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  • Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor in Pune, India
Interests: Due diligence audits, Merger, and amalgamations, Private equity deals, legal support and drafting of SSA, SHA agreements and compliance there off.
Background: Ours is the practising company secretary firm, dealing in all types of company law and Fema compliances, the detail profile is attached.
8.6 / 10
Locations India + 3 more
Industries Consulting + 28 more
Investment Size USD 140 K - 14 Mn
PE/VC, M&A, And Debt Advisory, Nucleus Partners
M&A Advisor in Delhi, India
Interests: - Brilliant management team; - Either operating in niche area (having potential to scale-up) - Or having good scale / growth / profit track record. - Serious entrepreneurs who appreciate the value of quality advice.
Background: We are a specialized financial advisory firm. We work closely with entrepreneurs in achieving their growth plans by arranging funds from Private Equity (PE) and / or Venture Capitalists (VC) and / or HNIs, and acquiring new companies. I have been an investment banker and a private equity investor throughout my 11 years of career so far. Worked with Goldman Sachs and Grant Thornton in the past and closed few landmark transactions in India, UK and Europe. I have good skill-set and have solid understanding / capability to execute fund raising and M&A transactions. We have advised over 100 clients in various sectors in the last four years.
8.1 / 10
Locations India + 18 more
Industries Agriculture Support + 29 more
Investment Size USD 200 K - 30 Mn
Director, Ethics Plus Consulting
M&A Advisor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Interests: Profitable, sustainable, good track record, attractive valuation.
Background: M&A advisor focused on healthcare, education, industrial, manufacturing, consumer, and ancillary / service businesses.
9.5 / 10
Locations Abu Dhabi + 2 more
Industries Asphalt Manufacturing + 19 more
Investment Size USD 2.7 Mn - 27 Mn
Principal, Portfolio Management Group
Financial Consultant in Pompano Beach, United States
Interests: Profitable with room to grow, easily scalable and having a low inventory. Good record keeping and open to existing owner staying but desire to keep strong employees on board. We definitely want sellers who are willing to carry a small portion as a note with attractive terms.
Background: - After over 25 years of successful business operations and entrepreneurship, we decided to take another direction. We now share our expertise and background with other companies and individuals because we enjoy seeing younger companies succeed. - We are a small group and a part of our parent company's dedicated business professionals who use our proven expertise and background to find improvements and change that we know will improve business operations and sustain growth with profitability. We seek to acquire small businesses or partner with owners to grow the operation.
8.2 / 10
Locations Arizona + 4 more
Industries Beauty Salons + 5 more
Investment Size USD 10 K - 250 K
Managing Director
Business Broker in Kansas City, United States
Interests: Solid cash flow with the need for acquisition or expansion financing.
Background: We represent private money lenders who are looking for good deals to fund. Interested in real estate business funding and equity investments.
8.4 / 10
Locations United States + 1 more
Industries Advanced Polymer + 21 more
Investment Size USD 100 K - 25 Mn
Financial Advisor in Bangalore, India
Interests: Good promoter, Innovative company, visionary and a great team.
Background: I run a debt syndication firm in Bangalore. We have helped many prominent companies fund their growth in the past.
8.7 / 10
Locations Hong Kong + 12 more
Industries Application Software + 27 more
Investment Size USD 7 K - 140 K
Founder Director
Financial Advisor in Vadodara, India
Interests: We are looking for businesses which have passed proof of concept stage and are looking for funding either in form of equity or debt. We are also actively seeking M&A opportunities.
Background: We are an boutique corporate advisory firm which can provide corporate finance services (business planning, feasibility studies, valuations, etc, debt syndication (project loans, working capital financing, promoter funding, import & export financing, equity syndication (angel funding, PE & VC funding.
8.7 / 10
Locations India + 6 more
Industries Agricultural Machinery + 8 more
Investment Size USD 140 K - 2.7 Mn
Founder & CEO, SHS Advisory Group
M&A Advisor in Chennai, India
Interests: We are interested to invest in startups and running businesses. We can get investors for our clients regardless of the kind of project. We also assist our clients in investing capital, connecting sellers with buyers and vice versa. We assist to sell the business or buy the businesses.
Background: A business and financial advisory company specializing in bringing innovative strategies in Finance and Marketing to develop and turnaround companies / business ventures. We not only advise but also implement the same with our team of professionals and our vast network of Investors / Funders / Contacts / Banks. Advised, structured and helped more than 1,000 transactions. Advised more than 75 Equity Investments for our side investors. Currently advising a sizable portfolio on investments. We will charge an upfront fee.
9.4 / 10
Locations Houston + 104 more
Industries Accessories + 273 more
Investment Size USD 270 K - 700 Mn
Managing Partner
Financial Advisor in Kochi, India
Interests: We are interested in two segments. 1. Strategic / individual investors / N. R. I. s / Angel investors / Venture Capital funds looking to fund / invest in good startups / ventures / business looking for expansion, in and around the state of Kerala in South India. 2. Startups and established companies in and around Kerala looking for funding / investment in the range of Rs. 30 lakhs to Rs. 500 crores.
Background: 1. For strategic / individual investors / N. R. I. s / Angel investors / Venture Capital funds looking to fund / invest in good startups / ventures / business looking for expansion, in and around the state of Kerala in South India. . Based in Kochi, the commercial capital of Kerala and with good knowledge of Kerala market, we identify good businesses in Kerala and present it to discerning investors. Based on investor requirements, we also provide customised services like initial screening and assessment, meetings / interactions, enterprise valuation, asset valuation, share local market intelligence, help in local ground work, due diligence, etc. 2. For startups and established companies in and around Kerala looking for funding / investments in the range of Rs. 30 lakhs to Rs. 500 crores. - We study the company and funding needs, prepare detailed information memorandum, take it to V. Cs, angel Investors, Private equity fund houses, strategic investors, financial institutions based on the requirements; both directly and through our associates and advice and help in getting these funds; and do end to end structuring of the deal.
8.3 / 10
Locations Kerala + 17 more
Industries Consulting + 22 more
Investment Size USD 40 K - 70 Mn
Director, Asian Mergers And Acquisition Links
M&A Advisor in Malaysia
Interests: Businesses looking for investment, joint venture and acquisition.
Background: We are a Japanese owned boutique investment bank, specializing in M&A advisory. Company has 2 subsidiaries based in the Philippines & Thailand.
8.2 / 10
Locations Brunei + 10 more
Industries Food Ingredients + 13 more
Investment Size USD 10 Mn - 30 Mn
Business Consultant
Business Broker in Cape Town, South Africa
Interests: Depending on the following criteria: 1. Requested minimum loan amount. 2. Type of business / industry. 3. Location. Our consultancy firm strives to match clients with sources of financing and get the ball rolling as soon as possible. A business plan & acceptable collateral are of the utmost importance before connecting. Our website lists various financing options that we offer.
Background: Our consultancy firm was founded to act as an intermediary platform that provides the best business opportunities in order to empower global citizens through technology. Main Areas of Interest: - Business Consultancy. - Cryptocurrency Investment. - International Projects Funding. We do not charge any upfront fees since we would receive our commission from the company we are referring our clients to once the deal is closed.
8.9 / 10
Locations North America + 3 more
Industries Automotive Accessories + 27 more
Investment Size USD 10 K - 100 Mn
Sales Representative - Business Financing
Financial Advisor in New York, United States
Interests: Our minimum requirements - 1 year in business. $100,000 in annual revenue. 500 FICO score for the term loan, 600 for LOC. We do not charge any upfront fees.
Background: RevoBid LLC is a global consultancy company located in New York City. We specialize in Global Supply Chain Management servicing Small to Fortune 500 companies across all sectors and industries worldwide. We also provide business financing to small companies. would love to get in touch with you and see how can help you grow and invest in your business.
8.3 / 10
Locations United States + 17 more
Industries Advanced Medical Equipment Wholesale + 100 more
Investment Size USD 10 K - 50 Mn
CEO/ Founder
Financial Consultant in Mumbai, India
Interests: Factors that play a major role are the nature of business, the year of establishment (how old the business is), the reason for sale / investment, annual revenue & profit. However, the factors may vary depending on the business. Our clients are looking for businesses in India, Singapore, the UK, and the US.
Background: We are a leading marketing & business consulting company offering solutions in direct marketing, digital marketing, research and publishing, real estate, M&A advisory services with the goal of generating measurable gains for our clients which are directly reflected in sales, financial and bottom line. We can help businesses with their funding requirements & have tied up with a lot of private investors, NBFCs & other financial institutions & are very well equipped to execute such deals. We charge upfront fee and success fee.
8.4 / 10
Locations United States + 15 more
Industries Advertising Agencies + 38 more
Investment Size USD 140 K - 14 Mn
Head - Engagement, Prequate Consultants Private Limited
Financial Consultant in Bangalore, India
Interests: We are interested in working with companies ranging between USD 2-20MN from doing valuations to board management.
Background: We are a team of professionals with complementary experiences from Consulting firms concentrating on combining Finance and Strategy for our clients and enabling their performance. Our services are broadly classified into CFO Office, Bespoke Consulting and IB, M&A.
9.1 / 10
Locations Africa + 19 more
Industries Advertising Agencies + 30 more
Investment Size USD 2 Mn - 20 Mn
Director, Sharda Space Adviser
CRE Broker in Ahmedabad, India
Interests: Looking for running businesses for sale and investments. Business should be generating a profit margin of a minimum 10%.
Background: We are a professional real estate consultancy company in Gujarat with 30 years of experience. We also offer business advisory services. We charge a 1% advisory fee and there is no upfront fee.
8.7 / 10
Locations Gujarat + 2 more
Industries Entertainment Centers + 6 more
Investment Size USD 34 K - 7 Mn
Associate, SAS Partners Corporate Advisors Private Limited
M&A Advisor in Chennai, India
Interests: Our expertise lies in the Merger & Acquisition, PE / VC Funding raising, Business Plan, Financial Model, Valuation, Due-Diligence report.
Background: We are a multi disciplinary corporate advisory organisation with a clear focus on transaction (fund raising / M&A) advisory engagements for start up and growth capital seeking organisations.
9.2 / 10
Locations India + 12 more
Industries Agriculture Support + 33 more
Investment Size USD 140 K - 46 Mn
Managing Director
Financial Advisor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Interests: Will look for management experience, industry or segment, business ROI & the location.
Background: I'm the MD of a UAE based company and I'm also representing as a financial consultant for big HNWI and NBFCs who are looking for business opportunities. Upfront fee charged will be depending upon the transaction.
8.1 / 10
Locations Albania + 35 more
Industries Beauty Salons + 34 more
Investment Size USD 1.4 Mn - 54 Mn
Financial Advisor in Kochi, India
Interests: Looking for business opportunities in Staffing, Education, Healthcare, Agriculture and IT Services.
Background: JNJ Experts was founded to continuously best serve Companies and Individuals in finance and management related aspects by bringing them expert, candid advice and an outside perspective on their business.
8.3 / 10
Locations Kerala + 3 more
Industries Application Software + 20 more
Investment Size USD 140 K - 70 Mn