint ventures and strategic alliance. - India entry strategy. - Project finance and debt syndication and restructuring. - Debt & equity financing and refinancing. - Due diligence and valuations. - Market and industry research and pre-feasibility study.
Background: - We are a well networked business advisory firm that is professionally managed, focused on quality and on our clients. - Our investment banking and advisory services are known for its quality. We help upcoming corporate entities with global aspirations. - Our services have no borders, and so we aren't limited by geographic constraints. We also help in expansions across geographies, setting up JVs, PE investments, acquisitions and funding for the same. - Our clients have revenues between $2 million and more than $500 million and our experience makes us market leaders.
8.7 / 10
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Interests: Looking for investment opportunities in all kinds of industrial & business enterprises having a sound track record. Open to businesses that are seeking funds for expansion including malls, office complexes, hospitals, hotels, resorts and recognized tech startups.
Background: Bhopal based IT solutions company incorporated in 2016. Managing Director of the firm is an investment banker & business mentor possessing extensive expertise and experience in business automation, business development, B2B & B2C marketing, project financing, debt & equity funding.
8.5 / 10
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Interests: Looking for businesses or startups with strong financials, accreditation if any. Documents associated with business activities should be clear.
Background: Have 10 years of work experience in investment banking and research. I provide financial advisory services in my individual capacity to leading corporates looking to raise equity or debt for their projects and who are interested in M&A activities. I will not be charging any upfront fees. The success fees would range from 2.5% to 3.5%.
8.6 / 10
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Interests: Our criteria can be summarised as below: 1) Business continuity of at least 3 years. 2) Audited financial records. 3) Annual turnover of INR 1 cr or more. We are open to any business with the exception of real estate and diamond trading.
Background: We are a financial advisory firm having over 12 years of experience in supporting our clients for fundraising through banks, NBFC's, fund houses, private equity, venture capital & NRI investors. We assist clients in obtaining 100% funding as per their requirements. The interest rate is dependent on both the industry and the current market situation. We have one of the shortest processing time. A secured loan usually takes anywhere between 20 to 25 days and an unsecured loan takes 10 to 15 days. We do not charge an upfront fee and our success fee is 1%.
8.1 / 10
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Interests: I present loan applications to lenders in the country suitable for the specific lending projects. Need to complete just one application, I gather some basic documents, then present the proposal to every local, regional, and national lender that fits loan requests. The lending community will be able to compete for a loan through one single point of contact.
Background: Firm provides permanent and bridge financing for multifamily, commercial, and residential investment properties. Our lending programs offer full-recourse and non-recourse, commercial financing for the acquisition or refinancing of stabilized properties, as well as bridge financing for properties expected to meet permanent financing criteria within 12 to 36 months of closing.
8.4 / 10
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Manager, Substance Advisory Pvt Ltd
Financial Consultant in Kolkata, India
Interests: Sustainable Business Model, Favourable Industry Trend, Strong Management, Experienced and Ambitious Promoter. We are sector agnostics. We provide financial consultancy to all the sectors.
Background: Advisory firm providing services like M&A advisory, debt syndication, valuation and due diligence. We have a group of experienced employees all of whom hold a minimum work experience of 6 years in investment banking. We have offices in Mumbai and Kolkata. We charge upfront fees. Our success fee falls within the 1% to 3% range.
8.2 / 10
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Managing Partner, Yemnak Management Consultancy L.L.C
Financial Consultant in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Interests: Return on investment. Growth potential. Business opportunities.
Background: Our company is based in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates with satellite office in Beirut, Lebanon and partnerships with international consultancy firms in all continents. We are proud to support our customers in achieving outstanding results, maintaining sustainable growth and meeting the expectations of our shareholders. We are proud that the team goes out of their way to assist clients through hands-on implementation and execution to ensure that we deliver results and that every project is a long-lasting success story. Seeking good business opportunities in United Kingdom, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Spain Lebanon, UAE and Greece. We do not charge upfront fee. We charge only success fee after the deal closure.
9.1 / 10
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Interests: Factors that play a major role are the nature of business, the year of establishment (how old the business is), the reason for sale / investment, annual revenue & profit. However, the factors may vary depending on the business. Our clients are looking for businesses in India, Singapore, the UK, and the US.
Background: We are a leading marketing & business consulting company offering solutions in direct marketing, digital marketing, research and publishing, real estate, M&A advisory services with the goal of generating measurable gains for our clients which are directly reflected in sales, financial and bottom line. We can help businesses with their funding requirements & have tied up with a lot of private investors, NBFCs & other financial institutions & are very well equipped to execute such deals. We charge upfront fee and success fee.
8.4 / 10
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Head - Engagement, Prequate Consultants Private Limited
Financial Consultant in Bangalore, India
Interests: We are interested in working with companies ranging between USD 2-20MN from doing valuations to board management.
Background: We are a team of professionals with complementary experiences from Consulting firms concentrating on combining Finance and Strategy for our clients and enabling their performance. Our services are broadly classified into CFO Office, Bespoke Consulting and IB, M&A.
9.4 / 10
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Interests: Healthcare, infrastructure, manufacturing, technology, startup, with special focus on SMEs.
Background: Rendering financial services and management consultancy services with special focus of arranging loans, syndication of loans besides advising on or acting as a consultant to SME Sector in particular.
8.1 / 10
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Interests: We arrange secure & unsecured business loans with quick disbursal.
Background: We are expert financial advisors in arranging unsecured business loans, secured loans, LAP and for working capital. Will not be charging any upfront fees. Success fees will be charged based on the transaction.
8.2 / 10
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Interests: High growth companies in the technology space.
Background: I’m the middle man who looks for deals and takes them to either an equity firm or to a bank to get financing. If the deal closes is when I receive payment. No deal - No payment. No form of upfront payment or any payment of any kind.
8.2 / 10
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Interests: Interested in business opportunities. Business should have growth potential and could from any sector.
Background: Our company provides Corporate advisory for M&A, PE / VC transactions, Corporate Strategy, Technology Transfer services.
8.4 / 10
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Interests: Businesses should be: - Legally incorporated. - Have a well-documented business plan with 5 years (min. ) audited financial projections. - A strong management team and be solvent. - Be willing to travel to meetings. - Certified to ISO 9001:2015 or willing to be certified to ISO 9001:2015 during the financing process to satisfy our partners' criteria in financing business with a visible Quality Management System.
Background: - Our niche is to represent qualifying companies searching to establish partnerships with venture capital and angel investors in the City of London, Switzerland and in the United States. - Member of a global network of 5,000+ investors, sovereign wealth fund managers, and family offices. - Our capital raise focus is to create corporate bonds through regulated bond firms which sell to qualified investors. - Companies with access to investors have three vital commodities: experience, access to the capital markets and time. We do not have upfront fees, we only charge success fees and the legal costs to pursue due diligence through our professional network of regulated corporate lawyers and chartered accountants. - We are members of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP). - We are Certified Banking & Credit Analysts. We have the professional financial training and industry insight to steer all funding projects to their successful outcome. - We are certified by Exemplar Global as Management Systems Lead Consultants (ISO 19011) and Quality Management Systems Consultants (ISO 9001:2015). - Our website openly and honestly states precautions clients and potential clients should take before any engagement. - As part of our commitment to becoming globally transparent in financial and banking intermediation, we now have a D‑U‑N‑S® Number and Legal Entity Identifier Code issued respectively by Dun & Bradstreet and the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF). - We adhere to the 5Cs of Credit in credit applications. - Please review the Financing Processing Flow before you contact us. Please contact us through SMERGERS and not through unscheduled WhatsApp messages. We block WhatsApp messages which are not in our contact list. We do this to prevent identity theft and conform to professional best practice.
8.3 / 10
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