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Software Company Investment Opportunities in Dhaka

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Web & Mobile Development Business Investment Opportunity in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Software development company based in Dhaka, operating since 2012 seeks investment for own software expansion.
We offer software and application development services to clients. Launched own software in 2012 to help enterprise and MSME business management. - Completed more than 20+ projects to date for our clients. - Have served clients from the USA, Canada, Singapore, and the UK. - Clients are from industries like hotels, restaurants, logistics, hospitals, and real estate. - Our software has around 3,000 registered users with 50 paid customers. - We generate revenue by charging a service fee for development services and a subscription fee for our own software product. - At the moment, the majority of the revenue is from corporate solutions to our clients. - We have found local demand for our application and need to deploy a good number of field forces to acquire customers. - Facility has a total of 20 workstations. - Business has a single owner and is debt free. - We are planning to change the legal entity into private limited soon.
7.5   Dhaka
Run Rate Sales
USD 46 thousand
40 %
Financial Investment
USD 34 K for 40%
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Custom Application Development Company Investment Opportunity in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Software development and testing organization catering to the domestic and the international market.
Software development & testing company operational for the last 15+ years in designing and developing customized software solutions and providing software quality assurance & testing services. - Our clientele spans a full spectrum of organization types (small, medium and large) from government, international donor agencies, NGOs, private sector, multi-nationals, and international partners. - Our services are geared both to the local and international (outsourcing) market, giving us the breadth and depth of experience and knowledge by providing multifaceted and diverse solutions, based on client needs. Our focus lies in keeping to our commitment to quality, reliability, and excellence. - Our key business areas include: O Software development services. O Software quality assurance and testing. O Other Areas: training, maintenance support, documentation, and digital archiving. - We have also developed our own suite of ERP products aimed at HR management, accounting, marketing, and sales. but we have not fully marketed these solutions yet. - Majority of our revenue is generated from customized software development and maintenance services. - Business is owned by two directors and there are no debts or liabilities.
6.8   Dhaka
Run Rate Sales
USD 90 thousand
10 %
Financial Investment
USD 210 K for 50%
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Industrial Automation Company Investment Opportunity in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Company providing solutions for automation in manufacturing processes having 10+ clients is seeking an investor.
Italy based group owns and operates a company that provides Industry 4.0a' solutions. - Company offers a modular manufacturing execution system for companies involved in series production. - We offer 24 modules and various other vizualization tools for manufacturers. - Have 10+ clients from industries like aluminium and automobile manufacturing. - Revenue is not recurring and our clients pay us a one-time annual fee in advance. - We process manufacturing data of clients and suggest tools that can be used by them for automation and production optimization. - Company has branches in Bangladesh, Germany, and Italy. - Buyer will get a stake in this company and not in the group that owns it. - Sales figures quoted here are only of this entity and not the entire group.
6   Dhaka
Run Rate Sales
USD 1.1 million
3 %
Financial Investment
USD 220 K for 10%
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Enterprise Software Business Investment Opportunity in Dhaka, Bangladesh

ERP company with 250+ clients seeks funds to expand based out of Dhaka.
Company specializes in developing enterprise software and customized application development for its clients. - We also provide career consultation and training for college graduates in IT & software development. - Have 7 fully developed solutions for textile supply-chain management, school management, accounting management, virtual office management, and pharmacy management systems. - We also develop customized solutions based on our client's requirements. - Have 250+ clients and we have annual maintenance contracts with all our clients. - Revenue model: Charge monthly subscription fee and maintenance fee, one-time installation fee. We provide training and certificates to college graduates in the form of internships. - We have recently developed a solution with applications in the agricultural industry and need funds for marketing and branding. - Promoter has 4+ years of industry experience.
5.6   Dhaka
Run Rate Sales
USD 150 thousand
20 - 30 %
Financial Investment
USD 170 K for 20%
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IT Services Company Investment Opportunity in Dhaka, Bangladesh

ISO 9001:2015 certified IT solutions and software company serving both government and private sector.
We are ISO 9001:2015 certified company providing customized software and other IT solution to clients. - Have served around 50 clients till date which includes providing customized software and IT infrastructure. - We are a member of Bangladesh Association of Software & Information Services (BASIS) - Our clients are from both Government and Corporate sector. - Some of our clients are Bangladesh Coast Guard Force, Prime Minister’s Office of Bangladesh, BRTC, BUET, Mundipharma Ltd, Samsung. Have also developed software for Bangladesh Navy. - We have developed Hotel Management Software, Enterprise Electronic File Management software, Software for Online Document verification through QR Code, Micro Credit Management System and many other software. - We are a 35 member team. 25 work full time and 10 part time. - Plan to target international clients in the coming years. - Promoter has more than 20 years of industry experience.
6.4   Dhaka
Run Rate Sales
USD 150 thousand
30 %
Financial Investment
USD 170 K for 30%
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Enterprise Software Company Investment Opportunity in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Developing BI, ERP, CRM application software for clients majorly from The Netherlands representing diversified industries.
We specialize in developing Business intelligence, ERP, CRM application software for clients. - Have served 100+ clients including SC Johnson and Amgen. Our clients are majorly from The Netherlands. - Have provided solutions for diversified industries including Logistics, Manufacturing and Pharma sectors. - Founded by 3 directors. One of them having 8+ years of industry experience.
7.9   Dhaka
Run Rate Sales
USD 50 thousand
50 %
Financial Investment
USD 50 K for 30%
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IT Services Company Investment Opportunity in Bangladesh

Software company in Bangladesh that has served 100 clients and seeking investment for expansion.
We are one of the leading software company in Bangladesh. - Have served around 100 clients. - Planning to target international clients in coming years. - Company has also developed its own office management software. - Director has experience from EXIM sector.
5.4   Bangladesh
Run Rate Sales
USD 20 thousand
20 %
Financial Investment
USD 170 K for 15%
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