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Financial Advisor in India
Interests: We are a group of highly skilled Professionals having experience of more than three decades from various fields where we see tremendous potential and vibrant growth i. e, Ports, Infrastructure, Shipping, Communication, Civil Aviation, Health, Railways and other major sectors. Our strong and strategic presence in all these sector will guide companies to make successful entry in Indian market.
Background: Consultancy organization providing Business Support Services and various Management Services to companies who intends to set up their base in India or explore the Indian market for expanding their business. We respect the overseas partners and nuances of their business as such endeavors to provide various resources and the most suited business solutions in ensuring their multiple growth. We also value and very well understand the importance of furnishing ground information such as Political system, our bureaucratic system and socio-economical information to Foreign Firms failing which we believe a wide vacuum will occur and may lead to hidden problems at a later stage.
8.9 / 10
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Interests: Real estate joint development and residential fsi sale, private equity in Food and Beverage industry or any other emerging industry. We are open for talking.
Background: We are a Private Equity in Real estate and Food and Beverage focussed, but open for other good scalable businesses looking for growth Capital.
8.1 / 10
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Director, Ethics Plus Consulting
M&A Advisor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Interests: Profitable, sustainable, good track record, attractive valuation.
Background: M&A advisor focused on healthcare, education, industrial, manufacturing, consumer, and ancillary / service businesses.
9.5 / 10
Abu Dhabi + 2 more
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Interests: Looking for lands, commercial and office spaces in Bucharest or in its vicinity.
Background: We are a real estate consulting agency. We specialize in all the real estate domains, from lands to commercial spaces. Our main area of expertise is in Bucharest, Romania, and its vicinity. We help and advise our clients through the whole process of the real estate transaction, from the first consult of the sale price to the end negotiations and the signing of the final sale. Any potential buyer is vetted by us before presenting the property. Our commission ranges between 1% to 6% depends on many factors like the size of the deal, the amount of involvement, and the clients' needs.
9.1 / 10
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Interests: I look for a revenue-generating business with proof of concept and growth potential, and in my individual capacity also invest in international opportunities.
Background: Experienced Lawyer, and Investment Banker; with a demonstrated history of working in the US Banking industry. Mergers and acquisitions. Skilled in all aspects of the public offering process. Reg A+ IPO offerings expert with deep knowledge in Evaluations, Analytical, IPOs, Underwriting, Listings, Raising capital, SPACs, Structuring, Marketing, and SEC filings / compliance. Strong legal professional background focused on the US capital market.
9.4 / 10
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COO, Capital Agri International Ltd
M&A Advisor in Cambridge, United Kingdom
Interests: - Businesses with sound economics and a progressive management team seeking growth capital. - Distressed businesses looking for hands-on operational and strategic support are also of particular interest. - We have a team based in Sri Lanka in South East Asia base as well as in the UK where we work alongside investors and capital placement firms.
Background: Agri-food advisory, active in Sri Lanka and the UK. We provide a collective skill set of operational management, financial modelling, and structuring to support investments into agri-food and natural capital.
8.9 / 10
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Interests: Due diligence audits, Merger, and amalgamations, Private equity deals, legal support and drafting of SSA, SHA agreements and compliance there off.
Background: Ours is the practising company secretary firm, dealing in all types of company law and Fema compliances, the detail profile is attached.
8.6 / 10
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Project Analyst, DNA Advisors LLP For Mergers & Acquisitions
M&A Advisor in Chandigarh, India
Interests: We are interested in all types of heavy Industries, Tech companies, F&B ventures, Hotels and Service Industry.
Background: Our firm specializes in Mergers & Acquisitions of SME sector in North India. By bridging the gap between buy / sell sides through our network of bankers and chartered accountant associates, we assist our clients in scouting respective buyers / sellers. Furthermore, support them in course of transaction for a smooth transition of ownership / commencement of Joint Venture. We also advise our clients for restructuring, expansion and financial matters.
8.4 / 10
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Assistant Vice President, Moore Kingston Smith LLP
Accounting Firm in New Delhi, India
Interests: Looking for acquisition targets for my clients across sectors. Happy to connect with business looking to sell or acquire in the Indian and overseas market.
Background: UK based top 20 accounting and advisory firm with access to over 110 countries. India office looks at cross border transactions. Through our global connects we can access a large list of buy & sell-side mandates and keen on connecting with companies looking to sell / acquire / fund raise or strategic partnership. Advisory fees will depend on deal size.
9.7 / 10
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Principal, Portfolio Management Group
Financial Consultant in Pompano Beach, United States
Interests: Profitable with room to grow, easily scalable and having a low inventory. Good record keeping and open to existing owner staying but desire to keep strong employees on board. We definitely want sellers who are willing to carry a small portion as a note with attractive terms.
Background: - After over 25 years of successful business operations and entrepreneurship, we decided to take another direction. We now share our expertise and background with other companies and individuals because we enjoy seeing younger companies succeed. - We are a small group and a part of our parent company's dedicated business professionals who use our proven expertise and background to find improvements and change that we know will improve business operations and sustain growth with profitability. We seek to acquire small businesses or partner with owners to grow the operation.
8.2 / 10
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Interests: Profitable businesses with good investment opportunity and scalability.
Background: We are one of the top certified business brokers in Southeast Asia.
8.9 / 10
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Interests: 1. Principals who have documented equity investment in their project. 2. Detailed executive summary. 3. Clear detailed repayment strategy. 4. Existing collateral (not always necessary). 5. We have lenders who want to look for business globally.
Background: 1. We are a funding group having access to multiple alternative funding lenders and investment sources. We can help any sized business obtain like: - Term loans & SBA bridge loans. - Equity investment, equipment financing, savings on credit card processing. - Lines of credit. - Merchant cash advances, and credit renovation. 2. Specialties: Business capital funding, global project funding and providing investment capital. 3. We will not charge any upfront or processing fees. Mandate fees will be applicable on case to case basis.
9.0 / 10
United States + 11 more
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Interests: Profitability, turnover, profit margin, EBITDA, PAT, valuation, liability/obligations.
Background: I am the director of an IT company and I am also an independent consultant for fundraising, M&A deals and buyouts. I do not charge upfront fee. I charge only success fee after the deal closure. I have pan India clients.
8.2 / 10
Schools + 20 more
Director - Investment Banking, Centrum India
Investment Bank in Mumbai, India
Interests: One of our clients is seeking to purchase a building construction company anywhere in India.
Background: We are a financial services company engaged in fundraising, M&A, capital sourcing, and mutual funds. We are sector agnostic and are operational across India. We were established in 1997, and are HQ in Mumbai. There would be an upfront fee depending on the nature of the transaction. The success fee will be levied post deal closure.
8.9 / 10
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Interests: 1. Management credibility and vision. 2. Credit history and Top Line. 3. Willingness to accept solutions. 4. Correct and full declarations at the onset. 5. Deal Size preferred is INR 10 Crore onwards.
Background: We are looking at equity /debt financing/impact investing and startup funding. Nominated in 2019 as one of the top 500 new companies in India with pan India clients and a partner office in Belgium. This is a professionally run organisation that looks at M&A, debt funding, refinancing, and DFI funding. The director has also been featured in publications such as India Today, Rolling Stones, Times of India and is an award winning professional.
8.4 / 10
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Principal Consultant, MaxOut Global Consulting LLP
M&A Advisor in Pune, India
Interests: We are open to good business opportunities mostly in North, South & Western India. We are sector agnostic and will look at good business in the service or manufacturing sector with proven & sturdy products, & excellent clientele. We are open to look at companies who are highly leveraged in debt and are looking at exit options. Though we are not interested in acquiring a business with factory land and building, but we are open to evaluate such opportunities and can look at it selectively.
Background: Investment Banker with 1 confirmed deal on SMERGERS. We have offices in Pune, Chennai & Dubai. Promoted by a veteran from the investment banking industry with loads of experience and exposure in M&A, JV, raising funds in the form of equity and debt. Deal experience: Completed numerous deals within India. Terms of Engagement: Need either exclusivity or retainer fees. Success fees depend on the size of the deal. Services offered: M&A Services, Fund Raising, Valuation, Business Consulting.
9.6 / 10
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Interests: Looking for small, medium, and large businesses. Also, looking for high-risk business model planning to scale through the use of funding and loan consolidation like merchant cash advances, business loans, or commercial real estate loans and investments through Private Equity and JV Partnerships.
Background: We are a startup consulting firm that helps businesses using necessary methods as an attempt to scale. No upfront fees will be required. Success fee between 5%- 10% depending on the size, and will be factored into funding amount, at deal closing.
8.6 / 10
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Interests: Though we are led by a physically challenged individual, we have able professionals who advise us in the way business has to be done. Our panel consists of retired bankers, professionals among others. We collaborate with both buyer networks and seller networks. The advantage you get by working with a advisory firm is that you can remain confidential till you are sure about the buy / sell as all validations will be done by us. We work on a retainer + success fee model.
Background: We are a M&A networking firm connected with several entrepreneurs, intermediaries etc. As of date we have handled 100+ projects in the M&A space. To our success we have few projects and they had been in the INR 65 lakhs (USD 100,000) to INR 2.5 crores (USD 400,000. Many of the inquiries we had worked on were USD 20 million and above. For example we had the opportunity to work on a USD 100 million inquiry of a US based Health supplement company. We have many seller networks who approach us for selling their companies / firms. Right now we have more than 6 such inquiries both domestic and international. We have successfully completed a small deal of INR 75 lakhs (debt funding) for an ecommerce company based in Chennai. We also have successfully completed a INR 80 lakhs sellout deal for a feature film distributor.
8.4 / 10
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