Boutique Brand International - Book Publishing Franchise Opportunity

7.2 / 10  ·  Established in 2019, 2 Franchisees currently, Headquartered in London

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All Formats

Format Investment Brand Fee Space Staff Exp. Monthly Sales Profit Margin Royalty
Pop Up Franchise USD 50.2 - 65.5 thousand USD 11 thousand 50 - 100 Sq Ft 1 USD 33 thousand 30% 6% Royalty
Store Franchise USD 109.3 - 174.9 thousand USD 22 thousand 100 - 200 Sq Ft 2 USD 66 thousand 30% 6% Royalty
Format Name Pop Up Franchise Store Franchise
Investment USD 50.2 - 65.5 thousand USD 109.3 - 174.9 thousand
Brand Fee USD 11 thousand USD 22 thousand
Space 50 - 100 Sq Ft 100 - 200 Sq Ft
Staff 1 2
Expected Monthly Sales USD 33 thousand USD 66 thousand
Profit Margin 30% 30%
Royalty / Commission 6% Royalty 6% Royalty

About Boutique Brand International

Join the innovative educational sound book media business from Boutique Brand International. We have trademarked service that specialises in making innovative educational books with stories, sounds. Sound book is the better way for effective learning that keep readers entertained and motivated. With voice, we can improve memory scientifically. Our business has been a major success, based on its well-developed product and its valuable business ideas. Our handmade book is one-of-a-kind, trending product at the market, an increasingly lucrative option to start an upper-level business. Using our concept the franchise partner can produce high-quality 3D pop-up products, magazine, multilingual sound learning-books, music-books, cooking book, wedding book, family book, travel book, fitness book, brand business book for every occasion. DIY author package; Customised fashionable and stylish books. The founder is nominated by Women’s Council & Awards for her entrepreneurship. We will teach the franchise partner how to design and make creative books. The franchise partner has to produce different types of books depending on the demand and sell it to customers. For the international franchise partners, we will teach completely through online so that they can setup store and sell in their location. We have 2 franchise formats. The pop-up store is a kiosk setup that can be moved and arranged anywhere to sell the books. The store franchise format is a fixed outlet where they can sell the books. The franchise partner has to generate revenue by selling the books they have created.

Products and Services

We design, create, develop, print multilingual storybooks for children, babies, adults.

Preferred Locations

Japan, South Korea, New York, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Spain, Chicago, Italy, Taiwan, France, Texas, Austria, San Diego, Dubai, Ireland, Norway, Florida, Netherlands, San Francisco, Scotland, Abu Dhabi, Seattle, Finland, Lithuania, Portugal, New Zealand, Hawaii, Switzerland, Qatar, Denmark, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Macau, Monaco.

How to get Boutique Brand International Franchise?

Connect with us on SMERGERS and we will guide you through the process.

What are some of the things we look for in a Franchisee?

• The franchise partner should have a desire to realise their financial and lifestyle dreams through owning their own business.

• Franchise partner has to produce the books on their own after learning from us.

• Has to sell the books created by them to customers in their region and generate revenue.

• A good attitude to learn new skills, market products and bring the best products to clients.

• Willingness to follow a proven path to owning a franchise quickly that can generate money.

• A drive to manage and succeed in the business.

Support you can expect from the company

We offer training, store setup, craftsmanship training, tools purchase, product development, story writing, artwork, designing, sound, printing, packaging, IG account, affiliate account services, marketing (Google Ads) support to the franchise partners.

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