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TV Production Company for Sale in Giza Governorate, Egypt

For Sale: Firm producing a successful football reality show with 4,000+ players signed.
- Produce a well accepted football reality show. - Have tied up with 4 European clubs for talent acquisition and have signed up 4,000+ talents so far who we showcase. - We have about 350,000+ people who play football professionally, semi-professionally and recreationally who have registered with us. - The show format is in a documentary style with each episode stretching between 30 -35 minutes. - Each season has about 15 episodes. - The show's content is released online through YouTube and through local TV stations. - Our first season was wildly successful and we are currently in the process of filming the second season. - We also host football championships for Egyptian players. - We have a strong marketing team and generated 22M online impressions last year and about 20M online impressions this year so far. - We primarily market our show through our Facebook page which has over 300,000 likes. - We have built a strong image and received significant attention from the press. - Our revenue over the last few months has dropped as Season 1 has finished airing and we are in the process of filming Season 2. - We expect revenue to pick up again with the release of Season 2. - The market audience for our product is 22M and the business is still in its nascent stage and has significant potential to grow.
6.6   Giza Governorate
Run Rate Sales
USD 150 thousand
10 - 20 %
Full Sale
USD 600 thousand
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