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Internet of Things Business Investment Opportunity in Athens, Greece

Smartsafety technology company that provides hyper-automation using intelligent automation, cloud-computing IT/OT Integration.

Established 1-5 year(s)
Employees 5 - 10
Legal Entity Sole Proprietorship/Sole Trader
Reported Sales USD 1.28 million
Run Rate Sales USD 128 thousand
EBITDA Margin 40 %
Industries Internet of Things
Locations  Athens
Local Time 2:04 AM Europe / Athens
Listed By Business Owner / Director
Status Active
Overall Rating
Partial Stake Sale
USD 900 thousand for 40.0% stake (Native Currency: EUR 850,000)
Reason: Expand product range, Scaling international operations, and enter new market segments using our inte... View More
Includes physical assets worth USD 1.92 million
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Business Overview
• Our product (IT/OT integration, cloud computing node system & its life cycle services) is fully developed, tested, certified, put in operation, expandable & upgradable.
• Founders invested already a substantial amount, of their own resources.
• 100+ man years of background in intellectual property contributes an important resource for product’s evolution.
• Founders long successful design & development, marketing & sales, pricing, scaling, recurrent revenue generation & international duversification management experience, provide a guarantee to s2 n’s governance.
• Product is a competitive mix of smart systems + xaas apps + services, which provides a sustainable 25% increase in productivity.
• Product’s evolutionary technologies are extendible, upgradable, repairable, and maintainable without process interruption. These technologies comprehend AI, cloud & edge computing analytics, hypervisor and virtual machines, XaaS (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, KaaS & RPAaaS) apps, smart IOT sensors (industrial IOT), 5G paired cybersecurity, complete safety tools, legacy modernization systems proprietary protocol conversion, software robot, telematics & mobility paired with drone apps, sots (sw off the shelf), cots (commercial off the shelf) electronics & microelectronics.
• Deep knowledge & long experience of go-to-market, product road map & business road map policies & methodologies,
• International network of over 120 professional strategic partnerships for distribution, market penetration, and support.
• A completely developed tested certified and put-in-operation system that has already achieved a Circa $2.0 M Revenue.
• Have catered to over 100 clients to date. They are a mix of retailers and individual customers.
• The sales has dropped significantly since it is not a good year for sales for us.
Products & Services Overview
An innovative IA, Intelligent Automation-based (Hyperautomation) Smart node combined with a Hypervisor Cloud-Native Edge networked with smart IoT sensors (e-sensing) and a set of XaaS (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, KaaS & RPAaaS) apps, offering transformational innovation and legacy systems modernization, standing on top of the foundational systems.
Assets Overview
A broad range of software engineering tools, programs, AMD applications, set of racks of servers, 25 workstations & their peripherals, set of hardware tools, electronics and instruments, cadence eda tools front and back end programs, full set of office furniture and office equipment, and over 100+ man years of R&D intellectual property.
Facilities Overview
One floor 120 sq. mtrs + a 60sq. mtrs with a fully equipped lab. It is rented.
Capitalization Overview
Personal funding, no loans from banks.
Have potential subsidy finance from running technology government development program and friends and relatives interest.
Have one shareholder.
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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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