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Results 1 - 18 of 140 - Commercial Real Estate Brokers as on September 2020. Find Commercial Real Estate Brokers from 180 countries, 950+ industries. Sell or Finance your Business by sending your business proposal to pre-screened Commercial Real Estate Brokers with verified contact details and background information and investment requirements. Join our 1,468,000+ Member Network Today to Sell or Finance your Business.

  • Commercial Real Estate Broker

Director, Sharda Space Adviser
CRE Broker in Ahmedabad, India
Interests: Looking for running businesses for sale and investments. Business should be generating a profit margin of a minimum 10%.
Background: We are a professional real estate consultancy company in Gujarat with 30 years of experience. We also offer business advisory services. We charge a 1% advisory fee and there is no upfront fee.
8.7 / 10
Locations Gujarat + 2 more
Industries Entertainment Centers + 6 more
Investment Size USD 34 K - 7 Mn
Director, Hatling Ltd
CRE Broker in London, United Kingdom
Interests: We seeking 4/5star hotels or commercial buildings for a group of UHNWI. Our clients are searching for luxury hotels and high yielding shopping malls across the world. LOI can be provided. Our clients are searching for luxury hotels and high yielding shopping malls across the world. We are willing to work with other brokers provided they are working directly with sellers/owners.
Background: London based real estate agency with a direct connection to global investors and developers. On the platform, we are acting as brokers and been representing a few foreign clients and groups. There is no upfront or success fee charged from the businesses (seller). We do levy a commission of 1% - 2% from the investors (buyers) whom we are representing.
8.4 / 10
Locations North America + 17 more
Industries Hotels + 5 more
Investment Size Upto USD 640 Mn
CRE Broker in Ontario, Canada
Interests: Good cash flow, valued clients, good products and proper business valuation.
Background: I am an investor, tech-savvy and a banker. Our company is engaged in strategic advisory and financing services. We are currently looking at building our portfolio.
8.3 / 10
Locations United States + 14 more
Industries Baby Food + 37 more
Investment Size USD 370 K - 7.5 Mn
Director, Proprex Realty Pvt. Ltd
CRE Broker in Noida, India
Interests: Real estate (residential & commercial) purchase, brokerage and joint venture deals for real estate projects.
Background: Established in 2013, we are primarily into real estate brokerage. Looking to expand our horizon.
9.3 / 10
Locations Bihar + 5 more
Industries News Agencies + 3 more
Investment Size USD 14 K - 14 Mn
Owner, Owners Goa
CRE Broker in Goa, India
Interests: Looking for renting, leasing or buying out properties in Goa.
Background: We are real estate consultants and have been operating since 2008 in the Goa market. We are active in south Goa particularly. There is no upfront fee. We will charge a commission post deal closure.
8.6 / 10
Locations Goa + 2 more
Industries Commercial Land + 22 more
Investment Size USD 70 K - 270 K
CRE Broker in Mumbai, India
Interests: We are keen to acquire entities that are currently operational and income generating. We have many clients looking for them to invest on an urgent basis.
Background: JLL (NYSE: JLL) is a leading professional services firm that specializes in real estate and investment management. Our vision is to reimagine the world of real estate, creating rewarding opportunities and amazing spaces where people can achieve their ambitions. JLL is a Fortune 500 company with nearly 300 corporate offices, operations in over 80 countries and a global workforce of 83,500 as of March 31, 2018. JLL is the brand name, and a registered trademark, of Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated.
8.2 / 10
Locations Gujarat + 1 more
Industries Hospitals + 3 more
Investment Size USD 5.4 Mn - 27 Mn
CRE Broker in Athens, Greece
Interests: We are looking to connect with real estate property owners to help them improve their business.
Background: Real estate consulting firm helping clients and investors to make profitable investment in real estate in Greece. We also can find foreign buyers for the properties to sell them with very good profit or manage them (Airbnb). We hold extensive experience in the real estate industry of Greece. Founder of the company has 10 years of experience.
7.7 / 10
Locations Greece
Industries Real Estate Agencies + 2 more
Investment Size USD 1.2 K - 1.2 Mn
CRE Broker in Mumbai, India
Interests: Esskay realtors are in brokerage for business takeovers.
Background: We are keen brokers for company takeovers in School, Brewery in Maharashtra, Goa and Delhi for Colleges, Hospitality, Hospital, Brewery and Micro Brews.
7.7 / 10
Locations Europe + 65 more
Industries Adventure Sports + 59 more
Investment Size USD 1.4 Mn - 16 Mn
Senior Investment Advisor, Unique Properties
CRE Broker in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Interests: 1. Schools: - Anywhere in UAE. - Must Be Operational. - Must Be for Sale Fully with Land, Building, Staff. - Only British and American Curriculum. - Budget - 170m to 250m. 2. Healthcare Industry: - Looking for a small diagnostics center, dental hair removal laser treatment center, gynaecology center for sale with equipment. Should be in running condition along with the staff.
Background: We have been active in the UAE real estate market since 2007 in both freehold and leasehold areas. Our core focus has always been on managing complete projects which include selling and leasing of properties within these projects. At the moment we are managing over 400 properties across the UAE. We are currently active in Dubai Marina, JLT, Greens Community, Motor City, Palm Jumeirah, Springs, Arabian Ranches, Mirdiff, Al Nahda, Mira, Mudon and other freehold and leasehold developments. Backed by a management and team with a vast experience in the UAE real estate sector.
7.8 / 10
Locations United Arab Emirates + 2 more
Industries Diagnostic Labs + 15 more
Investment Size USD 14 Mn - 100 Mn
Managing Director, Vidhan Properties
CRE Broker in Delhi, India
Interests: We have clients who are looking for investing in various sectors. Our budget lies within the range of INR 1 crore - INR 1,000 crores.
Background: We are a real estate and hotel consultancy firm. Established in the year 1996 and headquartered in Delhi. We do not charge anything upfront; only success fee for our services.
7.9 / 10
Locations Delhi + 12 more
Industries Consulting + 14 more
Investment Size USD 140 K - 140 Mn
Proprietor & Independent Consultant
CRE Broker in Hyderabad, India
Interests: 1. Repayment capacity is must. 2. Collateral has to be a freehold property and 200% value of the amount required for financing. 3. NPA accepted as long as work orders are in hand. 4. I am representing clients who are in search of businesses across India.
Background: I run a real estate agency in Hyderabad. I am acting as a business broker in my personal capacity. I am well connected to business houses and financial institutions that lend to businesses with good prospects. I will not charge an upfront fee. Success fee will be based on the transaction size.
7.4 / 10
Locations India + 1 more
Industries Residential Real Estate Construction + 21 more
Investment Size USD 2.7 Mn - 40 Mn
President, Porte D'Or Financial Ltd
CRE Broker in California, United States
Interests: Businesses who require financing for the acquisition or expansion or other cash needs for their operations. We finance purchases of businesses, commercial real estate or equipment even when borrower has been turn down by their bank or have recent credit challenges.
Background: We are business brokers affiliated with a CPA & Immigration Consulting firm specializing in international tax planning and immigration-related investment as well as their domestic financing activities.
7.4 / 10
Locations United States + 3 more
Industries Automotive Accessories + 33 more
Investment Size USD 500 K - 20 Mn
CRE Broker in Pune, India
Interests: Looking for genuine sellers. One of my clients is specifically looking for a hospital in a prime location. Also open to other sectors.
Background: I have been running a real estate agency. I also provide advisory services in my personal capacity. I am sector agnostic and will not charge an upfront fee. The success fee will be levied based on the deal size.
7.0 / 10
Locations Kondhapuri + 1 more
Industries Bars + 13 more
Investment Size Upto USD 70 K
Independent Advisor
CRE Broker in Bangalore, India
Interests: Looking to close the deal as soon as possible.
Background: Owner of a jewellery business in Bangalore. For the past 30 years, I have also been providing real estate advisory services in my individual capacity. Post deal, I will be charging a commission of 1% to 2%. I do not charge any upfront fees.
6.9 / 10
Locations Bangalore
Industries Hotels + 12 more
Investment Size Upto USD 14 Mn
Bussines Consulting, PVL - Capital Partners
CRE Broker in London, United Kingdom
Interests: New or established businesses that need financial advising and support in specialization in real estate, assets, renewable energy, alternative investments.
Background: Real Estate advising company that provides investment opportunities and management services with specialisation on real estate development in prime locations. Originally we are a company with established partners in every location. Our main focus is the real Estate and Hospitality industry within the European region. Our experience has given us the opportunity to form a solid profile with developed formulas in a pallet full of long and short term solutions.
7.4 / 10
Locations United States + 9 more
Industries Asset Management + 15 more
Investment Size USD 1.2 Mn - 12 Mn
CRE Broker in Coimbatore, India
Interests: - I have a requirement for a major training company. Looking for Educational institutions with classrooms and hostel that can accommodate 300 students. - Also, open to warehousing business in Chennai, Coimbatore and rest of South India. - Planning to close the deal within 2 to 3 months. - Would like to look into valuation to evaluate the business.
Background: We are a Coimbatore based professional real estate organization having catered to multiple corporate clients since 2006. We do not charge upfront fees.
7.1 / 10
Locations Chennai + 1 more
Industries Warehouse Property + 3 more
Investment Size Upto USD 27 Mn
CRE Broker in Gurgaon, India
Interests: Would like to know the details of profit after tax and all-expense. Should derive a return on investment between 7% and above.
Background: We have been providing all types of real estate services since 2005 and we help in setting up new businesses and warehouses. Arranging land for the site and other types of assistance up until the time of production. We have a potential investor in hand who wants to invest from INR 10 Cr to 10,000 Cr in pre rented assets anywhere in the country. We charge upfront fees and 1% of success fees.
7.7 / 10
Locations India
Industries Auto Electrical Parts + 32 more
Investment Size USD 1.4 Mn - 1.4 Bn
Property Consultant, D&B Properties
CRE Broker in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Interests: Looking for business opportunity in the hospitality sector in Dubai. Could be ladies saloon, restaurants, hotels and that sort of area. Important considerations are a good ROI, location, client base, existing staff & their experience and opulence.
Background: We are a real estate agency based in Dubai, U. A. E. We have a large database of clients. We do not charge any upfront fees. We charge only success fee post transaction deal.
7.9 / 10
Locations Dubai
Industries Beauty Salons + 4 more
Investment Size USD 40 K - 100 K


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