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Businesses for Sale and Investment Opportunities in Odisha

Results 1 - 18 of 753 - Businesses for Sale and Investment Opportunities in Odisha as on September 2020. Buy or Invest in a Business in Odisha and 175 countries, 950+ Industries, with profit margins up to 60% investment ranging from INR 2.2 lakh - 370 crore. Explore pre-screened Businesses for Sale and Investment Opportunities in Odisha with verified contact details, valuation details and business photographs. Join our 1,465,000+ member network to Buy or Invest in a Business in Odisha. Create a Business profile to Sell or finance your Business in Odisha.

  • Odisha

Newly Established Food Processing Business Seeking Loan in Bhubaneswar, India

Business manufacturing and selling food products require funds to grow the business.
- Started commercial operations in January 2020 as an offline manufacturer and distributor of FMCG products. - Have a manufacturing unit in Bhubaneswar where mustard oil and organic turmeric is manufactured. - The unit has a maximum production capacity of 60 tonnes of mustard oil per month and 150 tonnes of turmeric per month. We are currently producing only 30 tonnes of both products per month. - We store turmeric in finger form and process into powder whenever we receive orders. - Black rice is procured from a vendor in Assam. - Manufacturing for other products is outsourced to rural entrepreneurs. - Supply to 20-25 supermarkets, reputed retailers, and distributors in Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. We do not have any contracts with them and supply as per demand. - Also, launched our own website in June through which we are selling products. - We also recently listed our products on Amazon. - All our products are pure and are sold under our own registered brand. - Our company's marketing team focuses on social media marketing, references, and testimonials. - We also distribute samples in two cities to retailers to increase clientage. - Currently, the major revenue is generated by offline sales. Only 10% of sales are generated via online marketing that includes third party websites and our own website. - Promoter has 10+ years of experience with the food processing industry,
7.8   Bhubaneswar , Odisha
Run Rate Sales USD 57 thousand
EBITDA Margin 20 %
Business Loan USD 14 thousand at 15% interest
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Specialty Mining Business Assets for Sale in Kalahandi, India

For Sale: Mines with rich reserves of Manganese in Kalahandi area on a 50-acre land.
- Manganese mines with 50-70% purity minimum on surface quality and purity. - The mines is spread across a 50-acre land (2,42,000 square yards) which has high yield and has superior quality of ore. - It is located in Kalahandi district of Odisha. - Mines has 70% of manganese and 30% of mixed minerals in it. - Mines has been taken on lease for 26 years and is extendable. - The mines is not operational and is unutilized. - The business has great potential and the buyer can supply minerals to places all across the world. - Company has successfully received almost all certifications and approvals from the government.
7.4   Kalahandi , Odisha
Ownership Duration 5-10 year(s)
Industries Specialty Mining
Asset Sale USD 1.4 million
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Education Consultant Franchise Opportunity

Campus Crop, Established in 2009, 5 Franchisees currently
  • 1000+ Page Views
  • 300+ Investor Views
We are a 11-year education support company offering a comprehensive suite of career counseling, e-learning, and overseas education support services. As part of our career counseling services, we have counseled over 1,000 candidates through our team of 50+ certified career counselors. We offer career counseling services to candidates between 10 - 40 years of age. We have partnered with Manipal University to resell their e-learning certificate courses covering 36 subjects including IT, finance, digital marketing and data analytics. We also offer overseas education support services and assist candidates with their visa applications and travel arrangements. We offer a franchise friendly model with the franchise partner having to only pay an upfront fee and is not required to pay royalty, commission or a renewal fee. Our existing franchise partners have all been running profitably.
8.1   Expanding in Odisha
Expected Monthly Sales USD 1.4 thousand
Space Required 100 - 1000 Sq Ft
Investment Required USD 4.7 - 6.8 thousand
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Electric Construction Business Investment Opportunity in Nayagarh, India

Electrical construction firm with 7 - 8 major government clients, undertaken 300+ projects till date.
- We are involved in electrical construction work. - Primarily undertake government public contracts with over 75% business revenue coming from this aspect. - We have 7 - 8 major clients in the government sector and 15 - 25 smaller clients in the private sector. - Contracts are awarded through tenders. Projects are announced and we make bids. Our projects usually start from INR 10 lakh. - Business is registered with NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation), WESCO (Western Electricity Supply Company of Odisha), CESU (Central Electricity Supply Utility of Odisha), OIAC (Orissa Agro Industries Corporation Limited). We have undertaken multiple agricultural government projects in Odisha till date. - We have undertaken 300+ projects till date. We usually hire over 40 sub contract workers while undertaking a project.
8.1   Nayagarh , Odisha
Run Rate Sales USD 1.3 million
EBITDA Margin 0 - 10 %
Financial Investment USD 190 thousand for 15% stake
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Trucking Startup Seeking Loan in Jharsuguda, India

Ground logistics company providing services to shippers, transporters, and connecting them to truck owners.
- Our platform connects brokers, transporters, and shippers to verified truck owners. - Launched our application in July 2020. It is available on Google Play. - The website is under maintenance. - The application allows users to choose and book full truckloads for trucks at top market rates. - It helps to reduce the idle time in truck rentals and provides drivers an assured load availability as per requirements. - We have a developer team that looks after the backend operations. - Users can use the cargo application to book a truck, search for a load, and also get a quote for freight charges in a very short time. - Have almost 50 truck owners listed with us. - A commission of 20% is charged from the truck drivers. - We have worked with Aditya Birla Group for a few orders. - Intend to work with famous clients like Berger Paints, United Breweries Limited, Dalmia Cement, Asian Paints, Hindustan Unilever's Limited, Haldia Petrochemical, Abd India Limited, and Star Cement. - The application also allows users to track their shipments instantly. - We are working on marketing strategies and will finalize them soon. - As of now both digital marketing and traditional marketing strategies are being carried out. - Promoter has 5+ years of experience and has another logistics company too.
7.7   Jharsuguda , Odisha
Run Rate Sales USD 65 thousand
EBITDA Margin 10 %
Business Loan USD 400 thousand at 18% interest
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Fabricated Metal Products Business Investment Opportunity in Bhubaneswar, India

Business specializing in mechanical installation and civil project seeks funding to execute projects in hand.
- Bhubaneswar based business offers general and specialized industrial plant fabrication, erection, installation, alignment, maintenance services. - Have completed 2 major projects and 1 medium-scale project so far. - Have 2 ongoing projects. One is a railway electrification project and the other is fabrication project. - Our speciality is in serving the oil and gas refinery industry. - Each project takes 1-5 years for completion. - We get tenders directly from the large companies. - Some of our valued clients are Tata, L&T, Indian Oil, HP, Towell Engineering. - Have 6 projects in hand worth around INR 40 crore from reputed companies. These projects will be completed in around 4 years. - We have 300 employees and around 50 staff on contract. - Sales declined as a result of the pandemic, leading to fewer orders.
6.9   Bhubaneswar , Odisha
Run Rate Sales USD 330 thousand
EBITDA Margin 18 %
Financial Investment USD 140 thousand for 35% stake
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Solar Projects Company Seeking Loan in Bhubaneswar, India

Solar EPC company with 100+ active clients, completed 1,000+ projects, installed 2,000+ KW solar panels.
- We are a solar EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) company that has served over 500 - 1,000 clients till date. The business designs the project, seeks approval from the customers, procures the necessary materials and installs the equipment accordingly. We have 100+ active clients currently from 14 states. - Run rate sales have dropped due to a fall in orders arising from the ongoing pandemic. - We fulfill government and private contracts. Some major clients are L&T, East Coast Railway, Ministry of Communication and NTPC Limited. Over 60% of our portfolio consists of government contracts. - We have worked on 1,000+ projects till date and have installed 2,000+ KW of solar panels. - Our current team has 4 - 5 design specialists, 2 - 3 marketing executives, 2 - 3 budgeting and financial executives and the rest are engaged in installation. - We undertake digital marketing and generate leads through online portals such as IndiaMART. - The business has an outstanding debt of INR 80 lakh and pay an interest of approximately 12.5% on the loan amount, - Our business is ISO certified. We are developing a solar inverter currently.
7.5   Bhubaneswar , Odisha
Run Rate Sales USD 570 thousand
EBITDA Margin 4 %
Business Loan USD 34 thousand at 10% interest
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Auto Repair and Service Startup for Sale in Khurdha, India

For Sale: Newly developed Android-based online marketplace for connecting automobile service providers and consumers.
- Company primarily provides auto repair and car wash & detailing services. - We have developed an Android mobile marketplace app for the automobile service sector. - Our application will allow consumers with two-wheelers and four-wheelers to book automobile service providers that are listed on the platform. - Currently, the app development is near completion and in the testing stage. We have feedback from customers and vendors, that can be used to improve the platform and provide the best quality service to customers. - Development is done by a software developer partner and is expected to be completed in 1-2 months. - Revenue model: Our revenue model is to charge a commission from vendors based on the service provided. We also have a profit-sharing model with vendors and can share more information with interested parties. - We have researched nearly one year for this app and are looking for a buyer.
6.6   Bhubaneswar , Odisha
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Business for Sale USD 1.4 million
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Manpower Supply Company Seeking Loan in Angul, India

Versatile business that offers consultancy solution for B2B and B2C clients seeks funds for further expansion.
- Odisha based business involved in multiple industries for over 6 years. - Our of all the services we provide, main part of the business are industrial project maintenance and manpower supply. - We supply manpower for industrial work, house keeping, cleaning services. - Have 5 clients at present for project management and manpower supply. Tata steel is one of them. - We have at lease 1 year contract with our clients and we have AMC with them. - We plan to expand the business in E-commerce space and online marketplace in the future. - Promoter has more than 10 years of experience in this field.
6.0   Angul , Odisha
Run Rate Sales USD 65 thousand
EBITDA Margin 5 %
Business Loan USD 70 thousand at 10% interest
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Packaging Sales Partner Opportunity

DeeEss Engineers, Established in 2004, 3 Sales Partners currently
  • 1000+ Page Views
  • 600+ Investor Views
DeeEss Engineers was founded in 2004. We pride ourselves on our accountability and ability to provide specialized end-to-end solutions on material handling & storage systems, industrial packaging, warehouse systems, engineering, procurement and construction management services. We have completed 560+ projects globally. We a multidisciplinary firm, have proven reliability and dedication to customer service. Our customers have come to rely on us for innovative and cost-efficient solutions.
8.1   Expanding in Odisha
Expected Monthly Sales USD 27 thousand
Space Required 200 - 500 Sq Ft
Investment Required USD 13.6 - 135.7 thousand
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Newly Established Payment Services Company Investment Opportunity in Bhubaneswar, India

All in one payment gateway company that aims to reduce MDR by innovative strategy.
1. Most of the payment gateways in India are working on an aggregator model where they are connected to banks gateway as a master merchant managing its sub-merchants. So they are dependent on bank for the merchant onboarding, giving access to international payment to its merchant or resolution of chargeback. The model we wish to work with is BIN (Bank Identification Number provided by card schemes like Visa, Mastercard, etc. ) sponsorship in which we will have full control over the whole payment cycle because we will have our own payment switch, payment gateway software, merchant plugin thereby eliminating other stakeholders in the payment cycle which will enable us to reduce MDR by at least 20-30 basis point for a domestic transaction and a 30% MDR reduction in international transactions. Further to add we will have direct connectivity to Visa and Mastercard for better handling of chargeback resolution by our self rather than depending on the bank. 2. We've received start-up recognition from the startup Odisha dept. run under the MSME department of Govt of Odisha. (Please find attached startup recognition certificate) 3. Our project has been recommended by STPI Bhubaneswar. 4. Our team consists of IIT MBA alumni, Ex-COO of a renowned company along with serial entrepreneur as CEO. 5. Our project has been selected for the second round for the FInBlue program run under STPI Chennai in Association with TiE Chennai. Soon we will receive feedback for the final round. 6. We have our web application ready for merchants. Credentials can be shared once we have a meeting. 7. We have applied for a trademark. 8. We have our office space in one of the premier IT hub of Odisha run under IT dept. of Govt. of Odisha. 9. One of the largest banks has considered our company profile and financials and are in talks with us. (confidential documents can be shared in a face to face meeting) 10. One major bank also agreed for domestic aggregation of PG and POS and in six months or so we may finalize to acquire their BIN as well. 11. PCIDSS certification is being done by TOP QSA (Qualified Security Assessor) like Panacea InfoSec who has already certified PayU, Oxygen wallet, etc. (PFA PCIDSS engagement Letter) In addition to above a lot of things like POS device purchase agreement, ONE tap e-comm website market place is going on. 12. We are also initiating talk with banks based out of Singapore and Dubai for international merchant acquiring as well through our associates. 13. Business was registered with an office address in Cuttack, but our operations are based out of Bhubaneswar.
8.6   Bhubaneswar , Odisha
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 700 thousand for 20% stake
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Newly Established Building Maintenance Business Investment Opportunity in Bhubaneswar, India

Real estate consulting firm providing services such as BIM architecture, mechanical services with 2 active clients.
- Real estate consulting firm offering a wide range of services including Building Information Modelling (BIM), mechanical, electrical and architecture services. - The company has two full-fledged running contracts with clients in the USA catering to residential projects. - We also provide services to build smart city projects, airports, residential projects, and metro railway projects. - Services for geospatial data acquisition, virtual data construction, geospatial application development, and geospatial information management are also offered. - Promoter has 15+ years of experience working with this industry.
6.3   Bhubaneswar , Odisha
Run Rate Sales USD 24 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 %
Financial Investment USD 34 thousand for 25% stake
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School for Sale in Bhukta, India

For Sale: Primary school with students up to 8th grade with 130+ students.
- Montessori and primary school from nursery to standard 8 located in Bhukta, Bargarh, Odisha. - Have 130+ students, 15 teachers, and 2 staff. - Teachers have experience ranging from 1-5 years. - Have 12 classrooms, 1 administration office, and a small playground. - Currently running online classes using Google Meet. - Students are being taught using various interfaces and notes are being sent using WhatsApp. - We provide transportation services to our students and have 3 own school vehicles. - The school is currently on a rental plot but we have a plot for the school which is under construction.
7.5   Bhukta , Odisha
Run Rate Sales USD 15 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 %
Business for Sale USD 400 thousand
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Newly Established Construction Material Wholesale Business Investment Opportunity in Cuttack, India

Resellers of construction materials for road construction with a turnover of INR 15lakh/month.
- Resellers trading construction-related material like bitumen, LDO, fuel oil, and bitumen emulsion for road construction located in Odisha. - Have served 20 clients to date. - We have a good relationship with our clients. - Procure materials and supplies from 4 vendors located in Vizag and West Bengal. - Tied up logistics company for delivering the materials. - The business does not have any debt. - Currently, providing material to 5 contractors. - We do not have any long time contracts with them. - Majority of the business is carried out on a cash basis. - Business owner has 5+ years of industry experience.
6.5   Cuttack , Odisha
Run Rate Sales USD 240 thousand
EBITDA Margin 10 %
Financial Investment USD 270 thousand for 30% stake
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Computer Hardware Startup Investment Opportunity in Bhubaneswar, India

Business imports electronics products and sells via E-commerce platforms and to offline stores.
- Company specializing in dealing with electronic products such as computer hardware, mobile parts, accessories, surveillance devices. - We import electronic products from sellers in China, Taiwan, Korea and sell those products to customers through Amazon, Flipkart and also to retail stores. - We receive 1-5 orders through online platforms and we supply to more than 20 retail stores. - Revenue split between offline and online sales are approximately 50%-50%. - Frequency of import has reduced due to the pandemic hence a slight reduction in sales but online sales are going as usual. - We plan to export electronic products to countries in Europe and to Dubai. - Have a valid IEC to conduct the business.
6.2   Bhubaneswar , Odisha
Run Rate Sales USD 23 thousand
EBITDA Margin 21 %
Financial Investment USD 70 thousand for 30% stake
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Tiles Manufacturing Business Seeking Loan in Khurdha, India

Tiles manufacturing company with 100 clients in Khurdha seeks funding to utilize the optimum production capacity.
- Our company manufactures bathroom and cement tile. We have 100 clients in Khurdha. - Currently running at 50% of its capacity, manufacturing about 2,000 pieces of tiles / day. - Sales have dropped due to Covid and pending payments. We have stopped offering credits as of now and been running the business on a cash basis. - Having the capacity to manufacture about 4,000 pieces / day. - Have tied up with 4 suppliers who provide raw materials on a cash basis. - Running with 10 labourers who are on a contractual basis. - Our clients are located at a radius of 150 km from the manufacturing unit. - Promoter intends to increase the capacity of production and set up a new plant for manufacturing slippers. We still need to develop a plan for this project. - Promoter has 5 years of experience working in a manufacturing business.
6.5   Khurdha , Odisha
Run Rate Sales USD 65 thousand
EBITDA Margin 10 - 20 %
Business Loan USD 27 thousand at 11% interest
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Internet of Things Startup Investment Opportunity in Rourkela, India

IoT company that's developed patented products in safety and healthcare seeks investment for product commercialization.
- We have developed multiple products in the field of security, safety and healthcare. - The business has developed an accident detection system for automobiles. The hardware i. e. a camera and microchip will be installed into the car and it will be linked to the mobile phone. In the case of an accident, a SOS signal will be sent to the nearest emergency service provider. It is GPS and IOT enabled. We plan on charging a price between INR 10,000 to INR 20,000. - We have also developed a crime detection system. After the system has been purchased, a camera, server and a computing device will be installed on the premises. The cameras will detect any crimes for instance a robbery and send a SOS signal. This product is also GPS and IoT enabled. For this product, we will be charging INR 5,00,000 - INR 10,00,000 based on the number of cameras installed. - The business has also developed a pollution detection system. It can detect up to 10 - 12 pollutants in the air. The USP is that it is the only pollution detection system that is made in India and hence it is much cheaper than its rival products which are imported. We will be charging around INR 5,00,000 to INR 10,00,000 for the product. - We have developed an automatic hand sanitizer. It is IoT enabled. We have already developed 4 - 5 units. The pricing of these automatic hand sanitizer machines are in the range of INR 3,000 to INR 5,000. - The business is also developing an automatic traffic controller. To that extent, we plan on tying up with the traffic authority. Our hardware (cameras and chips) will be integrated onto the cameras that have been deployed on the roads. It will regulate the traffic signal on the basis of car density. The pricing is INR 3,00,000 to INR 10,00,000 depending on the number of lanes and the lane width. - All the aforementioned products are patented and are fully developed (ready for production and commercialization). In addition to this, we have developed a high speed data transmission system. However, this product is in the prototype stage. - We have a hired a highly motivated team of software developers. The strength of the team is 20 and they are compensated on the basis of sweat equity. - We have also tied up with 3 - 4 companies for software development. - We have been incubated by the Foundation for Technology & Business Incubation at NIT Rourkela. Once the business starts generating revenue, we will offer them 2 percent as compensation. They provide us with an office space and appropriate facilities. - The company plans on marketing their products and establishing a proper supply chain network soon. Our plans were disrupted due to the onset of the pandemic. - The promoter has prior work experience for 10 years as a NIT professor and 8 years as an IT developer.
5.9   Rourkela , Odisha
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 700 thousand for 40% stake
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Courier Shop Franchise Opportunity

YG Couriers And Cargo (YG Enterprises), Established in 2017, 64 Franchisees currently
  • 3000+ Page Views
  • 1000+ Investor Views
YG Couriers And Cargo is a Bangalore based firm that provides courier and cargo services in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. We specialize in providing services by roadways and flight. We have our own vehicles to pick-up couriers & cargo from booking point and store it at warehouse before dispatch. Looking for franchise partners to open our booking center at their city. The role of a franchise partner will only be to collect the courier and cargo from customers. Unit franchise: The unit franchisee will only have to collect courier and cargo from customers and after that our vehicle will pick-up and take it to the warehouse before dispatch. Master franchise: The master franchisee will also act as a booking center to collect courier and cargo. In addition, they will have to manage 5 pin codes in their city i. e. give out sub-franchisee in 5 pin codes. The master franchisee will have to collect all the couriers & cargo from those 5 pin codes and store it at their location. After that, all the couriers & cargo will be picked up by our vehicle and taken to the warehouse before dispatch. Our firm will provide leads of individual & corporate clients and at the same time franchisee will also have to find new leads locally. However, the franchisee will be responsible to convert the leads into sales.
6.6   Expanding in Odisha
Expected Monthly Sales USD 542.8 - 1.4 thousand
Space Required 250 - 750 Sq Ft
Investment Required USD 678.5 - 4.1 thousand
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