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Owner, Investments & Consulting, Individual Buyer, Vienna, Austria

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Individual Buyer in Vienna Looking to Buyout Businesses Upto EUR 10 million

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    I am a serial entrepreneur and consultant that have built and participated in building several companies. I have long experience in making transactions and/or scaling and preparing businesses in the SME space for exits.

    I look to assist and/or acquire successful and well-established cash flow positive companies in Europe and the United States.

    The main goal is to achieve a significant value increase as a consultant (2-5x exit value increase within 12-24 months), or to acquire cash flow positive businesses with straightforward business models and where there is a chance to take the business to the next level with my and my team's expertise.

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  • Investment Size
    Between 530 thousand - 11 million USD
  • Investment Criteria

    Business should have a turnover of EUR 1 million to EUR 15 million. Should be profitable, cash flow positive and have 5-10-year track record.

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    9.9 / 10
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    2:10 AM (Europe / Vienna)
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  • Sector Preference
    Unconventional Oil & Gas Production, Petrol Bunks, Renewable Energy, Fertilizer, Pesticide, Mining Support, Steel, Aluminium, Construction Materials, Wood Products, Paper Packaging, Industrial Machinery, Industrial Machinery Wholesale, Fabricated Metal Products, Pipes & Valves, Welding Equipment, Machine Shops, Construction Machinery, Electron Tubes and Insulators, Industrial Plant Construction, Engineering, Procurement & Construction, Waste Management, Printing, Call Centers, Facility Management, Consulting, Manpower Security, Building Maintenance, Business Publishing, Ground Logistics, Trucking, Freight & Logistics, Automobile Parts Wholesale, Automotive Accessories, Automotive Body Parts, Engine and Powertrain Systems, Rubber Product Wholesale, Textiles Wholesale, Apparel Wholesale, Industrial Clothing, Women's Clothing, Real Estate Construction, Bathroom Fixtures, Construction Supplies, Kitchen Appliances, Furniture, Home Furnishings, Restaurants, Bars, Gyms, Travel Agencies, Leisure and Recreation, Digital Marketing, PR Agencies, Sign Makers, TV Stations, Magazine Publishing, Florists, Alcoholic Beverages, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Animal Breeding, Agriculture Wholesale, Organic Farming, Food Processing, Slaughterhouses, Food Ingredients, Pet Food, Seafood Processing, Edible Oil Refineries, Cosmetics, Pharmacies, Food Wholesale, Real Estate Agencies, Diagnostic Substances, Medical Devices, Medical Equipment Wholesale, Medical Supplies, Medical Supplies and Equipment, Clinics, Home Healthcare, Alternative Medicine, Bio Medical Devices, Semiconductors, IT Services, Enterprise Software, Software Companies, Ecommerce Websites, Gaming Websites, Web & Mobile Development, ISPs, Accounting Firms, Training Institutes, Precision Components, Spices, Industrial, Finance, Healthcare, Technology, Marine Equipment, Professional Services, Internet of Things, Online Marketplace, Building, Construction and Maintenance, Food & Beverage, Education, Logistics, Media, Business Services, Commercial Land, Industrial Automation, Die Casting, Injection Moulding, Dentist Clinics, Fire Protection, Analytics Software, Water Purifiers, Language Centers, Holding Companies, HVAC Equipment, Screen Printing
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    Industries27%204.5073305956103444.3534168886389815%209.58731790212107125.0975029382406212%163.27199341524408153.479570286755559%121.40326656047547144.808973782260278%97.163759117105119.7957424907132129%102.8497691832044647.548134458903526IndustriesEcommerce WebsitesFabricated Metal Pr…Fabricated Metal ProductsIndustrial MachineryOnline MarketplaceEngineering, Procur…Engineering, Procurement & ConstructionOthers
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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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